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Drainage skills of idle fish


The daily life of idle fish has exceeded 20 million. Every day, 20 million people open the idle fish app. They are also a traffic gathering place, and all of them are in it

The essence of the idle fish platform is the transaction of second-hand goods. When we buy many products, it is impulsive consumption. After the purchase, the value is not high. In order to stop the loss, the sale is more rational, and most of the purchase expenses of a family are women. Decided, so the proportion of treasure mothers on idle fish is very large, followed by students, mainly buying low-priced goods and leaking, and they have no ability to make money, which can save money.

From the beginning to the present, the annual growth rate of idle fish is very terrible. The daily life of turning around is 4 million, and the idle fish lives for 20 million days. The gap is several times, and the status quo of one family is dominant
The users of idle fish are mainly women, followed by students. If you are engaged in cosmetics, maternal and child users, taobao guest, Wechat business products, and education industry, you can specialize in the idle fish flow platform and become the main customer channel. Now a treasure mom fan The customer unit price is constantly rising

First, the bottom logic of idle fish drainage:

  1. Demand: Make your own platform, sell long-term flow of products, and people with good execution can earn income by selling powder in idle fish
  2. Solution: In line with the conditions of the platform rules, batch operation account drainage is limited, and it is limited to rely on 1-3 account drainage. According to its own ability, it will continue to increase its efforts, and it can be sold as powder if it cannot be digested.
  3. Revenue composition: The unit price of Baoma fans is a start in 3 yuan. According to the price given by the buyer, they are drained to WeChat. The value of buying women’s products is not mentioned, and the flow is money

Second, the specific implementation

Account number preparation

Account number maintenance number

Accurate drainage

Batch operation

Account number preparation

Everyone can register three Alipay accounts, which are also three idle fish accounts, or find friends around them. If friends don’t want to borrow, they can spend money to rent other people’s accounts. This account refers to students and college students, paying monthly, and the channel itself. Looking for it, I don’t explain it.

Because it involves buying and selling account information, this piece is non-compliant. In addition to renting, there are also selling, the same logic, and more channels to discover

Account number maintenance number

Whether it is idle fish or not, you need to raise the number when you display your traffic on any platform. The platform is also to prevent the marketing team from breaking the balance of the group platform. For the new number, you have made a big account, and raising the number is the basic skill

The maintenance number includes:

Behavior record

trade records

Account number binding

People build and build

Behavioral records include daily opening, daily check-in, tasks, participating in idle fish coins to win treasures, publishing goods, purchasing records, and acting as normal users. Don’t do marketing things just after registering accounts. If the operation is blocked after raising the number, it is also normal. Drainage itself is the spirit of confrontation with the platform, adjusting the mentality, starting all over again and never giving up.

Transaction records: normal account purchases are always inquired, so it’s ok to search for goods, ask the price, whether there are too many flaws, whether it can be mailed, imitate real users, and properly buy some products you need. After you pay, it means that your account is a real user, and the weight is much higher than that of an account without any transaction. The platform judges whether an account is good or bad, and the first thing to judge is whether it has been traded.

Account binding: The main binding is Sesame Credit Score, which is your weight in Ali system. After binding, improve the basic information and nickname the basic operation. Write all the profiles that can be written in the resident areas, and don’t leave any behind.

People build and build

The purpose of people’s creation is to package themselves, and a blank number will be drained. Others will think that you are a liar. Your account has purchase records and release records. The basic information is perfect and relatively grounded. If others doubt you, they will also try it.

Accurate drainage

Private letter drainage

Filter users

Speech skills

Repeat execution

Screening users: There are many professional sellers on idle fish. These are not the traffic we need. What we need is that real users occasionally post products on the platform to meet daily transactions. When they see an account posting 50 treasures, they are on the shelves every day. Moreover, the pictures of products posted by such accounts are very professional, which are similar to or even more professional than Taobao’s main map. pass them directly. Real sellers take photos and upload them casually, and they will not refine their photos. Secondly, look at his evaluation.

After screening the basic account information, we have to screen the area. If you are a skin management store in Shanghai, you need local female customer fans. First, you must locate the area for judgment. If you are doing taobao guest drainage, you can locate the whole country. According to the actual situation,

There is also a basic condition to judge. If you divert Baoma powder, you should think more about the keywords of Baoma products, children’s wear, walkers, toys, etc., and search around children’s products

Speech skills: The logic of speech is very simple. After screening our accurate user group, send him a private message and guide him to WeChat. In principle, affirm (praise) the other party first, leave a micro signal, avoid sensitive articles, and WeChat should use symbols instead. For example, \/,such as sending pictures, don’t directly say micro signals, it will be prompted by the system, and WeChat should not be sent with speech, and send a micro signal alone.

Reference: Your things are good. Are you also in Shanghai? You are in that district of Shanghai, please pinch my \/handle.

Everyone draws inferences from others about words, avoids sensitive words, screens accurate users, and pays attention to details. First of all, we must affirm other people’s products, and show that small white buyers who really want to buy and are eager to sell are still willing to add friends. If you don’t screen users and send private messages directly, the effect will be very poor, which will also hurt your enthusiasm.

After the addition, don’t pass it immediately. After a day or two, it is drained. If it passes immediately, it will be exposed, but it will not exceed 72 hours, otherwise it will be invalid. Grasp the time period and agree to be deleted later. It is normal to blacken, and staying is what we want.

Release commodity drainage

For example, you are still draining Baoma powder, releasing a baby carriage with a market price of 500. After you release it, you will price 400, write some plots, buy one by yourself, send one by your sister-in-law, and you can’t let go at home. Now you are eager to sell. The idea of these plots is to sell at a low price, which is very urgent as the core

Then the price increases from 400 to more than 200, and then drops to more than 100. With the continuous price reduction, there will be a lot of people consulting, which will attract a lot of traffic in a short time. Someone will send you a message. Is it really more than 100? Are the goods still there? You can reply, it’s the first time to use idle fish, but I don’t know much about it. I’ll take pictures of you. Look, all these needs will take the initiative to add you.

The positioning of the product you released is the positioning of your drainage. After adding it, don’t rush to agree. After 2 days, then tell them that the product will be sold later. Sorry, if you choose not to talk, it is ok. What we want is to stay. people

Account should pay attention to the use of mobile phone traffic, do not use wireless network, one machine, one card and one IP, to avoid the risk of title

Repeat execution

Draining this matter, the road to Jane, don’t complicate the problem, you need to repeat simple things, repeat things in batches, buy numbers if you can buy them, rent them if you can’t buy them, and don’t want to rent any friends. Borrowing a friend’s account itself is a matter of brushing your face. Overdraft is personal reputation. Correspondingly, you must give each other certain benefits. Money can solve most problems

III. Project evaluation:

  1. Suitable for the crowd: college students, practitioners in third-and fifth-tier cities, and operators of e-commerce companies, cosmetics companies, and medical beauty companies, all of which need to operate and basic skills
  2. Cost: The only cost is the account cost, just implement it
  3. Risk and control: Be sure to screen users, don’t go directly to private messages, the more careful the screening, the more realistic the speech, the better
  4. Revenue: If a fan’s customer unit price is 3 yuan, it will drain 100 people a day, that is, 300 yuan, and sell products by itself, according to the profit and conversion rate of the products.

5, project extension: a drainage skill, continuous flowering results can harvest a lot, flow is fundamental

IV. Summary:

A special reminder, if you add a friend’s conversion problem, it doesn’t matter if you are deleted and blackened. Just leave it. Only by constantly improving the implementation can customers accumulate more.

After adding, you can publish the product in the circle of friends. The publishing time is set to be visible only to yourself, and it is sent every day. After sending it to a certain amount, the friends are almost deleted. Then, the nickname of the avatar is modified, the circle of friends is packaged, and the goods are sold bright and bright. After they see it, they will suddenly find that there is an additional Wechat business account. The customers are the people they have screened, and the products are also in line with. Most of the peers have been screened out, and the conversion rate of the customers left is still good. The previous details are done seriously.

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