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Create anxiety+solve demand = make money


Looking back a few years ago, it was really rare to teach people to make money online. In the last two years, there were a lot of money-making articles, such as hundreds, thousands, tens of thousands, and millions.

In fact, if you take a closer look, you will find that the similarity index of this kind of articles is 99%. Because I brush Zhihu almost every day, I often see some accounts that pop up suddenly, claiming to be earning millions a year and teaching people various ways to make money.

Moreover, these people seem to be very awesome. They earn tens of thousands by doing this today and tens of thousands by doing that tomorrow. Open their homepage and look at WeChat official account, yo, the new number just registered two months ago.

I also don’t understand, where did they get their confidence? They copied some outdated contents and boasted that they earned tens of thousands and hundreds of thousands.

You have to ask why so many people come out to teach people to make money. There is only one reason: what you said is “teaching people to make money is the most profitable”.

Of course, this sentence also depends on how you understand it, because knowledge payment is not all about cutting leeks. If you put it on a lecturer with real dry goods and strength, you will spend money to study and gain something. This money is definitely worth it; But it makes sense to spend it on these leek-cutting lecturers who don’t know shit, copy articles, blow cases and take pictures of P.

For example, this one: I admit it: I taught people to make money by copying and washing manuscripts, and cheated 10,000 yuan a month! @ Laoliang Venture State

So, copy an article, get a WeChat official account, get a training, and start cutting leeks. It’s a lot of money. It’s much better than doing the project by yourself ~

But in fact, I don’t think there are too many liars, but people are too impetuous now. We always want to see the results quickly, get rich overnight, and get something for nothing. After reading too many such articles, we always feel that it seems really easy to make money.

So even if I see some exaggerated article titles, I don’t believe them in my heart, but I am willing to believe them.

But what is it actually?

How can it be so easy to make money? Look at those people who teach people to make money in Zhihu, what they write, and how many tens of thousands they make, such as idle fish. Almost every day, I brush an article on the homepage of Zhihu that teaches people to make idle fish to make money, and a figure of the same income has been stolen by countless people.

I remember when Zhihu was on fire, someone took someone else’s income map to Zhihu to answer a question and started drainage and training. I never did it myself, but I started harvesting when I stole a map!

Speaking of idle fish, I recently brushed a routine in Zhihu, and almost every day I brushed a few similar contents, even the income map is the same
I have to say that this group of people are very smart and take advantage of the weakness of human nature. As I said above, people nowadays are too impetuous to get rich overnight and find it easy to make money.

You see, start a picture, tell you how much money he earned through idle fish, evoke your curiosity and desire, and then tell you that the reason why you can make money is because of “missing”, that is, bonus hunter, using platform loopholes to buy low-priced goods. Then sell the idle fish at the original price and earn the difference; Finally, to tell you, if you want to get this missing information, please click on the small card to add a group.

When I entered the group, I was shocked
Hundreds of people join in one minute (of course, they must have more than one group, because there are a large number of different accounts in Zhihu that send this kind of content separately), and the group owners throw some small advertisements from time to time
What I taught last time: Double Eleven, they are all secretly making money like this

In addition to pushing such advertisements, there are advertisements of various commodities, so I won’t take screenshots. Simply put, they are taobao guest, and they don’t want to teach you to make money, but want to make your money.

So you see, this kind of article only brings you anxiety.


Because: creating anxiety+solving demand = making money.

But are the methods mentioned in such articles unreliable?

Of course not. Many articles can be written. They are basically profitable and there are cases.

But you may not be able to make money.

There are two reasons:

  1. You have no traffic

I often say that the essence of making money is flow. Because of the traffic and some projects, you can earn money by doing it casually. For example, I made a friend circle a few days ago and earned nearly 1000 yuan, which is the advantage of traffic.

Therefore, if you don’t have traffic, it’s very difficult for you to make money directly through a certain project. For example, I sometimes write an article, even if it is very suitable for Xiaobai to operate. It’s absolutely fine for you to make a little money by copying it directly after reading it, but many people still can’t make money.

Because even if you know that this project can make money, the first thing you should do is how to promote it, because only by promoting it can you make money. However, the only thing that many people can think of is to promote through friends circle, and most people’s friends circle is those relatives, friends and classmates. Just like Wechat business Xiaobai in those days, when they finished digging relatives and friends, they felt that Wechat business could not make any money until they gave up.

For example, these two days’ articles: Double Eleven, they are all secretly making money like this

  1. Your ability is insufficient

For example, some people say that designing is very profitable, and you can earn hundreds of dollars by making a poster for others, but can you? You can’t, because you can’t even know PS, so shouldn’t you learn PS after reading the article?

Can you make money by making posters after studying PS? Of course, you can’t, because you are inexperienced and have more designers than you. Why should others find you as a novice?

So what does it take to make money?

Answer: flow+capacity+accumulation.

What ability?

Drainage ability/operation ability/copywriting ability/marketing ability/liquidity ability … These are some necessary abilities for you to make money on the Internet.

Ability is actually very important. I don’t need to say this, but many people ignore this most important part, thinking about making money but ignoring whether they have this ability.

With traffic+ability, you can really make money. Needless to say, it is easy to make money in the short term. If you want to make money stably in the long term, it is not enough.

If you want to make money steadily for a long time, you also need to have your own “products”.

Let me give you the simplest example:

My present WeChat official account can make me earn money, but if I stop working, my income will naturally stop, but what if I have a book written by myself? Even if I don’t have to do anything every day, it may still bring me a steady stream of income after 10 years.

So there is traffic, so you can distribute other people’s products or get revenue by receiving advertisements.

If you have the ability, you can sell your time and provide services to others to generate income.

But if you have your own products, you can sell your own time for many times, which is the best personal business model.

So what does it take to make money? To be precise, what do you need to make long-term and stable money?

The answer is: flow+capability+product.

Second, there is accumulation.

Is it difficult to make money? Actually, it’s not difficult. Many people just don’t get through their ideas. As mentioned above, there are too many exaggerated articles on the Internet, which make many people find it easy to make money. They always dream of getting rich overnight, ignoring small money and not making big money, and then they become more and more anxious and eventually become leeks.

What is the only difficulty? These are the points I mentioned above.

Many small whites can’t know anything, they can’t even earn a dollar, and they don’t like this little money. It’s not hard to read articles that earn thousands a day and earn tens of thousands a month, but their abilities and cognition can’t keep up.

Therefore, I often say that, in fact, for Xiaobai, it is not important to make money at the beginning of the project, but to experience the process, and it is more important to run the whole process to accumulate experience.

Because only when you run the whole process completely will you know whether you can do it, how well you can do it, why others can do it, and what others don’t have …

Two days ago, I saw a special recognition:

When you have something to do, you love to keep doing it, and when you do it, you will feel it. By doing it, you will see whether you can break through the difficulties in your industry, how much you can break through, and what kind of people we are. When you do it, the opportunity will come out, and it will be the ending you didn’t expect.

So, if you think about it carefully, are these points I said reasonable, and do you have the points I mentioned above?

If not, it’s just right. I’m going to launch a set of courses recently. This set of courses is made by Xiaobai from these four angles. I can’t guarantee that you will make money after studying, but I can guarantee that you won’t be a Xiaobai again after studying.

I will take you from 0 to 1 and then from 1 to 100 to earn your first pot of gold.

I didn’t plan to do the course, because I thought it was enough to have a community, but why should I do this course again?

There are two reasons:

  1. I promised last year that I would publish a book this year, which is a bit overwhelming. I really haven’t been able to write a book yet, but there is nothing wrong with doing a set of 20 courses, and I can update and iterate the courses at any time.
  2. My community charge is not expensive, but it is a little expensive when it is cheap. There are many students who pay attention to me, so I have received a lot of feedback and have no ability to join for the time being. Therefore, my price for this course will not be too high, so that fat friends who recognize me can learn it.

What does this course teach?

As I said earlier, this course is made around the three angles I mentioned above, that is, flow-capability-product.

It’s more about sharing my experience in freelancing over the past few years. Of course, old readers know that my articles seldom talk about theory, but there will be more methodology, which you can get started immediately after learning.

About traffic: You will learn N methods of accurate drainage. I am actually a Buddhist, but WeChat is added by hundreds of people every day. WeChat official account is also concerned by hundreds of people every day. Although it is almost the same as Daxie, it is good for me. This is accurate traffic:

About the ability: Writing is one of the necessary skills to make money on the Internet. Therefore, I will definitely teach the ability of writing. However, as an author who often tells himself that he can’t write, are you ready to vomit together?

But don’t be surprised, because for writing, we are all small whites. Since I can earn money by writing, then you can naturally learn the writing class which has been writing for several years and is a big boss with writing skills. You might as well listen to my real experience sharing as a scum author, which may be more practical.

Secondly, I’ll talk about the operation ability/marketing ability, which includes a lot of routines.

About products: This is the focus of this course. I will teach you to create your own profitable products from 0 to 1.

Secondly, as I said just now, my content methodology will be more, that is to say, after reading it, you won’t feel that you have heard a lot of truth, but you can directly copy the hands-on operation after learning it. Therefore, in this set of courses, as long as I mention something that requires skills, I will teach you how to operate it in detail.

For example:

When I talk about the idea of making money, I mention a website in my mouth, then I will teach you to list a website. Well, it’s still the same. You can understand it at a glance and learn it once.

Give a hint:

After reading it, you may not be able to make money for the time being, because making money is not a quick skill, but the result of something you have done, so it needs a process. Of course, you may also make money immediately. It’s up to you. I can only say that I promise to answer every question.

But I believe that this course will be of great help to you, regardless of whether you make money or not. Especially if you are a little white ~

I won’t introduce it. If you are an old reader with Fan Youqing, then I believe that you agree with my content, so I believe you are willing to spend some money to see more essential content.

If you are a new reader with a young fan, you might as well look at historical articles before deciding.
Who is this course suitable for listening to?

  1. You want to make money but have no goals and directions
  2. I want to find a long-term sustainable income for you
  3. You are still a little white who doesn’t understand anything
  4. Want to have a reliable sideline


Finally, I want to say that if you finish reading my above content, you still want to make quick money, so please don’t sign up. Secondly, making money also requires a certain degree of execution, so please be prepared psychologically.

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