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Now do a good job in drainage of Xiaohongshu, and even other projects in the future can be considered.


What are the advantages of Xiaohongshu platform

As we all know, Xiaohongshu is a grass-planting platform. Although the platform is full of various advertisements, many people have seen these advertisements but don’t know that others are making money through Xiaohongshu in full swing. Xiaohongshu gathers many accurate female fans, which are divided into many different attributes according to the different grass-planting products and regions. With such an accurate female fan platform, it is difficult for the whole network to find a second one.

As of October 2019, the monthly active users of Xiaohongshu have exceeded 100 million, and 70% of the newly added users are post-90s. Therefore, for the future, this fan group is also a potential treasure mom powder group in the future. With the accumulation of time, the trust will get better and better.

That is to say, the drainage of Xiaohongshu should be done now, and even other projects in the future can be considered.
The advantages of Xiaohongshu drainage are:

  1. Simple, easy to use, and can be operated by a mobile phone. Bao Ma, students, office workers, personal entrepreneurs, studios, etc. can all get started;
  2. There is no need to invest in other costs. If there are many accounts, you can prepare several more mobile phones;
  3. Quick effect, Xiaohongshu’s natural natural female flow advantage is not like other projects, and it takes a lot of time to do drainage work;
  4. Getting started quickly, as long as you master the platform rules and learn the relevant skills of Xiaohongshu notes, you can operate Xiaohongshu drainage in batch matrix and enlarge it infinitely.

Interpretation of this course

Course catalogue:

First, the basic knowledge: the latest rules and precautions of Xiaohongshu

Second, the notes are quick: Xiaohongshu grass notes 4 steps, all products are applicable

Third, note hot words: master the keyword mining method and seize more small red book traffic

Fourth, play search: 4 steps take you to play search and improve user quality

Fifth, note drainage: learn these four methods to drain accurate fans of Xiaohongshu

VI. Guide to Avoiding Pit: Operation must be seen! Guide to avoid pits for 8 major accounts that must be known

Seven, improve the repurchase: 3 kinds of popular activity notes cheats of Xiaohongshu, double your conversion rate

Eight, the secret of the first picture: play 3 simple apps, make the first picture of the note in 5 minutes

Nine, the title of the explosion: 5 kinds of explosion titles-let your notes attract the attention of users

X. Anti-pit Guide: The pits that are most easily overlooked by newcomers to accounts

Eleven: Experience: How to interact with users correctly to enhance fan stickiness

Twelve: supporting software: the most complete set of related software for operating Xiaohongshu (constantly updated)

XIII. Unlawful lifting of the ban: What if Xiaohongshu’s account violates regulations?

XIV. Saving Notes: What are the ways to solve the violation of notes perfectly

Fifteen, note current limit: Understand this, your notes will not be limited

XVI. Keyword Mining: Online and offline industry keyword mining methods

XVII. Note optimization: How to write the top notes

Eighteen, quick drainage: The latest tutorial teaches you to leave WeChat from private letters without being blocked

Nineteen, local drainage: analysis of the actual combat experience of local keyword Ba Ping to introduce regional powder

Twenty, how to play with goods: only use 3 strokes to quickly improve the conversion of notes

Twenty-one, note template: How to write a template that is easy to be recommended on the homepage

Twenty-two, the secret of gameplay: from self-built accounts to advertising, quickly find your own promotion channels

Twenty-three, packaging positioning: master the core positioning direction, fans will automatically pay attention when they read it

Twenty-four, get started quickly: the hot note writing method that is not rumored 1

Twenty-five, get started quickly: the writing method of popular notes that don’t pass on 2

Who is suitable for drainage of Xiaohongshu?

First of all, what are the sub-areas on the platform of Xiaohongshu:

Including skin care, beauty, food, clothing, weight loss and tourism, is that all? Not really, there are such subdivisions as mother and baby, emotion, daily life, home and kitchen utensils.

  1. Private brand products

If you are a merchant with products or an OEM player, you are suitable to come to Xiaohongshu to promote your free brand products

  1. Own online shop

If you have your own Taobao shop or other online shop, it is also suitable for realizing the batch diversion operation on Xiaohongshu

  1. Personal mastery of female powder realization

Including the subdivisions I wrote at the beginning, and the fans of Xiaohongshu have stronger purchasing power than other platforms, because Xiaohongshu itself is a platform to promote women’s desire to buy.

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