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SEO technology is outdated?

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Some people say that website projects are old-fashioned, while others say that SEO technology is outdated.

For these remarks, I want to say that these people are either arrogant or ignorant of SEO.

In today’s Internet age, 99% of the information comes from the Internet, and more than 90% of the accurate traffic comes from search engines, but they may be displayed in different ways, including forums, blogs and videos.

To make profits on the Internet, we are doing the same thing from beginning to end: finding more accurate traffic as easily as possible to realize it.

I. SEO contact experience

Before I joined the army, I had already started to take orders for websites of some small enterprises and started to build them. At that time, I knew nothing about website ranking optimization.

I optimized most enterprise stations directly with Wordpres, until one day suddenly a boss came to me and asked me if I could do SEO, saying that I was willing to pay a high price for it.

With my character at that time, I just agreed first, because in my mind, I couldn’t learn the technology of Internet.

Facts have proved that I was too naive at that time, because SEO technology is not like PS, it needs a transitional process of learning and practicing.

Therefore, the first failed order in my life appeared, which laid the foundation for me to learn SEO optimization technology later.

Second, SEO learning experience

When I was in the army, everyone knew that I was very busy when I was busy, and I was very idle when I was free.

Besides, I always have a grudge against the failed order, so I have this picture of the recruitment copy of Qianmeng members.
I bought a copy of Zac’s “SEO Practical Password” and then began to attack SEO optimization. The two notebooks on the left are my notebooks, which I filled directly in more than a month.

After turning off the lights at 10 o’clock every night, it is my study time, which is also the most fulfilling time of my day, because I was very eager for knowledge outside the army.

From the origin of search engine, to the appearance of Baidu, from 301 of website to various methods of gray and black, I read it intensively from beginning to end.

Later, I found out: I don’t know a bunch of codes and can’t make websites, so these SEO techniques can’t be used at all.

Third, SEO promotion experience

Later, I began to learn computer languages such as C++, Javascript, etc., and then I got to know the terms such as body, head, title and description for the first time, and knew where to add special effects and where to add statistical code after a single page of pure thml code entered.

And I also typed out my first webpage letter by letter, with statistical function.

Later, I found out that even if I understand these codes, I still can’t make websites, and these SEO techniques still can’t be used.

Therefore, I later taught various tuition fees to learn website construction and SEO technology.

After going around for nearly two years, I finally realized that website construction can be learned in 10 minutes without writing a string of codes.

Of course, I also spent 10 minutes teaching a person who only knows Word and basic computer operation how to build his own personal blog by using pagoda panel.

As for the students’ confusion, in fact, I know what step you have taken at present, but I can’t describe the future grand plan for you. What I can do is to show you the direction in front of you, so that you can avoid all detours and pits as much as possible.

Fourth, SEO experience summary

At first, you may think that SEO optimization technology is very powerful and complicated when you look at the course of creating members of

But once you do one or two blog websites and resource websites by yourself, after your website reaches the front page a week or a month later, you will naturally find that the original SEO optimization technology is just like this.

It was not until the end that I discovered that website and SEO optimization can be integrated.

Now let me make a website, from the purchase of domain name, the creation of website, the setting of pseudo static and the setting of TDK. After the website is built, it is a website that conforms to the basic format of SEO.

You asked me to change a website. The data I might analyze is not as comprehensive as the software, but if you asked me to create a website from 0, I really can’t do it without SEO.

Therefore, don’t SEO for the sake of SEO, this is an important experience that all students should remember.

In all the projects using SEO optimization ranking technology, it is not difficult for you to find that I took you to build websites step by step according to SEO standards from the beginning. You don’t need to learn how to do ordinary websites, just learn SEO types.

Learn more, easy to mess.

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