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Taobao red shop, the threshold is not high, can Xiaobai do it?


Taobao Red Store 100% store play: The monthly profit of a single store is 5000+, which can be operated in batches. One person operates multiple stores and earns tens of thousands a month

Friends and students who are familiar with me should know that I am quite unique in Taobao gameplay, and those who have operated my virtual document store gameplay last year have earned a lot.

Today, after five months of testing, I started to stabilize the monthly profit at about 5,000 yuan in the second month. Profits are not as good as virtual documents, but it’s easy. One person can operate multiple stores.

The market of online celebrity model has always experienced a high outbreak, but the disadvantage of online celebrity model is that the cycle is too short, but the weight of goods can be directly opened in 5 days through my fine product selection+interception+camouflage of new products. At present, my operation is 100% successful with this success rate (the worst profit of the three stores in 5 months is 4,000+), and the cost we need to invest will not exceed 200 yuan or even 100 yuan.
A month’s sales are about 10,000. What is the profit? You heard me right, 40%-50. Not all goods have such high profits, and an average of 40% is no problem.

Many friends feel that doing Taobao requires investing a lot of money, billing bills, driving through trains, deposits, etc., and if the money is spent, it may not be paid back! Today, this project can be guaranteed 100% without the above concerns.

What should be invested in this project?

I. 1 computer +1 mobile phone

  1. 30 Taobao deposits (Taobao policy pays 30 deposits to 1,000 deposits per year)

III. 200 start-up funds (which may not be spent but is a little more complicated)

Is the threshold high, can Xiaobai do it?

This project is quite brainless. Xiaobai can perfectly copy the core technology of the project after one-on-one teaching. The only place to use his brain is to select products. The income is directly related to the selection of products. I am not very good at drawing cakes for readers. If your aesthetic is really not good, you may earn very little.

Operating time

Every month, it takes 5 days to select products, and it takes about 5 days to operate for 3 hours every day. After that, the customer service orders and delivers goods.

How long will it take to start a successful store and make a profit?

Occasionally, the order will be issued the next day, the longest will be issued 100% on the sixth day, and the profit will be 100+ on the tenth day.

How many stores can one person operate?

One person, four stores. Note: Slightly tired!

At present, there are very few such stores, so the profits are high. I personally operate two stores now, and it is quite easy to earn ten thousand yuan a month.

Originally, this game was intended to be played secretly by myself, but with limited energy, there will always be no time to do it, so let it out and teach it to everyone.

Is the project charged?

Charges, the success rate of this project is almost 100%, as long as the operation will make money. I think everyone knows how difficult and expensive it is to test a project successfully. I think the fees are deserved, and everyone’s labor achievements are respected.

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