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How should Tiktok short videos start to make money?


If a project can achieve pipeline revenue within a period of time, it is worth trying. For short video handling such as Tiktok, as long as it is operated for a period of time, energy will continue to bring us benefits in the later period.

In this way, it is avoided that we usually find the project again and again because of the short and fast problems of the project, which is a waste of time and affects our work efficiency.

Recently, I found out that there are many friends who are doing overseas gold mining this year. It is true that because of the development of the Internet, making US dollars has become less mysterious. For example, some simple task distribution websites or on-hook platforms can earn US dollars. .

I believe that everyone knows a little bit. For example, honeygain is linked to US dollars, and it supports multiple platforms to link together. For example, Fiverr is a platform for freelancers to do part-time jobs. It is also very convenient to earn US dollars.

In fact, the things I just talked about are some ordinary projects. This year, the field of short video is still the most popular on overseas platforms.

Like when we make short videos, the first thing that comes to mind must be handling, because most practitioners cannot produce content by themselves, and can only rely on copying and washing. Those who can produce high-quality content almost have teams behind them. In operation.

Then, in this case, video transportation, especially overseas transportation, is more oily.

This year has been quite popular like Tiktok. Last year, someone in the company has been working as a video channel for oil pipes. From the perspective of transportation, the effect is good, but it has not been realized. It is mainly to reserve fans for its private domain traffic pool. .

Should Tiktok be original or moved now?

I personally think that if you have the conditions, you must be original, because whether it is Douyin or Kuaishou, the weight of original videos is relatively high. If you can continuously output valuable content, then the start of the account must be very Fast.

If you don’t have the conditions to be original, then move it, which is actually a popular way.

So to be more specific, how to get started with Tiktok short video? I will give you a detailed explanation of the operation steps. If you want to do it, you can try it.

  1. Register and install

Regarding the installation, I won’t say anything about the bubbling net profit. If you can download and install it yourself, you can do it yourself. If there are no conditions, you can go to a certain number to buy one. Many prices are basically below 1 yuan. Very time-saving.

To register, you need an overseas broadband route. This can be replaced by some free VPNs. As long as your mobile phone system is checked to be overseas after flashing, it is enough. If you don’t understand, you can ask the merchant to register for you when you download and install it. Great.

After logging in to our Tiktok, all that is left is to find the materials to be transported.

  1. Material selection

Actually, I don’t quite agree with such a thing as account number maintenance. What is account number maintenance? Probably it is to simulate the usage habits and methods of real people. After a period of raising, the ads can be placed normally, so why not just follow the real people and do it directly, there is no need for simulation at all.

It’s not difficult to find the material. If it is difficult to move overseas videos back to China, then it is easier to move the domestic videos abroad, because there are so many videos that we can use in China.

Mainstream video platforms such as Douyin, Kuaishou, Station B, Xiaohongshu, Video Account, etc., will have a large number of videos that have been identified as popular, as long as the videos are released according to our own classification.

  1. Handling tools

The transportation of a video requires layers of production. It does not mean that we download the video and use it directly without removing the watermark. First, we need to go to the watermark software. Here is a search on Baidu. Many of them are free. The amount is large, you can try the acquisition software.

The other is editing software. I think it’s better to use our own subsidiary products to cut the film as our company’s platform.

There is also the most important thing, video de-duplication. How to understand this? It can be understood as an important criterion for the platform to discriminate whether it is original. The purpose of de-duplication is to prevent the platform from identifying that our video is transported.

Deduplication can mirror the video, or change the beginning and end, make a new filter, slightly speed up for a period of time, etc., in one sentence is to disrupt the previous video.

  1. About monetization

First of all, Tiktok can receive advertisements, celebrity advertisements, live broadcasts or direct carts to bring goods. The main platform for bringing goods here is Amazon. You can also divert Tiktok fans to YouTube and other video platforms. Get more revenue.

This is generally a more common way of playing, it is simply to create a Tiktok account, as everyone knows, after a while, after everyone knows the popularity of Tiktok, more traders will come in, and then we can target The B end does the corresponding service.

For example, it provides transportation tools, docking with overseas commodity promotion markets, and also provides a series of services such as overseas servers. Of course, these are high-end games in the back.

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