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Xianyu has no source of supply, and it sells a few orders a day and earns a few hundred yuan.


Today, I will share with you the old Xianyu I made with Bubble Net. Friends and fans who are familiar with Bubble Net. Know that I started as Xianyu and currently operate dozens of Xianyu seller accounts.

These accounts are basically selling goods, and we have connected the supply channels, so compared with Pinduoduo, 1688 has a great price advantage.

Customers will have accurate contact information after placing an order. After each transaction, we will divert the customer to WeChat for maintenance for a second transaction. The repurchase rate of diversion to WeChat is about 30%-40%.

If you want to learn how to sell Xianyu without supply, I recommend the following course:
Turtle Lesson·Xianyu No-source E-commerce Course No. 19: Make a few orders a day and earn a few hundred yuan

Today, I will mainly talk about the drainage section. Our accounts are basically rented. We connect students with 30 yuan per account per month. We play low-cost drainage and private messaging.

Before you do traffic, you must first locate it. There are basically three types of users on Xianyu: professional sellers, dying purchasing agents, and ordinary users like us.

The majority of Bao Ma and the student group are mainly because we are the student group. Make layouts for products that students and young people like.

For example, cameras, Bluetooth headsets, stereos, watches, and many other products are products that young people like. Many people can’t afford genuine products, so they will go shopping on Xianyu.

In our way of playing, a single account leads to about 30 people on WeChat. There will be more data on weekends. They are all accurate fans. A single person can operate 8-10 numbers. It takes a little time for the products to be put on the shelves in the early stage, and the latter is basically maintenance.

The little tail of the drainage is basically by voice or screenshot. If you take a screenshot, you can try the gameplay of the picture below, which is applicable to almost all platforms. It is the watermark + screenshot method, which avoids the detection of the machine.

Recognize the text in the picture. If it cannot be recognized, there is basically no problem. If you play like this, you don’t have a problem with how you want to post.

There is also a private messaging game that everyone should be familiar with, which is to attract seller fans, find the seller who sells goods, go to his homepage to see if it is an individual seller, and if it is, you can go to private messaging. The success rate is more than 70%.

If you don’t know this kind of gameplay, friends who need it can contact me, and I will send you the detailed gameplay from our side.

Knowing that the most important method is execution. Many people know that the gameplay is not to operate and become a spectator.

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