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Virtual products, good guys, bring out a group of low-key people who make money silently


Today I will be a bit more dry.

When it comes to selling virtual products in the store model, everyone will definitely think of the Taobao store model and the Xianyu store model. This person who played in the first two years can really make money, and now there are basically 10 people in it. Nine came out sideways.

It is because the bonus period has passed and the platform is suppressed. So do we have other channels to sell virtual products? After all, it’s a huge profit. It’s true. The average person rarely notices. The competition is still very small. I am also a bubbling Internet earning webmaster. I also go shopping on a whim. I randomly searched for a virtual product with a keyword. Good guys, bring out a group of low-key earning money silently. People.

Yes, it is Everyone sees me and clicks into a shop at will. Everyone knows that the 1688 platform is a wholesale platform where many suppliers and manufacturers sell goods. However, what you don’t know is that his free natural traffic cannot be underestimated. His transactions are fully automated, and the turnover rate is very low.

You can see that he has sold 367 deals for a short video material together. Since the cost is zero, then the profit is 3000+. Do you think it is less? You have to know that this is only one of his products. There are hundreds of products in his store, and the total annual income is conservatively 100,000. It is still zero-cost automation.

Properly rely on this project to make money with automatic traffic. In fact, this kind of gameplay is equivalent to Taobao’s game without supply. It also relies on the huge product keyword data, which generates great exposure.

So can we also open a similar shop to play? Let’s first take a look at the threshold for entering 1688. We only do mobile phones, not PCs, because everyone uses mobile phones a lot.

Conditions for entering the official website of Chengxintong Wireless:

1. Business License

2. Annual fee 3688 per year

3. Waiting for the certification company to review

4. Complete shop entry (free template)

After reading the conditions, the service account of the official account is similar, that is, the annual fee is relatively high, but it is precisely because of this fee threshold that many people are restricted and can only watch others make money. Relatively speaking, the flow of 1688 is automatic flow. Satisfying this basic condition will bring you a certain amount of traffic.

But everyone may wish to think about it. You can open 5 Taobao stores with a deposit of 5,000. You may not be able to play it. The threshold is smaller than that of the store group. At least it is supported by natural traffic. There is no shortage of thousands of people to play around. Wan is here again, it’s another automated income. Isn’t it good to have an extra income?

However, most people spend more than 3,000 to bet whether they can play or not. They still choose to seek advantages and avoid disadvantages, while ordinary people will feel that they are not ordinary people, they are impulsive, and they should look at the funds in hand. Someone has to gamble on unpopular projects. Opportunities are always reserved for those who are prepared.

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