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The production of ordinary Android apps is completely zero-cost


I. Project source

When launched “pro for Film and Television Matrix of the Whole Network”, many students couldn’t help but ask me how to make other apps.

In my opinion, this question is like asking me how to build blocks after learning to build a house.
Many white people who haven’t got started may always feel that it is many times more difficult to make an APP than to make a website, and the cost is huge, with thousands of people moving easily.

In fact, the website packaging, or the production of ordinary Android APP, is totally zero cost.

Second, practical teaching

In this chapter, we use a free APP development platform, in which Android apps can be produced free of charge, in which all kinds of distribution certificates and modules used are free, and Qian Mengge will lead everyone to produce their own exclusive apps quickly in the following teaching.

This one we want to use is another function of this platform: the website encapsulates APP.

In 5 minutes, you can learn how to package the whole website.

Turn the website into an independent APP model.

Third, the expansion of APP packaging

The encapsulation of APP we saw in the course is actually adding an APP framework to this website, so that it can be opened in APP, which is the same as opening in browser.

If you want to make your APP more beautiful, and make it the kind of high-quality functional feedback of Taobao Meituan, either we should add various picture modules to the website, and some wordpress and discuz template themes bring their own beautification functions, such as Kemi Forum.

Another method is to develop an independent APP, and use the website as the background to operate the front-end functions.

In the following tutorial, I will take you to practice step by step and make your own film and television APP.

In addition to the cost of the server, you don’t need to spend a penny!

Fourth, profit channels
As the saying goes, peers are the best teachers.

In the manufacturing industry chain of APP, there are such a group of merchants who make money by using poor information technology on the e-commerce platform, and their income is not low.

Of course, some Apple website packages are actually adding a bookmark-type APP, and I will explain the operation method in detail in the member course “Thousand Dreams and Million Building Blocks Project”.

At present, most businesses in the market make profits by using the website app package.

You can take the low-priced package list on Taobao, and make money by taking the quantity. If you encounter a big list, you can come to me to solve it, or you can reject it directly.

The second is what I mentioned in the Thousand Dreams Building Block Plan: I can directly recruit website technical students.

Make money by training like Brother Qian Mengge. I will explain these internal teaching in the building block plan one by one.

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