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A practical course of financial management and earning money that subverts your common sense


This is a practical course of financial management to make money that subverts your common sense, and a low-risk financial management technique without losing money!

There is a guarantee, but there is no cap. The income is stable and easy to operate. Earn immediately after learning!

Ten minutes a day, earn n times more wages!

Exclusive guide to making money without losing money
Curriculum outline:

  1. Pilot class: If you don’t know how to talk about money with your partner, you will only hurt your feelings more and more.
  2. Lesson 1: A good CFO of family financial management can easily beat 90% of families
  3. Lesson 2: Three saving rules will take you to save the first bucket of gold
  4. Lesson 3: Spend money without affecting the quality of life, so that the more you spend, the more money you have.
  5. Lesson 4: Two-step asset accounting method, the money bag swells quickly
  6. Lesson 5: Three Risk-Benefit Balancing Methods, Double the Security of Vault!
  7. Lesson 6: Easy investment, what can you buy to make money?
  8. Lesson 7: [Debt-based] How to play with bond funds and get income after sleeping?
  9. Lesson 8: [Index Fund] There are shortcuts to fund investment, and family funds should invest like this
  10. Lesson 9: [Practice] Formulate a family fund investment plan with an annualized rate of over 11%
  11. Lesson 10: How to Start the First Step of Investment?
  12. Lesson 11: [Convertible Bonds] Low-risk investment that cannot be missed: income 10%+
  13. Lesson 12: Defeat the psychological devil, making money is stable and fast
  14. Lesson 13: How do smart people buy insurance for their families?
  15. Lesson 14: How to Avoid Money Risks in Marriage
  16. Lesson 15: How to Prepare Children’s Education Funds
  17. Lesson 16: How does a mother talk to her children about saving money?
  18. Lesson 17: How does a mother teach her child to make money
  19. Lesson 18: How does a mother teach her children to spend money & protect money?
  20. Lesson 19: “Alternative” Investment-Art Investment & Stamp Investment

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