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Outline of the course content of the practical operation department of Tik Tok small shop


Outline of the course content of the practical operation department of Tik Tok store:

First, the new ecology of live e-commerce

Tik Tok live broadcast+Tik Tok xiaodian

  1. Live e-commerce is a three-point world, and the bonus opportunity of Tik Tok store
  2. The trend of live e-commerce and the prospect of small stores in Tik Tok
  3. The difference between Tik Tok shop and commodity window
  4. The relationship and difference between Tik Tok store and enterprise blue V.

Second, the Tik Tok store entry process

  1. Tik Tok store opening process and steps
  2. Qualification and deposit requirements for opening small stores in Tik Tok
  3. Four major store categories in Tik Tok

Third, Tik Tok store operation specifications

  1. Business norms of small shops in Tik Tok
  2. Points Rules for Small Stores in Tik Tok
  3. How to improve the DSR score of the store
  4. Matters needing attention in order after-sales management and service

Fourth, the store background operation shakes the main function operation of the store background

  1. basic function operation of PC background and mobile phone background of shaking shop
  2. Operational procedures and precautions for commodity release
  3. How to use shortcut tools to upload goods in batches

4, commodity price, inventory management and modification

V. Settlement and operation of selected alliances

  1. Correct cognition of selected alliance
  2. How does Tik Tok store enter the selected alliance
  3. How to add selected alliance products to the live broadcast room
  4. Rules for setting commissions for selected alliance commodities
  5. Select the exit mechanism of the alliance

Sixth, the Tik Tok store has no source matrix gameplay

  1. How to choose products without supply?
  2. How to recruit and promote talents?
  3. How to seize the ranking of selected alliance products?

Seven, the four major ways to play the Tik Tok store

  1. Tik Tok Store+Tik Tok Live Room

2, Tik Tok store+Daren explosive products

  1. Tik Tok Small Shop+Selected Alliance

4, Tik Tok shop+huge engine

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