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To run a Pinduoduo, we generally recommend these steps


After more than ten years’ vigorous development, the domestic e-commerce market has basically turned into a big red sea, and it is even more difficult for newcomers to enter the market.

Pinduoduo, in such a red sea, broke through the tight encirclement and became a large-scale e-commerce website keeping pace with Taobao.

As a new platform, the chance of entering the game is definitely greater than that of the old platform, but it is not suitable for a newcomer without any experience to wander blindly.

At this time, we should advise these novice sellers to learn some operation skills and make up for their lack of experience.

How to operate a Pinduoduo, we generally recommend these steps:

1, a comprehensive understanding of Pinduoduo


Every platform has its operating rules. If we want to make money from it, we must thoroughly understand most of the rules of the platform.

Not only the “bright rules” listed one by one on the platform, but also some “hidden rules”.

For example, what buyer group is the platform mainly aimed at? What products are popular? What is the price range of products? What is the main market position of Pinduoduo platform? What kind of shop are you suitable for ……

These things seem simple, but in fact they are not a simple thing to analyze. If you don’t have a teacher with you, you will inevitably make mistakes and omissions in your analysis.

When we have a preliminary analysis, we can proceed to the next step in a planned way.

2, the most important thing: selection


As the saying goes, selection is more important than hard work. Although Pinduoduo’s technical requirements are not as high as Taobao’s and its product richness is also very low, product selection is still a very important part.

Choosing products is directly related to whether you earn 1000 or 10000 a month.

There are usually two ways to select products: the source of goods around us and the source of explosive goods, how to operate and pay attention to the course, which will be explained by the teacher.

  1. Optimization and update


In the later stage, it is necessary to optimize the store and optimize the goods according to the store background data and store comprehensive indicators.

You need to know what these words mean, such as conversion rate, profit margin, traffic source, formula algorithm, and multiple search ……

Combined with the above knowledge, optimize all parts that can increase sales volume, including title, main picture, details and keywords.

This part can’t be explained in a few words, but must be led by teachers and practiced for a long time.

  1. After-sales service


After-sales is a key link in e-commerce. As a shop, it is inevitable to receive buyers’ returns and some difficult customers. We must do every after-sales work patiently.

So-called Cheng also defeated Xiao He in Xiao He. If you do well in the early stage, you will easily destroy your whole store if you don’t do well after sale.

Today, we recommend courses, hoping to help Pinduoduo beginners find their own way.
Course catalogue:

Pinduoduo Entrepreneurship Sharing Class: Applicable to all newcomers

1.1: Foreword: Teacher Xiao Wu introduces himself

1.2: Why did you choose Pinduoduo in the end when you integrated multiple platforms

1.3: difficulties and solutions when starting a business

1.4: How to quickly and effectively select potential commodities

1.5: Detailed release of goods and matters needing attention

1.6: Detailed explanation of delivery and avoidance scheme

1.7: Obtaining the added-value flow of commodity links

1.8: a practical method of breaking zero for new products

1.9: use intelligent promotion and keep issuing orders

1.10: Matching activities and marketing tools necessary for creating explosions

1.11: summary and matters needing attention

Clever use of formula algorithm

2.1: Use the algorithm to find out blue-sea words and make titles

2.2: set time discount to improve profits through data analysis

2.3: setting goals with reference to industry data-rational planning

2.4: summary

Traffic map

3.1: Pinduoduo Flow-Presentation Form

3.2: Pinduoduo Traffic-Acquisition Method

3.3: Different stages-Optional flow routes

More search and scene promotion

4.1: Preface-Push with confidence

4.2: Understand the promotion of manual search

4.3: How to improve revenue by manual search promotion

4.4: Manual search promotes daily maintenance and optimization

4.5: A lot of cheats for improving the click rate of scenes

4.6: Understanding Manual Scene Promotion

4.7: How to improve revenue by manual scene promotion

4.8: Manual scene promotion daily maintenance and optimization

4.9: More search click rate to improve cheats

4.10: DMP explanation on scene and search

Detailed explanation of activities

5.1: Awareness activities

5.2: Basic activities without threshold

5.3: Advanced activities with certain requirements

5.4: Detailed explanation of special activities (10 billion subsidies) and other activities

5.5: Reverse Invitation and Summary

Pinduoduo works well

6.1: Live more

6.2: SMS Marketing

Create a detailed explanation of explosive products

7.1: Explosion Thinking and Case Explanation

7.2: Positioning of Explosion

7.3: Layout of Explosions

7.4: How to extend the stable period of explosion

7.5: Maintenance during the Decline Period of Explosion

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