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Zero threshold and zero foundation, Aauto Quicker small game project


A few days ago, I secretly took 30 people to do a project, and recently I took it hand in hand, and set up a team to do it, that is, the Aauto Quicker Small Game Partner Project.

The earliest registered friends have already operated very well. To be honest, the harvest is really possible. After 2 days of quick operation, there are more than 100 pieces a day. About 10 people have a daily income of about 100. Don’t look at the income. Not much, these Aauto Quicker numbers are only dozens of fans

Another friend is very powerful. He directly earned more than 1,700 yuan a day. He just started doing a Sunday and sent 9 videos a day. The total income of 9 videos is more than 1,700 yuan. This is just the beginning, which is a very good result.
First of all, Aauto Quicker promoted the Low Light Plan 2.0 and supported the creators of small games in Aauto Quicker, and a large number of games began to subsidize and reward.

You may have to ask, what is the profit from playing this video? In fact, each video only has more than 20,000 plays, which is not very high. The main reason is that he pushed this video to be a mobile game, which is expensive, and it happens to have official promotion, traffic reward, and revenue reward. The released videos have 30W traffic boost and official traffic support.

If you have energy and can make 10 accounts by yourself, the income will definitely be higher, or if you have a team, this is your resource
Secondly, there is a threshold for Aauto Quicker games, and it is necessary to join mcn to obtain promotion rights, which greatly raises the threshold and will not directly become the Red Sea like Tik Tok, and a large number of players will flood in

And Aauto Quicker’s little game, our head game mcn, uses as many numbers as you want.

0 threshold, suitable for anyone to learn, whether you are a student, a treasure mother or a workplace worker, as long as your IQ is normal.

But Aauto Quicker’s small game project has these advantages

  1. First of all, only joining some mcn institutions with authority can do it. Therefore, this entry threshold has caused many people to want to do it and can’t do it, blocking a large number of people and ensuring that the market will not be too flooded
  2. Nowadays, Aauto Quicker games don’t start for a long time, and there will be policy inclinations. For example, if you send game videos to hang games, many games will guarantee the support of 10,000 traffic

There are also various cash rewards, a lot of task play, and more first-hand game promotion resources will go directly to individuals, which will greatly enhance your video exposure and revenue

  1. The audit is not so strict. In Tik Tok, you must choose the same game as video, and the audit is relatively strict. If you don’t want to turn it off, there will be no profit directly.

And Aauto Quicker games are not so strict, and you can pass them if you don’t send them in line with the game. For example, adding some funny videos is also ok, even if the games are different.

Now Aauto Quicker games have a lot of room to carry, and you can go to Tik Tok to move high and play videos

  1. The production is simple. The Aauto Quicker game mobile phone can be completely edited. It does not need to be shot by a real person. It only needs a mobile phone and a clipping, and it can be produced and sent. I can do 30 videos a day without any effort
  2. Starting from mid-March, the Aauto Quicker official will have a new traffic support policy, which can be enjoyed by members, which is equivalent to free traffic

This is a long-term project. Everyone should know that I always like to do long-term projects with accumulated benefits. We will only become more and more proficient in the end, and we will definitely earn more and more

We never do projects that are short and fast, and can only win one wave. There is no accumulation of such projects, and we have to start from scratch in the end.

Including my favorite Aauto Quicker games, these friends who can earn money will only earn more and more in the future, and it is just around the corner to explode 1,000 a day.

Now is just the beginning. With the accumulation of time, their fans of Aauto Quicker are getting more and more, and they are playing more and more. The video is getting better and better. It is only a matter of time before the outbreak, which is the advantage of the project.

Let’s talk about how to teach.

Friends who can worry about time either show that you are not short of money or are really busy. But here we can tell you clearly that spending one hour every day making videos and publishing 3-5 videos can make you earn over 10,000 yuan a month, and emphasize: Don’t watch friends who don’t have an hour.

I’m Xiaobai. What if I can’t operate?

What happened to Xiaobai, the Great God also started from Xiaobai. As long as you are willing to learn, we have practical courses, so long as you follow the courses.

In addition, when there are problems in the actual operation process, one-on-one guidance will be given throughout the whole process, and everyone will actively discuss and share to create more high-quality content forms. One sentence: As long as you are not lazy, Xiaobai can become a great god. Only by practicing it can you understand that it is as simple as that.

What are the conditions for joining?

A cell phone will do. After joining, we will help you get it all done, and you will: get seven permissions:

1.0 fans open the promotion authority of the game master (no institution, no authority)

  1. Institutional flow support
  2. One-on-one full-course guidance
  3. The simplest editing technique
  4. The latest official rules of the game in Aauto Quicker
  5. The organization has access to video
  6. T+1 settlement

What strength do we have, and how can we ensure that we can make money as long as we practice?

We are the first batch of practical operators in Tik Tok games. In 2000+, the students increased their income, and the students accumulated 600w commission income (it is needless to say that we have eaten meat)

  1. Aauto Quicker officially certifies MCN institutions to get the latest developments in the official operation of Aauto Quicker

The advantages are far more than these, so I won’t say much here. The most important thing is to make money. At present, the online promotion of small games in Aauto Quicker is less than half a year, and it must be authorized by MCN institutions to participate in the promotion, which is less competitive. However, in the promotion of small games in Tik Tok, everyone has an entrance, so the more people participate, the more people divide the cake, and the wise people should be able to understand the opportunities of small games in Aauto Quicker.

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