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Tik Tok money-making project suitable for novice white operation


2021 The latest Tik Tok film and television number handling technology, a film and television work in 3 to 5 minutes, a mobile phone can make money

What is the hottest and most profitable project in 2021? As long as you know the Internet and want to seek gold on the Internet, you will not hesitate to answer: Vibrato short video.

After a few months of the epidemic last year, the number of users in Tik Tok has surged, with 600 million daily active users. There are countless opportunities to make money behind such huge data, and there are countless cases in which various ordinary people realize wealth freedom through Tik Tok.

There are many ways to make money through Tik Tok. Some products can be used for drainage. E-commerce sellers can bring goods, or they can be Tik Tok Taoke. They can also do live broadcasts with goods that are especially popular now. However, there are certain thresholds for making money. Either you are good-looking, or you have special skills, or your thinking is active and your creativity is novel. Otherwise, it is basically impossible to get a share in these fields.
So what should you do if you have nothing and want to make money through Tik Tok?

Today, I recommend you to try the mixed cutting of Tik Tok movies in this field.

Film and television mixed cutting is mainly to collect some wonderful clips of movies or TV series and cut them into a short video of about 15-20 seconds. You can operate them as long as you can simply edit them, but it also has its advantages and disadvantages.

Advantages: Easy to operate, it can be operated by one mobile phone, and it is more suitable for novice users to operate.

Content source: You can carry it to major video platforms by yourself or find the original film for recording and editing

Liquidation channel: Tik Tok quickly increased the number of powder sales, and moved it to the self-media platform to earn revenue by playing it.

Disadvantages: It is easy to be detected by the platform for handling or infringement, and the risk is high.

Today, I will share with members the latest 2021 Tik Tok film and television number handling technology to avoid being detected by the platform!

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