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Make money and master the underlying logic, and you can make money with one idea


People who come here are all people who make money and pursue good things, and no one will refuse them. A person who has been sharing, acting and making friends seriously can help you every day.

The bottom thinking of making money depends on cognition. People around you won’t remind you, they are just like you


Someone told you Taobao in 15 years, and you will make money when you do it;

In Wechat business for 17 years, many people looked down on it, and people quickly established communities to make money;

After 19 years of vibrato, some Wechat business immediately realized that the traffic was coming and changed the place to continue to make money;

For 21 years, we have used traffic to think from the media. You are still struggling to do it or not. It’s not too late! Be eliminated in hindsight.

Why do we know clearly, but we don’t do it, and we don’t know enough!

Make money to master the underlying logic, one idea can make money, and the wild way to make money is very interesting, share it with you:

  1. Send watches live

I bought it once. The advertisement picture is very attractive and valuable. It only sells for 9.9+postage in 10 yuan.

When you buy it, you can see that it is a wholesale product of Mobaba, and express it all over the country, that is, around 4 yuan. You can understand it when you talk about it. Earn at least 15 yuan per order. By the flow, a few hundred orders are issued every day, and the income is not low.

  1. Live the video of going to acne, going to mites and licking your ears

The kind of recording and broadcasting attracts people to watch, and the cover is set to be very attractive. “Product link” is set in the goods, and the price can be turned over many times. These things [Mobaba] are only a few dollars in wholesale. I also bought a glue seller. The live video is so powerful that almost everything can be touched. I got excited and bought 16.8 yuan. When I came back to see [Mobaba], I bought 1.5 yuan. Meng forced in an instant.

These videos are amazing, comfortable and eye-catching, so you can’t stop without buying them.

  1. Plant hair

There are tens of thousands at every turn, and many bald people have needs.

If you don’t open once and open a huge profit industry for three months, ask those who plant hair and you will understand.

  1. Name

That is, it is a software. Go to [a treasure], and it sells thousands of orders every month. Only one software is needed, and all the other names are automatically generated, which is unprofitable.

  1. Take off the order

Find a case, choose a story, tell it everywhere, and publish it. Fans will come and someone will spend money.

The dry goods that take off the order are: chase vigorously, face is big enough, skin is thick enough, one can’t do it, the next one, anyone can take off the order.

If you learn 10,000 skills, you might as well chase them down to earth.

However, these stories and skills will not teach you how to do it, but will only make you learn. If you learn more, you will continue to learn until you are old or single.

Ha ha!

The actual combat ability is really off the list, and the others are all on paper. However, there are too many timid boys who are willing to learn.

  1. Information

The student party, saying all day that it wants to make money, how much information have you collected, how much content have you spread and what platforms have you mastered.

Mastered to sort out, to publish, don’t charge high, are the data of students’ needs, of course, to make money.

There are people doing the official number and Weibo, so search it.

Your advantage is that there is no shortage of people!

7, real entrepreneurial story [suitable for watermelon video]

A buddy, a street vendor, made a kind of cake.

Yes: It’s just a big cake. It’s delicious and many regular customers buy it.

He took a very simple video, which was taken on his mobile phone. He first talked about how he started his own business, and his monthly income exceeded 10,000 yuan.

Then buy a video of cake-eaters, cakes-eaters and pots. Narrative+point rendering is very simple, the picture quality is very low, and there is no good copy.

Because of the truth, the video has 300,000 traffic, and more than 2,000 people ask how to do it.

After drainage, the whole set of techniques was 2800, and more than 500 students were enrolled. Made more than 300,000 yuan.

Earn himself all sigh unceasingly.

We don’t talk about tall people, rich stories, and only talk about money-making projects that happen around us and that you can possibly do.

I especially don’t like watching those great gods share their wealth overnight.

The appearance of the Great God is too greasy and not true enough. At first glance, he is a person who doesn’t understand life.

We ordinary people are good at discovering the beauty of life and the underlying logic of making money in life.

I don’t know how to spread myself through the Internet [from the media].

Go to study, invest in study and improve yourself. Refuse to socialize ineffectively. Most of ordinary people’s contacts are worthless.

Spread the knowledge you have learned to more people, and you can make money.

The bottom thinking of making money is how many people you have influenced.

It’s as simple as that.

In this fast-changing era, if you have ideas, you will use the Internet [self-media] to show them.

Put into action,

How much money you earn is the value in return for you.

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