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The new gameplay and novel drainage of the old project are matched with the latest video precision passive drainage


We have been working on the novel project for a period of time recently, and we will share it with you this time. If necessary, we can continue to read the following contents:

This project is an old one. Some people have been doing novel projects for a long time, and there are endless plays. Many bosses earn thousands of dollars a day. Therefore, many people envy those who do novel projects.

Huangdao’s main novels realize sideline projects: new gameplay of old projects, passive video drainage and lying and earning mode
Although it is said to be an old project, our gameplay is indeed a new gameplay. We match the latest video accurate passive drainage in novel drainage, which is a long-term gameplay. Of course, the effect may be slower, but the conversion rate of fans is high, and it belongs to the fans who search keywords. Having said that, everyone should know what platform fans they are.

The platform I am working on now is the cloud in the palm of my hand. This platform is also opened from a friend. It doesn’t need a service number. It is directly on the subscription number, but the profit is low. It only gives 80 commission rebates, but it saves a lot of things. We also do it as a sideline, so it doesn’t matter. It’s normal to earn tens or one or two hundred a day.
Some people may say that you earn so little in one day? It should be noted that this is a small sideline. I didn’t enlarge it. If you have the ability to do a big sideline, you can enlarge it. If you want to have a long-term passive sideline, I think this course is very suitable for you. Our pricing is also low, and the harvest price outside ranges from several thousand.

I initially set the price at 1680, but now the preferential fee for registration is 99, which may increase from time to time. Moreover, it is necessary to have executive power to do this project. If the cycle is not one day or two, you can see the benefits. Please sign up after you think it over.

Project introduction:

This is a new game for old projects, which is matched with the latest video drainage game. Long-term benefits are realized by regular CPS, and the commission is up to 80-90.

After more than 2 months of actual combat, it is now recharged 3-5 times a day, with a minimum recharge of 30. Pure passive small sideline, don’t learn what you want to do in a day.

Operation can be enlarged. Outside, the harvest price varies from one to another. Need WeChat official account subscription number, the cost is almost not much!

Look at the specific course content:

Detailed introduction of the novel realization project

Analysis of Various Plays of Fiction Realized Project

Explanation of the exclusive drainage platform of novel realization project

Demonstration of the complete practical process of the novel realization project

Great analysis of the matters needing attention in the realization project of novels

An analysis of the alternative gameplay of the novel realization project

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