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How to design the routine process of opening a deal?


How to design the routine process of opening a deal? How to make customers remember you? How to deal with choosy customers. How to make customers want to own your products immediately? How to quickly attract customers’ attention in 5 seconds. How to make customers feel that you are the best in the industry? How to have words that make customers embarrassed to bargain? How to make customers feel compelled to buy? How to make performance surge is not a dream.

In fact, all sales experts have their own sales skills and a well-designed sales process. Summarizing these sales skills and processes, we will find that they have common rules, which is the key to the success of sales experts. This course is for teachers to refine these common laws and form a universal template. This is the most practical sales training classic that every seller can’t miss, guiding you to return to the essence of sales and reconstruct your sales thinking; Take you to solve the common trust, professionalism and transaction problems in sales; Let you bid farewell to the traditional sales model and double your sales performance! These methods can be completely copied to any salesperson, so that you can easily achieve a sharp increase in performance!
Highlights of the course:

1, a classic course of sales training that every salesperson can’t miss, which is necessary for salespeople to train themselves and is the most practical

2, this course is full of dry goods, teaching you dozens of actual combat scenarios, standard process templates, and strong operability

3, after learning in the morning, use it in the afternoon, and really learn the sales methods that can be used, so that you can quickly improve your marketing and sales performance

  1. In-depth interpretation of sales common sense that most people ignore, in-depth analysis of the whole process of sales, systematic solution of sales problems, and systematic training of sales methods
  2. This course summarizes a set of rules behind the transaction, and analyzes in detail the practical skills of reaching cooperation with customers, so that you can quickly improve your performance and enter the fast lane of the workplace
  3. The hardcore skills that every salesperson must master run through the whole process of sales, which can be called the model transaction process and amazing practical skills
  4. From the scientific level, the sales methodology is given, with tools, methods, processes and details, and a practical secret to improve your sales ability

Course content:

The first lecture is about the top ten fatal problems of sales mentality

  1. Explain in detail the top ten fatal problems of sales mentality. 2. Analyze how to sort out the sales mentality. 3. How to break the “one foot” of sales

The second lecture is about the five principles of doubling performance (I)

  1. Unlock the five core principles of doubling performance. 2. Mining the logic behind doubling the number of customers. 3. Decrypt the method of doubling the number of customers

Lecture 3 Five Principles of Doubling Performance (Part Two)

  1. How to increase the frequency of consumption and the unit price of customers 2. How to double your sales skills 3. What is the root cause of double after-sales service

Fourth, the difficulty of developing big customers and small customers is the same

  1. Breaking through the five characteristics of non-quality customers 2. Summarizing the seven standards of high-quality gold customers 3. How to correctly understand that “the development difficulty of large customers and small customers is the same”

The fifth lecture deeply analyzes the soul of sales

  1. Uncover the truth: What is the soul of sales? 2. Interpret what is moving marketing from an expert perspective. 3. Advanced tutorial: Ten principles of deep praise

The sixth lecture shocked and revealed the highest realm of sales

  1. Problem analysis: What is the highest realm of sales 2. Solution: Is customer satisfaction the purpose or the means? 3. Heavy dry goods: How to make customers loyal to you

Lecture 7 teaches you how to make customers remember you for life

  1. How to understand business begins with remembering each other’s names. 2. Let customers remember your core essence for life. 3. Why do you want to tell others your outstanding professional ability

Lecture 8 Golden Four-step Method for Dissenting Objections

  1. Explain the golden four-step method of customer objection removal 2. How to refine the high-frequency rejection of 21 customers 3. Enlightenment: What is the highest realm of customer objection removal

Lecture 9 Five Levels of USP Selling Point Refining

  1. Teach how to accurately refine the selling points of products 2. What are the five levels of products 3. Method landing: How to tap 10 exclusive benefits

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