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Use the information difference to earn the difference, and teach you empty gloves and dollars

Nowadays, it is common for many people to have part-time jobs and sideline jobs.

No matter whether you are a student, a young unemployed person, a treasure mother with a baby at home, or an office worker, you can find a part-time job in your spare time, engage in a sideline business, and bring you an extra income.

Today, I will share with you a part-time platform from abroad, and tell you how to use the information difference set of “US dollars”

Platform introduction

Let’s briefly introduce the platform first. Fiverr, which is similar to the Witkey platform such as Zhu Bajie in China, has the lowest initial task price of US$ 5, so it is called Fiverr.
Foreign net earning: use the information difference to earn the difference, and teach you empty gloves and dollars

However, he and the domestic Witkey platform still have obvious advantages. For example, if you help people design a picture on the Zhubajie platform, you may only charge a few dollars, and if you calculate the exchange rate, you can earn about 30 yuan at the lowest. So there are a lot of people taking orders full-time.

There are also many categories above:
Foreign net earning: use the information difference to earn the difference, and teach you empty gloves and dollars

There are many sub-menus under each parent menu, so we won’t take screenshots here, that is to say, as long as we have a skill, we can turn skills into money on them.

Many friends will definitely say, I don’t have any skills, so I can’t do it. Don’t panic, look down, and there are ways to play without skills to make money.

How to make money

The premise of making money is to have a skill, and resource integration is also a skill. Let’s talk about skilled gameplay first

For example, the third brother in the picture below, he is dedicated to helping people in the picture. From the comments, it can be seen that he has received 1839 orders and earned 18390 dollars according to 10 dollars per order, which is equivalent to 70,000 or 80,000 soft sister coins.

Therefore, you can learn PS. It’s really not too simple to dig out a picture and add special effects. If you are too stupid, you should spend more time and watch more tutorials. I believe you definitely do much better than him. You can look at his design. I think it’s just so-so.

And this one, drawing cartoons with photos, can be done with Mito Xiu Xiu. It’s really not AI. There are a lot of small programs, and it may even be better. Actually, 203 copies have been sold, and they are divided into three specifications, face, bust and whole body, and the fees are still very expensive.

Information difference play

It’s certainly good to have a skill, but I can’t do anything. I’ll give you the whole job here.

Is to use the information difference to make money, information asymmetry reverse play, earn domestic money. Domestic orders and foreign orders.

We first identify a field, such as specialized design or subdividing illustration, graphic design, etc., and then go to the domestic Witkey platform to pick up tasks, or open a shop on Taobao.

Take logo, for example. The logo design on Fiverr costs 5 ~ 3,500 USD.

Look at the domestic platform, 500~1999 yuan, of course, there are more expensive.

We are taking orders by ourselves, and the price is 2000 or higher. Don’t panic and say that it is too high. Xiaomi’s new logo also cost 2 million yuan, just turning the square one into an ellipse. After receiving the order, you can ask foreigners to place orders for design.

For example, if you look for the $65, you can calculate it as 2,000, and we will earn about $268. There is a note here. When looking for a foreign designer, you must look at his previous works, find more comparisons, and control the price.

The second way to play

It’s just the opposite of the above game. Take the cartoon avatar for example.

We search for avatar comics on Taobao, and they usually sell for $5 and $10. If we hang it on Fiverr, we can earn money even if it only sells for $5.

There are many outsourcing jobs like this in China, such as designing business cards, P pictures, etc., which are all poor information.

Possible problems encountered

  1. Safe Internet access

Some small partners can’t go online when they look at foreign websites, but with this exception, they can go online in China.

  1. Payment and collection

Fiverr now supports four payment methods: PayPal, Fiverr Revenue Card, Bank Transfer and Direct Deposit.

PayPal is still recommended here to collect and pay. You can register and open it in official website.

  1. Translation problems

I don’t think this is a problem. Nowadays, many browsers bring their own translation plug-ins. If they don’t, just use Google browser or go to the expansion center to install them, and they will translate automatically.

  1. How to become a seller

Select mailbox registration

Fill it out step by step and follow the prompts.

It should be noted that the content should be in English, not in Chinese. Baidu translation can help you solve the problem.


In essence, the project makes use of the information gap at home and abroad to earn US dollars. It is a very simple project because it is platform-based and does not need to be drained by itself. If you are interested, you can try to operate it.

Ok, the above is today’s sharing. I hope you can have a good look at the operation ideas and processes of the article and open a sideline for yourself.

by bigcoffee

In the sideline earning project, Xiaobai has a profit of dozens of pieces

There are many kinds of online sideline earning projects, and there are many classifications. Part-time tasks, zero-threshold mindless hang-up or self-media, e-commerce, etc. are all regarded as sideline. Theoretically, a long-term available product, coupled with a drainage and realization channel, is a project.

In this way, we can almost discover most sideline projects on the Internet, such as selling products, tangible products, intangible marketing, it doesn’t matter what kind of products, depending on how you make corresponding marketing plans.

Next, I will explain the whole marketing process for a specific product, and help you quickly find your own position in confusion, so that you can continue the project.

For example, when we build a website normally, we generally need the auxiliary product of source code. So, what is the demand of source code in the market? We can know that its demand level is still very high by searching the index.
This sideline earning project, Xiaobai has a profit of dozens of pieces

So this commodity like source code is currency in the circle of website construction, and obtaining source code+selling source code is the whole process of the project.

Since we have chosen the source code, we should find the popular and high-quality source code in the next step.

Get source code

  1. Various source websites

Baidu search source website, there are all kinds of selling source code, what we have to do is to find some popular source code and download it.

There is a ranking problem here. Basically, in a source code trading station, high-quality and popular source codes are basically ranked first. You can choose to download the source codes with the highest popularity.

Another way is the source code purchase area, where people will buy all kinds of source codes. If a source code is purchased more, it also means that the source code is hot.

2, the source code two vendors

Like some source code platforms, some people buy other people’s source codes in batches and put them in their own shops for sale or privately sell them in a circle of friends. The price is much cheaper than that on the source code platform, so we can take them in batches.

There are also some second-hand vendors of source code who often wander in various groups, such as QQ group or WeChat group. When we open QQ group search, we will find that there are many source code sales groups.

  1. E-commerce

This won’t cost much. There are too many source codes sold in a certain treasure. Here, we only take the source codes with high sales volume, because there are too many kinds of source codes. We only take the ones with good sales volume, and the sales volume represents the market.

Through the above channels, we can basically get about 60% of the popular source codes in the market, so that we can sell them. Here’s a reminder, don’t touch the free source codes. It’s not that the free source codes are not good, but because they are unknown.


In fact, the way of realizing the source code is very simple, that is, selling the source code to make money, but how to sell it, what marketing copy and which platform are worth pondering.

Here we recommend two better sales channels, and if you are willing to spend some time, you can build a long-term platform.

  1. Build your own source code sales website

In fact, building a website is not as difficult as imagined. A server builds a space environment, parses a domain name, and sets a theme is the outline of a website. If you can build a website, you can build your own source code station.

There are also many tutorials on the Internet. If you don’t understand, you can find them and study them. The time to build a station can be settled in an hour or two. Find a source code to sell and send it to the server website file, and the source code sales station will be completed.

Then screen some high-quality source code, match with the description and actual function of the source code. You don’t need to sort it out by yourself, just take someone else’s sales copy, which is why Bubble Net earns the resources that I advocate everyone to sort out and pay for.

These popular source codes can be uploaded to the website, and one or two original articles can be written every day to lay out keywords, so that the natural flow of search engines can be obtained after a period of time.

  1. Sales of mutual station network

The mutual station network itself is a platform, by which we can buy or sell source code, and there are a lot of reselling source code in this station, which also gives birth to the popularity of this platform market.

For now, the traffic of the mutual station network is still very high, and the weight in Baidu search engine is still very high, and the source code products we released will also get certain keyword search traffic.

On the mutual website, we can set up automatic delivery of virtual products, as long as they are a little cheaper than most sellers on the platform, keep a little competitive and make a difference.

  1. Social platform group marketing

For retail investors like QQ group or WeChat group, if it can be promoted, it should be promoted well, but I always think that when doing projects, I should take the road of obtaining passive traffic, and active promotion is only temporary.

Therefore, we can do the marketing of this social group by combining WeChat keyword SEO technique and QQ group bully screen.

No matter any project we talked about before or the sales system of virtual commodity source code, we should learn more and imitate our peers. Nowadays, many people are doing it in any line of the Internet, and many people are doing it well.

No matter who else says it is unreliable, if you want to make money, you must learn to refer to your peers first, so that you can enter the project and grow up faster.

by bigcoffee

Short video to make money projects, novices can easily earn tens of thousands of dollars a month, decompression video to understand!

Profit-making sideline projects are based on a certain market extension. Without market demand, there would be no projects, just like why short video platforms are hot and why goods are brought to make money. Bytes have recently given the answer, and now is the era of interest in e-commerce.

That short video is so popular, as long as it is close to each other, it can benefit from it, and there are many fields of short video, so we only need to be perpendicular to a reverse direction.

Because everyone knows that the threshold of short video content is still quite high, and now the high-quality content is already operated by the team, Xiaobai can also start quickly in this field that I will tell you today.

This field is decompression video. In fact, I said that everyone knows this kind of video more or less, and there are many videos on the platform, which seem to be available at any time, but it is difficult to attract everyone’s attention.

Therefore, this industry is still relatively easy to do at present, and for beginners, the most difficult part of continuously outputting high-quality content can be easily solved without appearing.

Let me briefly analyze this project with you first, so that you can know that it is exactly the same as film and television editing.

There are many kinds of decompression videos known on the market at present, such as tire rolling fruit, squeezing in hand, jelly balloon, jack pressing things, and even that kind of broken blender is a fashionable decompression. Sometimes, when I brush this kind of video, I also want to see it twice.
Then we know so many decompression behaviors, and we can start to build our decompression numbers by choosing one of our favorite types. If we have the energy, we can do matrix operation, and several decompression behaviors with different numbers are all possible.

First of all, we should know a truth. All decompression videos highlight destruction. Only by destroying an object to the extreme can people feel comfortable, that is, destruction. This decompression video is actually the art of destruction.

There is no problem if we earn some pocket money according to the existing play, but if we want to earn more, we must make something special.

Around decompression, what’s special? In a certain hand, what made the first few online celebrity popular? Do you know, that is, renting Mercedes-Benz Land Rover cars, then smashing them, and winning millions of fans by smashing them?

You don’t really think that these online celebrity are really smashed. After they rented Land Rover, they replaced the front hood with a bad one, and then they smashed the front hood every time in the video to block the car. This kind of decompression not only saves costs, but also can be used repeatedly.

Digression, digression, but it can be seen from here that those great gods in online celebrity have also walked all the way from decompression video to now, but our current operation methods are more suitable for ordinary people, but the market is big, so I won’t elaborate on this.

Let’s talk about how to do decompression video.

Material arrangement

It is not recommended to carry such a simple short video, but if you have the energy to operate tiktok, you can carry it, and there are countless similar videos on various platforms.

Then, if we do it ourselves, the biggest problem is the cost. Decompression means destroying things and destroying beautiful things. We can try some low-cost decompression videos, such as cutting soap with a small knife, grasping styrofoam, and so on. The investment is small, but it works.

Another kind of video is made by computer, like snake eating, always eating snakes, always getting bigger, or playing Tetris, always disappearing, and if the elimination is successful, it will have a decompression sound effect.


Some necessary tools are still needed, such as shooting mobile phones and mobile phone brackets. It is best to restore the original sound effects. If there is a mobile phone, there is nothing to recommend. I think it is ok to make money by bubbling nets. If you want to buy a better video equipment, you can try Sony Card 7 with RODE’s wireless microphone.

If we are carrying videos to YouTube or tiktok, we’d better choose Google mobile phone or Apple mobile phone.

For props, it is recommended to go directly to some drinks or trading companies. Why? Because they all have a lot of products that are about to expire in their hands and are eager to sell them, and the prices are generally very cheap.

If you really don’t know where to find props, you can go to the local goods-for-goods stores. The things in these stores are generally about to expire, so we can talk about wholesale directly, so that the cost of getting goods is small, and we will destroy them after taking them back.

At this stage, I believe we have made our own decompression videos. Why don’t I suggest you carry them? First, there are many such videos, so there is no need to carry them. If the platform judges that they are plagiarized by carrying them, it will lose more than gain.

In addition, original videos taken by oneself can be uploaded to all video platforms of the whole network, including overseas ones, and only one IP is needed.

One of the biggest advantages of sending this kind of decompression video on the whole network platform is its high recognition, and every video platform has the creator reward of this original video, which is an income in itself.

In addition, some small program links can be added to this kind of short video, which can make money by promoting games or small programs owned by the platform.

With the accelerated pace of urban life, decompression videos will only be needed more and more. Not only these decompression videos, but if you want to quickly accumulate a lot of popularity in a short time, you still need a little different props. Of course, the direction is still decompression.

by bigcoffee

Low cost and high profit, 90% profit margin, social pig Peggy understands

Some time ago, “social person”, “piggy Peggy” and “social three-piece”, the three-joint code can be said to be praised by everyone. To be honest, when I just heard it, I still didn’t understand it very well. I can only search the source of this stalk.

All I saw was the hot sale of the three-piece society brought by this pink piglet Paige wind, which also made the bubble net earn me a business opportunity. After reading it, a simple operation and low threshold piglet tattoo sticker project was automatically generated in my mind. Just look down on the specific operation.

First, how hot is Piggy?

You can take a look at Weibo, # Piggy Page social person #, # Piggy Page joint name #, # Piggy Page #, which are relatively hot topics in the early stage. The reading volume is as high as several million to over 100 million.
Low-cost and high-profit, 90% profit margin, the social pig Peggy understands that it is easy to earn 8000+ a month

Let’s talk about the social three-piece set. Let’s see how hot the “Piggy Page Social Table” is. It is said that it is necessary to book, uh, more than 10,000 pieces a month in Tik Tok …

Next, let’s take a look at the protagonist of today’s project-Piggy Page tattoo stickers. There is a very popular saying, “Piggy Page has tattoos on his body, and applause is given to people in the society.” This tattoo sticker was once sold out of stock. In 1688, the cost of 30 Piggy Page tattoo stickers was 6 cents, which means that the net profit per order was 9 yuan, and 60,000 per month! Hundreds of thousands of high profits! Seems to be particularly profitable!

Second, how does the source of goods come from?

I wouldn’t recommend to produce by myself. It’s good to attract some traffic when there is time for production.

Purchase goods directly in 1688, and order 10,000 copies, which is only 1,500 yuan. This threshold is very low!

Third, how to drain?
In Tik Tok, tens of thousands of people took part in the challenge of “Piggy Piggy”, and there were many special ones about Piggy Piggy watches and stickers that won millions of praises, so the first choice for drainage must be Tik Tok. There are many methods of drainage in Tik Tok, so I won’t say them one by one.

This project is really easy, but it has certain timeliness. After the popularity of the society has passed, it may not be enough to sell this series of tattoo stickers. Hot spots are common. Just keep rubbing hot spots to make tattoo stickers.

No matter what kind of entrepreneurial project, you need to do it first. Only after doing it can you have a chance, and you will only become a dreamer.

Ok, that’s what I’m sharing today.

I hope you don’t miss every opportunity, cheer on the Internet, and make a better life for your family. Come on, brothers.Low cost and high profit, 90% profit margin, social pig Peggy understands

by bigcoffee

No-supply store group project resumption, no-supply scouring price difference meticulous play

The no-source store group project, which started to become popular in the past few years, was aimed at selling the right to use some software at the earliest time, in order to upload babies in batches, but now the no-source store group is operating in a refined direction.

There is nothing difficult, but some basic knowledge of store operation and some refined skills of selecting products. Although this project can be played all the time now, it is no longer an era of making profits by single store, and the mode of store group came into being.

Only when such stores are operated in batches, they can make money by walking. Because of the impact of live e-commerce, traditional e-commerce has been compressing profits in order to survive. This is no longer the time to open a store just to have traffic.

If you want to return to a treasure a few years ago, you can also try to operate shrimp skins in Southeast Asia.

Ok, so I’ll talk to you today about how to select products in this fine game without supply, and why this project says that novices have no problem and can do it completely.

First of all, let’s compare the difference between traditional e-commerce and no source of goods. Traditional e-commerce has very high requirements for our personal operation ability, from product control to the whole supply chain to taking pictures, putting on shelves and promoting customer service.
No-supply store group project resumption, no-supply scouring price difference meticulous play
The game without supply is to take the products that others sell well and use them directly. Just like the Jingxi supermarket of a certain treasure before, it sells the same products as the self-operated JD.COM supermarket on a certain Dongping platform, but the price of a product is only a few cents or a few cents more expensive.

When someone places an order from Jingxi Supermarket in a certain treasure, they will go to JD.COM to photograph the product, fill in the information of their customers, then deliver the goods in JD.COM, and after the sale in JD.COM, there will be a refund. When the customers get a refund in Jingxi, they will go to JD.COM to return it, forming a complete production chain with empty gloves and white wolves.

This is the earliest no-supply game, which has depressed profits and formed a system of stores.

Traditionally, we all know the ways to play various games for the shopkeepers without supply. Moreover, not only a certain treasure, but also 1688 and JD.COM have the shopkeepers without supply. As long as we pay attention to the selection of products, everything else is not important. Moreover, since the development of e-commerce, as long as someone has been shopping from the platform, this project can be done all the time.

Then let’s take a treasure to talk about how to make a group of shops without supply and some precautions for beginners.

Then, if you have worked as an online shop before and have a certain operational foundation, I think it will be faster to take over this group of shops without supply and make money by taking advantage of the bubble net, because most of the time we focus on key points such as product selection, title and product fission.

Preliminary preparation

Here, the most important thing for us is to prepare a store first, at least one. If we want to operate a group of stores in the later period, we can register more stores with the help of the identity information of relatives and friends. It is not recommended to register with the purchased identity information.

In theory, new stores on the platform will get extra traffic attention, so the more stores there are, the more initial support we will get.

E-commerce operators all know that if we log in to too many stores with one computer, the platform will find out that IP overlaps, so we can’t build a single network cable in this case. We can apply to open a special line at the local broadband office. For details, you can consult the local operators.

As a matter of fact, opening three stores continuously in one IP segment will be restricted, and the risk of closing stores and prohibiting the distribution of babies is still very high. If a special line is opened, it will be around 1,000.

Store operation

First of all, it is the selection of fine operation, and the selection of hot and easy-to-sell treasures. We don’t want to promote them, and there is no way to promote them like so many treasures. We can only get the traffic of the platform through the keywords of the products themselves.

Then we find a bunch of treasures and upload them through the refined selection strategy, but we need to add our keywords to the title of treasures. The purpose of this is to extend hundreds of treasures with different titles based on a popular treasure.

Because the purpose of the store group is to cut off the keywords, and then cut off the users who need to buy, these users will have a great probability to search for our baby when searching for it through a large number of keywords, because our products cover a wide range of keywords.

Opportunities without sources of supply

Since the rise of mobile e-commerce, a considerable number of users browse products directly on the mobile phone and place orders directly, so one advantage of the mobile phone is that similar products are not recommended by default.

So from the presentation point of view, if the product itself is attractive enough, it can retain users.

In fact, when many friends do 1688 stores without supply, the most taboo thing is the price, because they have formed a fixed thinking mode, and everything they buy will be compared with the price of a treasure, so they feel that the price is too high for anyone to buy.

This thinking is also wrong, because even if it is the same commodity, platform big data will push the price suitable for you according to your usual consumption habits.

Of course, even if we start operating a group of stores without supply from scratch, we still have a lot of preparation work to do. In addition, the stores that just started in the early stage still need to make some appropriate shua orders, so that the stores can get up faster.

In fact, there are many profit channels for this kind of non-supply shop group with price difference. Besides the price difference of goods, some coupons put by merchants, rebates and so on are all good incomes.

If we encounter that kind of large coupons, we can move the goods directly or even lower the price directly to grab the resources of low price.

by bigcoffee

Using interest to make money with a monthly income of 30,000 is the most suitable way for ordinary people to make money!

“Why do we talk about money? It is tens of thousands a month.”

In fact, the answer is simple:

“What you pay attention to, you will see what kind of scenery”

Under the current Internet environment, there are many opportunities. As long as people are not lazy, work hard a little, and earn thousands of dollars a day, and then do thousands of part-time jobs, they can reach the level of five figures in one month.

More differences lie in whether the project is stable or not, and whether there is long-term compound interest effect.


Paying attention to the needs of people around you is the first step to make money

I have a friend who is a doctor in a private hospital.

20 years National Day joined the fishing business circle, looking for opportunities to realize the network.

At that time, the shopkeeper was quite strange, according to common sense:

Doctors are equal to high-paying talents, with good welfare benefits, so they still want to work part-time.

He said:

“The desire to live is endless, and it is too difficult to make money by salary alone, so it has been tossing and turning around, and there is no guide and circle to make money, which is really a little blind. “

Knowing the general situation, the shopkeeper suggested that he look at the social information first, and then calculate his own resources.

This is the answer he gave back to Bubble Net at that time, and many of them have profit margins.

But sometimes it is difficult to choose too many, and it is easier to get confused.

His question is:

“Always want to use all resources, the result force don’t know where to make. “

So the shopkeeper suggested to him

Go to mix all kinds of circles, often be active, see the needs of different people, what can be docked.

He followed suit and became an active member of the group.

Share information
Free answering questions
Docking resources
Self-taught website building
Station building order
Intermediate order

After half a year, a lot has changed in contact.

Ask him how he realized it.

Use skill advantage: online consultation and answering questions

Using environmental advantages: docking with local resources

Take advantage of others: outsourcing to order development

Because they are active in the group, many people are willing to pay the bill from him.

He can handle what he can, but he will outsource what he can’t.

Slowly, he found his own position on the Internet.


Interest is the biggest shortcut in making money

There are many ways to make money, but the shopkeeper is still willing to dig deep in WeChat official account.


Because one’s own interests are important.

I like reading since I was a child, and I have a little persistent interest in writing.

Write something every day, and you won’t feel tired, but rather relax.

Making money is just a matter of course on the basis of interest.

In fact, I have said the same thing many times.

When we do things, the failure is mostly due to the lack of positive feedback.

If you lose weight, you will be disappointed.
You make money, no one pays the bill, you are sad.
You don’t get a long grade in the exam, and you are sad.

These things are all things that need long-term accumulation to complete.

Human brains are naturally pessimists.

Do something against humanity, but if there is a little setback, there are countless reasons to give up.

How to overcome this process?

The answer is also very simple: love him.

Lose weight, not lose weight, but the mental state has changed, which is a good thing.
Make money, no one pays the bill, but business awareness has increased. Good thing.
Examination, the score is not long, but the probability of wrong questions is reduced, which is a good thing.

Think in a different direction, and many obstacles will be overcome.

Falling in love with what you are doing is the shortest way to make money.


The happiness of the peak belongs only to a small number of people

There is an old friend who hasn’t been in touch for many years, who earned the first pot of gold by painting.

In the shopkeeper’s impression, he is a person who can’t match painting at all.

So I found a chance to chat with him and summed up his experience:

  1. Do what you are interested in.

When I came into contact with painting by chance, I found it was a very interesting thing.

I found some information on the Internet and taught myself for a few days, but I never got the point.

I studied in a training class for two months, and I was able to draw some simple works independently.

  1. What you learn is what you own

I met many friends in my class and learned that many people earn money by painting.

Then imitate their methods and look for opportunities

I took the initiative to find some shops with customized avatars in Taobao and asked if I wanted to work part-time.

Unexpectedly, I came into contact with many bosses in need very smoothly.

There are actually many similar channels:

Illustration forums generally have an entrance for recruitment calls

Recruitment websites generally have information about part-time jobs in illustrations

Vertical community, many commercial illustration needs will be released

Although the unit price is not high, a painting costs 10 or 20 yuan.

But the victory lies in the stability of single quantity, which is very beneficial to the exercise technique.

  1. Seize any opportunity to take the initiative to sell yourself

With the improvement of technology, the drawing efficiency is not only higher and higher, but also has its own style.

After half a year, I began to upload my works on some professional illustration platforms.

For example:

Stand cool, lion circle, rice painter, graffiti kingdom.

There are many people who pay attention to the content, and some people come to talk about cooperation slowly.

There are many ways of business cooperation, and the market price is about:

Children’s illustration: 300~500
Customized avatar: 100~800
Brand packaging: starting from 1000
IP whole process design: starting in 2000
H5, webpage, applet with pictures: 1500~8000

Yesterday’s hottest headline:

Xiaomi spent 2 million yuan to invite Japanese master Kenya Hara to design a new logo

Don’t talk about the design sense of logo, but this price is true. Where is the market price?

Compared with this incident, the whole network once again pushed Xiaomi to the traffic brought by hot search

This 2 million flower is worth it!

On the other hand, after some efforts, my friend has paid off a lot.

Today’s income level has also achieved a stable monthly income of 30,000+,which is regarded as a small achievement.

Earn some money by the way, he is a person who experiences happiness at the peak.

In the Internet age, learning resources are really worthless.

Whether you want to learn skills or methods, if you search more, there will always be an answer.

If you are smart, you can find free resources, grope for the pit and step by step.

If you are stupid, you can sign up for paid courses, hold a group and close the pit, and avoid detours.

Open roads every mountain, bridge roads when meeting water.

most of the time,

Whether a thing can be done or not has an answer from the beginning.

by bigcoffee

What are the routines for making money by idle fish? Reveal the high-end gameplay of the idle fish earning project!

Hello, everyone. Today, I will share with my friends some fancy money-making routines I saw on idle fish.

In the previous dry goods articles, we shared with you that selling goods in idle fish is mainly divided into two categories: physical and virtual.

Reveal the high-end gameplay of the idle fish earning project!

In fact, idle fish is not only a good place for us to sell goods, but also the lowest threshold channel for us to build personal ip.

The following figure:

A fisherman puts his own experience on the homepage. I can have a general understanding of it by clicking it in. If his product is just what I want, I will pay attention to it conveniently so that I can find it conveniently next time

So what are the routines of making money by idle fish?

Products, in addition to the physical and virtual things we often say, have many strange needs for human beings

For example:

  1. Help me out online

Are you still scratching your heads for the decision of one thing? Have difficult choices?

Don’t worry, let the idle fish go to the netizens with big brains to help you
What are the routines for making money by idle fish? Reveal the high-end gameplay of the idle fish earning project!

  1. Network Cashier

It’s hard to find someone in reality. I finally chatted with my favorite person on the Internet and wanted to ask out to meet him, but what if the distance is too far away? What if I can’t get away with something urgent?

Don’t worry, look for local network presenters in idle fish, people will help you inspect from all angles, and take photos without beauty and filters ~

  1. Take a shot

Can’t you get the limited edition? Learning without self-control? It’s always too tired to keep fit?

Don’t worry, you deserve the cloud supervision service on the idle fish

  1. Pick up the service

Have spirit in my heart, can’t find anyone out?

That’s ok, the service of picking up and scolding the idle fish will definitely not fight back, and the scolding will not pay back
In addition, there are various services such as urging to lose weight, copying, hand modeling, artificial wake-up, and Netease Cloud.
At this moment, I suddenly found that when I was swimming in idle fish, I was not facing shops, goods or services, but “people”.

Sometimes the replacement of resources is not necessarily because of money, but because of people’s hearts.

I don’t know if you still remember the emotional WeChat official account that you shared with your friends before. One line is 100,000+reading

Every word pokes the young heart. Some people also commented on the Tik Tok that it is really lonely. When going to work alone, people on the subway hang their heads and play with their mobile phones. Those chefs in the take-away software always accompany them to eat. Except for their parents and friends who are far away from home, there is no one around to share their pains and joys.

Those good and bad emotions can only be digested silently by oneself.

Therefore, changing your thinking, thinking of something that you think is humane, giving it to users and helping others, can be regarded as self-achievement.

by bigcoffee

Is it really reliable to evaluate Netease Cloud Music Hang-up Project?

Two days ago, a friend asked me what the Netease cloud music hang-up project was like. The outside training started in 2980. I want to evaluate and explain whether this Netease cloud hang-up is unreliable. It happened that some people in the circle of friends were sending this advertisement in the past two days. I chatted with my friends who had operated it and found that the water in this project was very deep
Let’s take a look at the propaganda content of the so-called Netease cloud hang-up project, and then I will give you a detailed account of the difficulties and pits inside

I. Background

Netease Cloud Music Platform is a platform specially created for musicians. As long as the original music is uploaded to the platform, it can be divided into revenue according to the on-demand rate and advertisement. Since 2020, Netease Cloud has launched the ladder plan to further increase the flow and revenue incentives, and on this basis, it has added 100 billion broadcast volumes and increased the original awards to 20 billion per year!

II. Benefits

Through exclusive software, increase the broadcast volume and get the official support of Netease Cloud, so as to get the broadcast revenue and advertising share!

III. Characteristics of the project

  1. hang up automatically. Automatic hang-up without manual intervention.
  2. Stable income. Each year, 20 billion yuan will be awarded to musicians.
  3. Simple operation. No experience, no computer technology, no music knowledge, fool operation!
  4. Infinite magnification. Individuals, studios, students and precious mothers can participate.
  5. What if I can’t create original music

You don’t need music knowledge, you don’t need to create your own, the company will help you create!

V. Profit analysis

Each computer can be hung with three numbers, and each number is hung for one hour every day. In the new month, each number is about 100 every day. After 15 days, the weight is increased, and the single number is about 300 every day. The higher the account weight, the higher the income! Every month about 4000-10000, a computer with three numbers about 12000-30000.

The following is an analysis I have done with my friends

Netease Cloud’s ladder plan is real, and Netease is vigorously promoting this plan in order to promote their cloud music products, but all this is based on the fire of your original music. Personally, I think this Netease cloud hangs up with two difficulties.

The first difficulty: original music

Although the advertisements released by the trainees say that they don’t need music knowledge and create their own songs, the company helps you to create them. In fact, you need to pay for each song. According to my understanding, the price of a simple so-called original song is around 70-200, which is better and higher. This is still some internal prices. Secondly, it is far from enough for you to buy 1 or 2 songs. If you want to do it, you need at least dozens of songs.

In addition, you can think about it carefully. This 70-200 original song is basically some shoddy songs. It can only barely pass the review of original music. It is almost impossible to improve the broadcast volume by the quality of the song itself.

The second difficulty: the amount of play

As I said just now, it’s almost impossible to play a lot of songs by themselves. Therefore, this project itself does not benefit from the playing volume of songs, but depends on software to improve it. These are the so-called automatic hang-ups. However, there is a problem that the trainers did not tell everyone, that is, these behaviors of using software to improve the playing will have the risk of titles. I have learned that this mode will definitely have the risk of F, and you have worked hard to improve the playing volume.

in conclusion

The investment of this Netease cloud hang-up project is actually quite large, and there is a serious F risk, which means that the operator may not only get nothing, but also have the risk of losing money

by bigcoffee

With the help of WeChat official account interception and drainage, tens of thousands of money-making cases are made every month

I have been studying interception and drainage since last year. I will share this case here. It can be said that the operation is simple and the real operation is profitable. However, many people have not implemented it, or they have not found a way. At present, I know that the operation is tens of thousands of monthly income.

The case is very simple, that is, sharing information about how to grab Maotai every day is poor, that is, telling you how to grab Maotai. This account was made earlier, and there were many fans when I paid attention to it. There were more than ten paid readings every month, and the price of each reading was different. The highest one was over 30.

The above payment is almost 1,000 yuan. Ten such articles in a month are tens of thousands of benefits. Many people may say that bubbling nets earn me whether there is traffic. How to do it? In fact, this buddy uses the interception method. Look at his title and you will know that although he may not know that use is interception, in fact, the way is to intercept and intercept traffic through keywords.

Many people know that you can grab Maotai by plane, especially at Maotai Airport, so he sorted out the appointment system for Maotai Airport to buy wine. Many people will search, and there are many such information on it. Everyone thinks it is good and pays attention to it. From time to time, pay for reading, anyway, it is not much money

If the sharing method can buy Maotai at a low price, isn’t it profitable? I also joined many groups promoted by him. Every day, the group is sharing the consultation about Maotai, that is, there is Moutai for sale, what is the price, and the necessary contact. When people in the group are trading, they don’t know and don’t trust. He can also be used as a guarantee, because the group owner is him, he is the person in charge of WeChat official account, and usually docks a lot of sales and gets the difference
In fact, many people want to do this business, but many people are suffering from no traffic. Let’s show you an interception interception. You search for Feitian Maotai, ranking first to see if this is interception

Everyone who does interception knows that this is one of the ways we share nickname interception in front of us, that is, traditional Chinese characters plus variant Chinese characters, and finally realize interception. Why are there so many accounts, only this ranking first? In fact, you can also use the method we shared earlier. Make it clear, the first is the introduction, the second is the menu, and the last is the mandatory ranking, ranking the account directly first.

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In the second phase of WeChat official account Baping SEO Special Training Camp, how can ordinary people make money quickly by intercepting 1000 people who have gained powder in a single day!

Since the operation is my friend, I am familiar with the data. When it is good, there are 300 to 500 people every day, and when it is bad, there are 30 to 50 people, so the daily traffic is relatively stable. At that time, I also suggested to pay for reading, which is more troublesome. Finally, I will take the way of knowledge planet, become a paid member, and join the member 88 to learn the latest methods about Maotai

It can be seen from the above that 1,500 people joined, and the data was a little watery in the early stage, but the latter ones were all real payments. At the best time, the payment for one week was about 4,000, so the effect was still good. These are all optimized on the basis of others. It is also extended on the case of paid reading mentioned above. In fact, interception can still make money in many cases, but many people feel too lou, or look down on it. In fact, many industries and fields we look down on.

There are many such cases. In the follow-up, we will share some cases of our partners’ operations with you, so that you can understand some realization modes and operation methods. In fact, there are not many methods. You only need to operate one way to the extreme, and it is difficult to make money. Seeing my sharing, I hope to go to actual combat.

Many gameplays can be extrapolated, such as nickname interception, thinking about the fields you are familiar with, and those around you that can make money. Can I operate and intercept traffic? If you do it, you will see the results. If you don’t execute it, it will always be just a spectator.

by bigcoffee

One thousand yuan a day, this information is poor to make money projects

Poor information makes money, which is basically a friend who wants to do sideline business. What is poor information? In fact, to be clear, what others don’t know, you know, it costs money to know from you.

Say so, but there are still many friends who feel that they have no special resources, so there is no way to do these small businesses, and there is no way to make money by poor information.

So how should we find the information gap? To find these small resources around you that can make money?

First, pay attention to the things around you

Nowadays people are under great pressure to go to work, so it is very important to release the pressure. Now, all kinds of contents on the Internet really provide us with too many channels to release pressure.

For example, short videos, games, etc. We are ordinary people, and everyone is the same. Just like videos that we find interesting and useful sometimes, others will find them interesting and useful. Don’t doubt this.

Because today’s big data push is very powerful, things that you don’t think are interesting won’t be pushed to you at all, and people who see the same video as you have the same probability and interest at your level. And the opportunity to make money by observing these interesting things is around us.

For example, when we watch some interesting UP masters, such as the half Buddha immortal, there are many expression packs in his videos, and this really makes many people feel very funny. And this may be a small business opportunity for us.

This small business opportunity is naturally selling emoticons. As for whether there is a market for this thing, we can take a look at the following picture first.

We can see that this expression pack still has a lot of sales on idle fish, and 5.88 can also have so many people’s needs. What do we need to pay for such a small project? It’s just a little time to collect emoticons.

The rest can be said to be equivalent to lying down and waiting for customers to come to the door, which is basically a profitable thing. Finally, I forgot to say that the above two expression packs are owned by one person, that is to say, he may have spent one day bringing him about 1,000 yuan in profits, and the follow-up will also bring a steady stream of profits.

Second, the two traffickers who cut off money

In addition to the above cases, we also have many ways and means to find resources and small opportunities that can make money, such as many hot spots and some demand points that we usually see.

The simplest thing is the hot spot about Mars before. Many people want to know what they want to do, but they can’t do it, so they will leave a message under the video to see if they can make a bubble net profit. At this time, you will go up and comment on what you can do.

Finally, someone added your contact information, and if you can do it yourself, if you can’t do it yourself, then you can find someone who can do it, and then you can quote others at a higher price. As long as you leave a message under each video on each platform, and then dock it.

Of course, this way is not limited to a certain hot spot. It can also be courses, materials or documents that some people need. Find them, talk to them privately, find resources and sell them.

This is the logic that we usually earn some pocket money with poor information, which is characterized by finding demand and providing something to solve it.


In fact, there are a lot of little things around us that we don’t pay attention to. This thing may have no effect in your opinion, but it may be something urgently needed for others. We couldn’t contact each other before, but now the Internet has given us too much convenience, so that we can show what we don’t need to the eyes of those who need it.