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How to drain the powder in the live broadcast room of video number.


You should have heard a lot recently. Do you want to roll up your sleeves and have a big fight about the live broadcast of video numbers?

Don’t panic, I earned my recent test through bubbling net and found that the live broadcast of video number is indeed a tool to drain the powder. Last night, I did the first live broadcast of video number, and I didn’t prepare for the start in advance. I only sent it once in the circle of personal number friends before the broadcast. After the live broadcast for 30 minutes, I also added more than ten new powders, but at the same time there is a very real problem …

If there are very few users in your private domain traffic pool, it is not easy for you to do live broadcast at once, but don’t be discouraged. You can still play without the popularity of those big coffees. How to do it?

My personal point of view is, the first is the best, jogging in small steps, you can walk in three steps …

  1. Adjust your mentality and treat each live broadcast as a self-exercise and self-growth;
  2. Think of the live broadcast room as a platform to make friends and contribute value. Share more and show yourself. Even if only one person looks at it, you can still talk about it;
  3. Learn the drainage method and make your own private domain traffic pool;

Therefore, when you do these three steps in place, you will succeed. Don’t be afraid, don’t be afraid, and you will be finished. Just like bubbling net earned my live broadcast last night, without any preparation, I started directly. As a result, I didn’t lose anything, but I gained more than a dozen powders.

You may feel afraid to broadcast, afraid and nervous … In fact, I told you that last night was the first live broadcast in my life, and I was very nervous at first. I didn’t know how to broadcast it, what lights and angles, but I didn’t understand it at all. But this doesn’t affect me to continue to broadcast it with my Trump …

You should know that among the 1.4 billion people in China, less than 20 million can really make money on the Internet, so what you need to think about is how to become the latter.

OK, let me share it from two major levels. What are the recommended channels for video number live broadcast? How to drain the powder in the live broadcast room of video number.


Video number live broadcast recommendation channel

WeChat has made great determination to recommend the live video number. After reading the following 4 points, you will understand …

  1. Appointment notice

You can open the appointment in advance before the live broadcast. As long as the fans who pay attention to your video number make an appointment, they will be notified before the broadcast

Channel 2: Live and nearby

If you are the owner of an offline physical store, this function can be said to be very useful. You can pick up your mobile phone in the store to broadcast live, chat and introduce your store in the live room, sell goods when someone comes, and chat and broadcast live when no one comes.

There is no cost for you, and it is a very good publicity platform. If you can attract several people to buy things in your store every day, you will earn money. How can a specific physical store use live broadcast to get customers?

Channel 3: Friends are watching

That is, if you enter a live broadcast room, if your friend knows what live broadcast you are watching, then your friend may also come to your live broadcast room, which means that you inadvertently help the anchor forward it

Channel 4: Live Square

The traffic of video number is divided into private domain traffic and public domain traffic. If your live broadcast room is hot, you will have the opportunity to enter the live broadcast square and continue to expose you, thus importing more public domain traffic.

However, this is not easy for most people, and they have a better chance for those anchors who prefer entertainment!

Method for draining fans to WeChat

  1. Live theme introduction, you can leave personal WeChat

When fans enter your live room, they will see your live introduction at first sight. This place can be fully used.

Write the live theme introduction+WeChat+action instructions directly. If fans need it, they will add you WeChat and prepare gifts in advance.

  1. Write your WeChat gift directly on a piece of paper

When broadcasting live, you can hang it behind you or hold it directly.

This kind of gameplay has been used by some people on a certain hand, but in the video number, it is all family members, and you can do it at will;

  1. Draw and drain the live broadcast room

You can draw a lottery in the live broadcast room properly, then tell the winning user and add you to receive the prize, so that the drainage can be silent;

Of course, there are some other drainage methods, so I’ll stop here today.

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