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Why aren’t there any people who create forums online?


I. Preface

Some people say that forums have been eliminated in this era, and some people say that websites make money out of date in the Internet era.

But what I want to say is: as long as someone is making money, it can only show that your method is wrong. There are more than ten years of projects, and Lian Po is old enough to eat!

On the Internet, people’s desire to make money has never declined. Just like you are watching my video, everyone is looking for a tutorial, and everyone wants to make money.

However, in the online earning circle, not all the courses are really powerful. Many people are title parties, and they run away directly after harvesting a wave of leeks.

However, whether it is smooth sailing or those who have been cut with leeks countless times, their enthusiasm for online earning will not fade at all. Every day, a large number of people still gather in online earning forums, online earning posts and online earning blogs. Therefore, if you want to be a long-term project to operate on the Internet and earn money for a long time, the online earning forum belongs to one of them.

Why aren’t there any people who create forums online?

  1. Without technical foundation, even discuz Forum will not be set up
  2. The innovation ability is poor, all of which are handling works
  3. The mobile phone template is unfriendly

Second, the project practice
The first step: firstly, deploy the pagoda panel of VPS server, and I will lead you to complete practical operation in the first plan of 108 projects created by

Step 2: Domain name resolution and binding

Step 3: Upload the DZ forum source code and fix DIY changes (small tail and website SEO settings)

Step 4: Content source

Third, the core expansion

  1. Content copying station and content original station → quantity can only be pursued on the basis of ensuring content quality.
  2. Reasons for power reduction: title problems (net earning), content problems (collection)
  3. Establish a friendly mobile phone template interface

The mobile phone of DZ Forum has not been very friendly, and few people can really do a good job in the interface of the mobile phone, so we will update the brand-new theme of Kemi for everyone behind Qianmeng.

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