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Be a beauty photo station with an online entrepreneurial experience with a monthly income of 20,000


If there is no project, or if you want to earn the first pot of gold quickly, then this is a tailor-made money-making project.

One advantage of Internet entrepreneurship is that it can be done at home because of its low cost, so it can be regarded as the best way to counter-attack. Maybe many friends are looking for projects every day until now. In fact, network projects are everywhere. Just copy one directly. Of course, it can be operated simply by one person.

Let’s share my online entrepreneurial experience of being a beauty photo station with a monthly income of 20,000

Up to now, many people still make a lot of money in this project. Up to now, there are still many people doing it, and it won’t go out of date, because men always like to see beautiful women, but their profit methods are different. I remember when downloading things, I saw a very tempting title, that is, stockings beauty, street shooting beauty, and so on. I clicked on the bubble net, and then browsed a picture of a beautiful woman inside. At that time, the hot-blooded bubble net made me see blood spurting, and the picture was quite vivid, so my second brother reacted instantly, and then suddenly stopped. This thing is so attractive to me, so it must be very attractive to others. Then I ordered a picture, suggesting that I need VIP to see it, and then I looked at the price of VIP, which is 299 yuan for a month in 99 yuan. At that time, I thought, this thing must make money, because at that time, I had been making money online for a long time, and I also understood these things.
The next day, I thought that since he could make money, so could I. Then I checked the data of that website, and I have been doing it for a year, and the number of visits is about 15,000 IP, thinking that this webmaster must have made a lot of money. I registered a domain name without saying anything, and then bought a server. The website was set up successfully, and the columns were set completely according to each other’s website.

Then copy the pictures in the other party to my website, only remove the watermark of the other party’s website, and fill out the contents in a few days. I spent 99 yuan to open a VIP, and then copied it to my website day and night, so that the content of my website is almost the same. Then I took a look. Besides VIP charges, my peers also have some monthly advertisements. This income is also very considerable. The monthly price of an advertisement is about 800 yuan to 1000 yuan. I made some advertisements myself and put them on the website in the early stage. The whole website looks active. Most of the websites that have done well at present have monthly advertisements, and most of the online websites rely on advertisements to make profits. You can see that there is a monthly advertisement in the articles you read now.

The advertisement is dead, the VIP is ready, and the next step is promotion. There are two main aspects of promotion; The first is the natural traffic from Baidu, sogou and other search engines, and the second is to drain to your own website manually. It is unrealistic to rely on search engines to visit in the early stage. It is a long-term process to rely on search engines to visit, so I have to choose to use manpower to promote drainage.

The first thing that comes to mind is a movie website I often go to, where there is a lot of traffic, so I can leave a message below. Then I started to register the trumpet and write the slogan. This is a website that can be left directly. I directly copied the advertisement that I saw before and clicked in, and then added my website address. I will leave a message below for every newly released movie, and I will leave a message after a while, so that my slogan will be displayed there most of the time. Before I posted the advertisement, no one posted the advertisement on that movie website, so it was not so strict.

On the first day, it attracted more than 700 IP visits through that website, which is not much. Later, some advertisements were not sent out, which may have been blocked by the system. Therefore, for the movie network with heavy traffic, there are not many IP addresses on my website. When I was ready to watch a movie after dinner in the evening, I remembered that there was no phone bill on my mobile phone. Then I logged in to Alipay and wanted to charge some phone bills. I saw that the balance had increased by 299 yuan. After reading the details, I noted that VIP was opened, and then I remembered that someone else had opened a VIP member on my website. I read it carefully several times. I am sure that someone else gave me money to open the VIP forum. Then I stopped watching movies, and my phone bill was not charged. I logged into the forum to check the VIP area. Sure enough, someone applied to open the VIP. I read the account and entered the background. I opened the VIP to others in less than 3 minutes. After it was opened, I was very happy. Because it used to be promoted to others and earned a little money, this time others gave money, absolutely.

I can’t wait to turn on the computer when I wake up the next morning, and turn on the website traffic statistics. After a look, there is basically no traffic the next day, just some old visitors, or it may be too early, so the traffic is not very large. Then I went to the movie network to look at it, and the advertisements I sent were basically overshadowed by new replies, and then I sent them again. Then I thought if I could send it on other platforms. I went to a platform I often went to, but after I sent a few, my account was blocked and my post was deleted. I thought I would register a batch of accounts first, then seal one, and then send another. As a result, the title was deleted as soon as it was sent, and it was sent again a few hours later, still the same. I wonder if it was the administrator of that forum, staring at it all the time, so it was so fast.

Therefore, I decided to consider posting on another platform, and also thought of a sports forum that I often go to, with more men. This time, instead of advertising directly as before, I wrote an article and published it. If the article is sent directly to the address, it will definitely be easily deleted. So I answered with a trumpet, “The landlord, are you talking about this website xxxx, thank you? The landlord, I can’t stand it.” A few minutes later, some people began to reply, and posts were constantly being topped. I went to Baidu Post Bar in the same way. It was really difficult to leave links in Baidu Post Bar, and I couldn’t leave them at all. Then I remembered a skill I had done when I was doing CPA advertising promotion, and successfully left links, but now all the methods have failed. Then continue to post on different platforms and places where there are more men. Some of them are successful, some are deleted directly, and the account number is not known.

Later, I applied for account registration directly in the morning, posted in the afternoon, found an advertising platform in the evening, added content to the website, and opened VIP. When the website can keep 2000 visits every day, the search engine also has some visits, and then it can keep about three VIP opening numbers every day, that is, the average income is about 600 to 800 per day. Some of them are permanent VIPs for one month, but most of them are permanent. Because permanent VIPs are more cost-effective, I set up VIPs in this way to attract others to open permanent VIPs.

Then I kept promoting it every day, then opened VIP and added website content to others, and lived a full life. After doing it for more than a year, I almost earned a lot of money through this website. Before and after, the monthly VIP and advertising revenue added up to more than 280,000 yuan. Although I didn’t earn much, it was still a lot compared with going to work. At this time, I had the idea of selling websites. Because I really paid a lot for this website this year, I felt very tired. Besides, I always wanted to go back to my hometown to raise turtles. I wanted to do it through O2O mode. I wanted to do it through online to offline. So I sent the sale information of the website to the trading platform, and after it was sent out, some people began to ask about the revenue of the website and the number of visits. I simply talked about the income, the number of visits, and the promotion methods. Most people thought that the price was expensive. At that time, my offer price was 90,000 yuan, because this price is not expensive for the income of the website. The premise is that you have to operate it yourself. Some counteroffers are 60,000 yuan. I said it directly, I can’t sell it, and then I waited for almost two weeks. A buyer asked me if I could make it cheaper. I said it was very cost-effective. Everyone who knows this type of website knows it, then, After paying 90,000 yuan, I can’t tell the feeling of loss in my heart, just like falling out of love and losing someone I like, because after all, I made it myself bit by bit, and I spent most of my energy on this website, and now I suddenly sold it to someone else. My loss is really beyond words, but I have to give up this website for my long-planned turtle raising project. After the website was sold, the income from all aspects added up to more than 300,000 yuan. I bought a train ticket and went back to my hometown to start planning my turtle project. This turtle project can be said to have taught bubble net to earn me a lot. Although it failed in the end, it learned a lot of experience. Here, I won’t elaborate on the process from the beginning of raising soft-shelled turtles to failure. In the process of raising soft-shelled turtles, I almost lost all the money used to make websites, and with the expenses of living expenses, housekeeping, human feelings and other aspects, it can be said that I was exhausted in the end.

Finally, I began to reflect on whether I am not suitable for engaging in entities or what went wrong. Finally, I summed it up. First, I am really not suitable for engaging in entities; Secondly, I have never considered the risks of the turtle project, which leads to the direct failure in the end. I did eat a lot of turtles during that time. Of course, I also liked them very much. My dad joked that you are a turtle to feed your family! I can only smile. My dad said there was no need to raise so much food for my family. Of course, my dad also believed me, so he joked with me.

After rethinking, I feel that I am more suitable for doing Internet, and then start all over again. Anyway, I was still young. At that time, I liked listening to Liu Huan’s song “Start Again”. After renting a house in Guangzhou and doing everything necessary to make a website, I started my network journey again. At present, the website has been built, and there is not much time to add content, because I am working on other network projects, and I will start to shift my focus to this new website when I have time.

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