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Selling ipad in idle fish makes more money in one month than white-collar workers earn in half a year.


There are three steps in doing business to make a fortune:

Step 1: Find a platform for traffic growth

Step 2: Find a hot product

Step 3: Hang the product on the platform to realize the closed loop of realization.

Three months ago, I emphasized these three steps in the headset class of Qianwanshe.

In the past three months, all the students who followed Ding Ding’s practice have made money.

However, some friends can’t play Xiaohongshu, or don’t like Huaqiang North headphones.

So, today, thousands of clubs will launch a new combination package!

Sell IPAD on idle fish!

Let’s solve two problems first.

First, why is it idle fish?

Because the flow of idle fish is very large and free.

If you don’t want to spend money, the natural flow of idle fish is much larger than that of Taobao.

(Sad Mimi said that the supervision of idle fish is looser than Taobao, which is also a small advantage)

Let’s take a look at the flow of idle fish we make.
People who have done idle fish business should know what this flow is, right?

Second, why the IPAD?

The core logic of ipad is actually similar to headphones: there are very few SKUs.

Product standardization makes it easy for new people to get started.

The ipads on our side are all 1k-2k, which is 5 times cheaper than the latest iPad on the market.

Is still the main student market and sinking market.

Take a look at the usual delivery list and customer records.
The practice is also very simple:

1, talk about a generation of goods

  1. Register a number and release the product like a peer
  2. When a customer places an order, you deliver it.

After that, it’s really simple.

How much money can you earn every day?
Such a project is completely cost-free without any risks.

The money earned in one month exceeds the half-year income of white-collar workers.

How about doing business?

By the way, I forgot to introduce.

Manager of idle fish ipad project: Mr. Feng, a tablet expert.

Two days ago, Mr. Feng, a tablet expert, briefly shared the process of the project by voice in Qianwanshe.

After sharing at 8: 00, a group friend went to execute it, and the order was issued the next day.

At present, Boss Feng’s own projects are stable at 3W+ every month. As far as I can observe, this buddy has great potential, and maybe he can be made into a studio with a monthly flow of 50W in the future.

I said the characteristics of two bosses.

First, abnormal execution.

I told him to take a course in the afternoon, and he sent me the course in the evening. Some teachers can drag me for 2 weeks, and my head is bald.

Second, seconds back.

I sent Feng boss ten messages, and he can reply eight times in seconds.

Boss Feng has at least three mobile phones.

Ladies and gentlemen, ask yourself, who can do it in 80% seconds?

Moreover, Boss Feng said directly in the course that the core competitiveness of doing idle fish is: seconds.

No matter what you sell in idle fish, the core competitiveness is seconds.

This sentence just hit me.

If you buy something in idle fish, you must know that what Feng boss said is right.

So, believe me, his lessons are worth listening to.

I know that there are a lot of so-called “idle fish without supply” courses in the market, and I have heard them all. They are really inferior to Boss Feng.

We will only find cattle who have made real achievements in this field to share the projects of Qianwanshe.

If you want to do the free fish ipad project, it’s absolutely right to follow boss Feng.

Course catalogue:

  1. Why choose the free fish ipad project
  2. Preparation and basic operation
  3. Product introduction and frequently asked questions
  4. Precautions and efficiency multiplication tools
  5. Project income and future planning

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