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How to make money in Zhihu? Eight ways to make money in Zhihu


We all know that Zhihu is a good platform for drainage, but many people may not know how to make money in Zhihu. Today, Brother Zhun shares eight ways to make money in Zhihu.

First, the recommended creation level of good things in Zhihu needs to reach level 4 before it can be opened. The recommendation of good things in Zhihu is the same as the goods brought by vibrato and the goods brought by Baijiahao article.

That is to say, by sharing some related experiences and opinions, such as beauty cosmetics, film reviews, electronic products, books, etc., when your related problems have a certain flow, you can bring related products into the article or plant grass in related answers, and when the products have sales, you can get a commission.

Zhihu users are of high quality, and the conversion rate of good things recommendation is still good.
Second, Zhihu video

Zhihu started to make short videos last year. After opening the rights and interests, the original high-quality video content can get incentive income according to the broadcasting situation.

Opening conditions:

  1. The creator level reaches level 4. This is actually very easy to achieve. It is basically easy to answer more questions and send some videos.
  2. Publish at least 5 original videos.

Third, Zhihu live broadcast

Zhihu can also be broadcast live, and the income is divided into three parts: live broadcast reward; Live delivery; Guide paid consultation.

Zhihu is a platform for knowledge sharing. Live content can also be related to knowledge sharing, and can be combined with paid consultation. Through live broadcast and fan interaction, paid consultation can be guided to make profits.
IV. Appreciate that the functional level can be opened when it reaches level 5. When you answer questions or write articles, you can add appreciation, so that others can reward you for making money from bubbling nets. Of course, your content should be excellent, otherwise it will be difficult to get praise.

  1. Paid consultation When your salt value in Zhihu exceeds 500, you can open paid consultation on the Zhihu APP page, set your own price, or set the paid consultation entrance on your personal homepage. The income depends on your professional level in the field and your fans. Show your authoritative professional side more and answer your professional questions more, then you can develop your business in this area.

Sixth, knowing about live also requires a certain level, and level 7 is enough. Knowing that live is a knowledge realization tool provided by Zhihu platform for creators. Creators can share knowledge and skills, their own experiences and opinions on a certain topic. As a kind of micro-lesson, in fact, it can also be used as a way to precipitate personal brand. Marketing partners can try it. Of course, the official will give you marketing.

If you want to write novels or share knowledge and skills, you can make your own works into paid columns for sale, and users can get profits after paying for them.

However, the salt selection column is an invitation system and cannot be opened voluntarily, but you have the strength and are the creator of high-quality content, so you can contact the editor of Zhihu team to apply for opening.

Eight, brand task growth level in grade 9 or above users can apply for opening brand task authority bubble net to earn. This function is the same as Software function, except that it is officially launched by the platform. Earn advertising fees through business cooperation with merchants.

These are eight ways to make money on Zhihu, and that’s all for today’s sharing.

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