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How to quickly create advanced websites through programs


In the first plan of 108 projects created by, I took you to build a single page of the website except a simple pure html code with the cost of 30 yuan, so what I want to take you to learn today is how to quickly create advanced websites through programs.

After about half an hour’s study, you can build a website with your own database and website files.
Qianmeng. com created the second plan of 108 plans: zero-based half an hour to learn to import the whole station, and the annual sales data entered 100,000
First, the choice of domain name

As we mentioned earlier, the. com top-level domain name is 55/ year, while some basic domain names, such as. fun,. top and. xyz, can often be bought for one year for a few dollars.

It is perfect for functional websites that don’t need SEO optimization.

Of course, we will lead you to learn and practice the course of getting started quickly with SEO.

Here, we can directly use the domain name in the first plan.

Second, the selection of servers

I have been using the pagoda panel created by manually inputting the code from the server. Before that, we took you to buy the VPS that created the pagoda panel directly from Taobao.

At present, we can use that one directly. When doing the Thousand Dreams membership program, we still suggest that you ask me for a primary course and build it manually.

I am using a dual-core server, and the memory is 50G, so basically there is no problem in putting more than 100 websites.

Third, the choice of content program

Here we do two kinds of demonstrations:

One is the installation of WordPress program

WordPress is usually used to build personal or corporate blog sites, and its content is very expressive.

At present, also uses wordpress to create official website, plus the theme of Dragon.

(Students who need the same genuine theme can contact me to purchase at an ultra-low price internally).

The other is the whole station data import

In addition to WordPress, there are actually many programs, such as Dedecms, Discuz and so on.

All website data are divided into two parts: website files and database files.

A website file is a collection of most texts, pictures and plug-ins of a website.

There are various calling data, account information and so on in the database file.

As long as we get these two pieces of data and import them into our own website files and database files, then an identical website will be produced.

Website moving is the same principle, and I will do it again in the course with the building practice.

In addition, the regular backup of database files and website files is a must-do job, because it doesn’t matter at the early stage of the website, it not only develops, but also has ranking or traffic. The data on the website is very valuable.

Finally, there is a project that sells website data directly, and we can do a business with empty gloves and white wolves: sell the whole station. In the course, I will explain in detail this project with an annual income of 100,000.

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