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Only you have mastered the flow and drainage skills, in fact, it is natural for you to make money!


In the era of Internet entrepreneurship, only you have mastered the flow and drainage skills. In fact, it is natural for you to make money!

No matter what projects or products we do, we are actually doing business in the WeChat ecosystem!

Digging traffic deeply inside WeChat is always simpler, more direct and more effective than draining traffic on other platforms!

The passive drainage effect of WeChat official account is very good, which is simple and easy to operate.

When everyone is going to the “tuyere” flow entrance, you can still gain a lot by doing the opposite!

The monthly active users of wechat search have reached over 500 million, while the number of wechat users has reached over 1 billion, so wechat search will become the next Baidu!

I believe many people know how big Baidu’s traffic was;

Today, vibrato search has surpassed Baidu, and the search needs of netizens are diversified and multi-platform, not limited to a single platform!

Searching for the information needed by individuals through keywords is a way of active acquisition and drainage, and this drainage method is never outdated.

We need to be clear:

Every article, every short content and every keyword of every video content that we output through the Internet channel can become an advertising portal for us to promote our own brands, products and projects.

Today I will share a case with you.
Any Internet entrepreneur in Wechat business,

You can drain a lot of accurate traffic through the WeChat search traffic portal. A Wechat business brand project makes money by bubbling the net. You can drain 100+ accurate traffic every day by searching the traffic portal through the WeChat WeChat official account layout.

Then, we have to do the WeChat official account ranking drainage, article ranking drainage, small program ranking, video number ranking drainage and other traffic portals, all of which can be done in a short time.

At present, wechat WeChat official account is in the traffic portal of wechat search.

It accounts for more than 60% of traffic, and WeChat official account is also one of the best channels for everyone to drain into WeChat.

Seize the favorable position and seize the maximum flow entrance, who can drain a large amount of traffic;

Drainage is to let customers find you the first time, fastest and most directly;

Drainage is to let customers choose from you and not add WeChat, which is the thought of “bully screen”.

Recently, many friends asked me:

How to create a personal passive and accurate drainage system through WeChat search, so that you can have accurate traffic and WeChat every day?


I will launch the course “WeChat WeChat official account Drainage 7-Day Special Training Camp Phase 1”.

Let you learn WeChat WeChat official account drainage in the 7-day special training camp, and let WeChat search all major traffic channels, so that you can have accurate traffic every day to add in and consult you!

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