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What do you need to know to build a website?


  1. Preface

What is the purpose of learning code? Make a website? Do the program?
What do you need to learn to be a website? Learn code? Learn java? Learn C++?

In fact, you don’t need to learn code to be a website! There is no need to learn JAVA, C++, etc., and the website is more to use than to master! You can type, decompress, copy and paste, and you can learn to build a website in an hour!

  1. Why don’t many people do websites?

Because everyone thinks it is too difficult to build a website, they think that building a website is something programmers should do, but it is not.

Among the students of Qianmeng. com, we can make the computer pure white quickly build its own website with very low cost only through one hour tutorial.

Therefore, regarding website construction, the most important thing is that our mentality should be correct and our understanding should be profound.

Don’t imagine it so hard, learn it like creating a computer folder, and then you can have the motivation to learn.

  1. What do you need to know when building a website?
  2. server

Servers are divided into: virtual host, VPS and cloud server. What I taught in Thousand Dreams 36 is the simplest virtual host, which can be used immediately after buying it.

However, virtual host also has shortcomings, especially the strict restriction of environment is incompatible with many source codes, which is one of the important reasons why we need to abandon virtual machine.

So what we want to learn today is how to buy a VPS, and then create a program called “Pagoda Panel”.

As long as you do it, you can quickly build the panel to make money by bubbling the net, and the use of pagoda panel is as simple as QQ space.

  1. Domain name

Maybe the word domain name sounds very strange, but it is actually the “dad” of the website.

For example: This is a domain name is one of the websites of this domain name resolution.

Suffix:. com/.top/.cn/.fun … Prefix: www/@/bbs/XXX

What we need to do is to resolve the domain name into @ and WWW in Alibaba Cloud, and then send @301 to WWW.

Don’t worry, don’t read it, just do it with Brother Qian Meng.

  1. Content

If the server is a big house, the domain name is equivalent to the house number.

If there is no furniture in the house, it’s just a blank room, then we can only see a default interface of successful website creation after entering, just like this.
So we need to put the content in the server, that is, the furniture in the house.

Pure html code and program source code can be used. Today, in the course, Qian Mengge takes everyone to operate the whole process of website construction with pure html code.

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