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Taobao C Store is a pipeline for automatic traffic realization


Today’s Qianmeng. com creates the fifth plan. Let’s take a short time to build our own Taobao C store. In the future “Qianmeng Million Building Blocks Plan”, this will be an important part of our traffic pipeline and passive realization channel, and it is an indispensable and important channel.

I explained the concept of SEO optimization technology to everyone in the previous tutorial, and provided two ways to realize SEO optimization technology: service and self-use.

First, SEO is a traffic tool

Using SEO optimization technology to undertake orders for website optimization to obtain revenue is the most direct and simplest way to realize cash at the beginning; After that, you will find that it is condescending to use such a good technical means to work for others. If we use SEO technology to build a website to attract accurate traffic, we can get double or even ten times the benefits.

Therefore, SEO optimization technology has become a necessary method when building website projects in the “Thousand Dreams and Million Building Blocks Plan”, and it is also one of the core means for our business empire to make profits.

Second, Taobao C store is a pipeline for automatic traffic realization

So Taobao C Store, which we are going to talk about today, is very easy to do, but it is very helpful to build our business empire. It can not only help us attract accurate traffic, but also accurately and automatically drain our website.

Compared with SEO, Taobao has the following advantages: its threshold is extremely low, its input cost is even lower than that of websites, and its effect is remarkable.

When the goods in our Taobao shop are put on the shelves, we can immediately generate rankings in Taobao search engines, and our rankings are different for keywords with different heat, so there will be no ranking effect after a week of doing a website.

Third, practical docking

First of all, what we need to do is to build a Taobao C store, only you need to have a Taobao account.

Originally, to create a Taobao shop, you need to pay a deposit in 1000 yuan, but now you only need the insurance fee in 30 yuan.

After our Taobao store is put on the shelves, we can hang up some one-by-one sources for passive sales, and then we will create 108 projects for and all passive projects in Qianmeng member class.

No matter whether it is source code, service, software or direct and automatic reply to website hyperlinks, we no longer need to reply any words on the thousand cows.

The most important thing is that all the drainage and realization auxiliary functions are fully automatic!

The only purpose of opening C Store is to help us build our own business empire faster.

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