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Network disk password cracking, does such cracking software exist?


I. Project source

When looking for resources and courses, one of my online students entered many online earning forums and blog resources, which can be easily found in Baidu. However, because they are all high-value courses, they are basically VIP resources of online earning forums or blogs, and they all need to open VIP to get specific download paths. Just when he was about to lose hope, things suddenly turned a corner: VIP resources in some forums would introduce courses and put links on the internet disk at the end, while the hidden area was the password of Baidu’s internet disk.
So if you want to get this resource, can you crack the password of Baidu network disk sharing resources? And if it can be cracked successfully, it means that all the resources of this station and even almost all the resources that know Baidu’s network disk sharing links can be won. This is the Internet, where there is demand, there is market. Does such cracking software exist or not?


Although it is a scarce resource, it does exist. I found this software after a week of searching. And I will give it to you free of charge.

Second, the flow and realization channels

The success rate is about 80%

  1. Paid cracking: unsuccessful, no charge QQ group, post bar, forum charge price 10~50 yuan (post bar: high number of beginners, builders, 46-level, graduate students)
  2. Download the online earning forum/blog resources (once in 5 yuan)
  3. Do online blogging or online crowdfunding (0 cost) created the 108 th and 21 ST virtual network to earn resources forum, earning 200,000 a year

Third, project expansion

Only you can crack it, and others don’t know what it is after you crack it.

As long as you know the file name, you can find the corresponding resources for sale

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