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Want to do a sideline business to make money, but have no good projects?


Have you encountered such a problem?

Want to do online courses?

I don’t know how to sell the developed online courses.

I don’t know how I started to want to do online courses, but I can’t.

Want to do a sideline business to make money, but have no good projects?

It is not difficult to develop online courses. Master a set of core ideas to make money by bubbling online, and quickly build your own online courses for making money!

How much money does online class make

Small investment and high return

Automatic delivery

Students purchase their own orders to study


The price is 99 yuan and 10 are 990 yuan

The price is 1000 yuan, and 10 is 10,000 yuan

The cost of course production is 0, and the net income of students after placing orders
Curriculum outline:

Pilot class: pilot class

Lesson 1: Online Course Development: Find the right topic and earn 5 times more

Lesson 2: Outline Design: Polishing the Overall Course Content of Online Course

Lesson 3: Courseware Making: Making the Course Quality Better

Lesson 4: Platform Entry: Choosing the Suitable Course Platform

Lesson 5: Detailed Page Making: High Conversion Content Making

Lesson 6: Online Course Shelving: Practical Demonstration of Course Shelving

Lesson 7: Online Course Promotion: Accurate Customers Increase Volume

Lesson 8: Online Course Recording: A Simple and Effective Recording Method

Lesson 9: Online Editing: Quick Editing Method

Lesson 10: Systematic Marketing: Continuously Obtaining and Improving Transactions

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