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The take-away red envelope industry brings hundreds of billions of markets and is the first person to eat crabs


In today’s fast-paced society, whether you are an office worker or a college student, take-out has become a necessity in everyone’s life, and the annual sales are as high as trillions of yuan. Do not believe you can see how many people around you order take-out every day.

Among them, 99.99% of customers place orders directly on the take-out platform. This will bring hundreds of billions of markets to our take-out red envelope industry.

First, the advantages of the takeaway red envelope project

  1. Just need it

Eating is just needed every day, especially for urban white-collar workers, office workers, otaku and otaku, and the demand is even more frequent (note, it is every day). Take myself as an example. I take out almost every two meals a day.

  1. The threshold is low

The platform threshold is low, everyone can operate it, save money for personal use, share and make money, and the operation is simple. You can start the operation by generating posters.

  1. The market is a blue ocean

It can be said that there must be some Taobao coupon rebates in your circle of friends, but certainly no take-out rebates.

At present, there is a large market for take-out rebate, but there are few competitors, almost no, because Meituan/Hungry platform has not yet opened the rebate interface to individuals, so even if there are push-out coupons in the circle of friends, there will be a commission at most, but there is absolutely no rebate. Take-out rebate can be said to be a blank, and the market is waiting for you to develop.

  1. Broad market prospect

The future take-out red envelopes will inevitably sweep across the country like coupons and Wechat business in those days, and they will join, save money and make money free of charge. You can start your entrepreneurial journey without investing a penny, just paying attention to WeChat official account.

Compared with many models that need to download app to get vouchers, WeChat official account is easier to split. Scanning code is as simple as paying attention to it. The steps of registering mobile phone number are omitted. Meituan Tencent has a shareholding, so it will not restrict the promotion of fission. If you don’t believe it, you will get a Taobao online purchase rebate WeChat official account, which will be blocked in minutes.

If you don’t believe me, see if anyone dares to take WeChat official account as a rebate for Taobao shopping and distribution.

  1. Easy promotion

When others scan the code, they will become your subordinates, and when they scan your subordinate posters, they will become your subordinates. No need to download app, no need to fill in data registration, and minimize user operations

The lower level and the lower level receive red envelopes before ordering take-out. After placing an order, you have a commission for each order

  1. Lie and earn in the early stage of promotion

You only need to let your friend scan the code and pay attention to the locking relationship, and teach him how to get the red envelope for take-out. If you are lazy, you can also bring it to the official group. We will help you teach it.

As long as the users under you learn the operation of collecting vouchers before ordering take-out, they will get used to ordering red envelopes in WeChat official account every time they order take-out. You don’t need any other operations. You can lie down every day to earn commission income

  1. The platform has high safety and reliability

The platform does not sell any products by itself, only provides vouchers and rebates, and can deduct the order from the US group/hungry app

The platform rule is to withdraw cash at any time in 1 yuan, and your commission will be paid to the personal center the next day after the subordinate places an order. You can withdraw cash and get WeChat change in 1 minute

The take-out red envelope project is in its infancy, and the take-out preferential eating platform will be heavily subsidized. For example, Laxin rewards 6 yuan to help the first batch of people who eat crabs quickly expand their teams
Q: How to promote making money?

A: The platform provides abundant distribution mechanism, and users can generate their own exclusive promotion QR code.

Click “member center”, > > click “invite friends to earn 6 yuan” to generate promotional posters > > send posters to others or friends circle > > others click on the link to receive coupons, place orders and complete consumption > > you will receive commissions, which can be viewed on the “order performance” page.
Q: What is the commission?

A: After the successful promotion of goods, the commission will be obtained according to a certain percentage of the paid price of the order. In the early stage, the first order platform has subsidies. For specific rules, see the introduction of the invitation interface, you can withdraw as much commission as you earn. If you push yourself to buy, you can also get a commission.

(The platform does not charge any fees for pushing hands)

Q: Will self-purchase orders generate commissions?

A: Self-purchased orders will generate commissions, and the commissions will be settled only if the vouchers are collected through the official mini-program of “Take-out Offer”.

Q: What is the settlement cycle?

A: After the promoters settle in, the commission will be automatically settled by T+0, and the small partners can withdraw the income from the member center page! (seconds are up and no handling fee is deducted)

Q: Why didn’t I get a commission after the user received the voucher?

A: It is necessary to ensure that the user uses the take-out offer you promoted to eat the exclusive red envelope to place an order before getting the commission; If you place an order with other types of vouchers or vouchers promoted by others, it will not be counted as your promotion order.

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