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Talk about the traffic realization project “WeChat applet”


I believe many people have seen the main income chart of traffic earning hundreds or thousands a day in the circle of friends. In recent months, some people have asked whether the bubble net can earn my WeChat applet.

In fact, this WeChat applet has been on the line for 4 years, and the “Jump Jump” game launched by WeChat at the end of 17 was once popular.
Up to now, the bonus is not in my opinion, so I don’t know why the heat is still quite high, maybe I heard that lying down makes money.

How to earn? What is traffic master?

Advertisers put advertisements through WeChat, and the channels on WeChat are mainly WeChat official account and small programs. This channel belongs to users in name, so WeChat official will give owners a certain advertising fee, which is the main traffic.

Traffic is mainly settled by the number of clicks. Of course, exposure also has income, but the income is very low, and the click cost has dropped significantly a few years ago.

I used to play the WeChat official account traffic master, which is similar to this small program traffic master. A few years ago, I still asked users to help me click. Later, WeChat reformed, and it was forbidden to induce users to click. Many people’s income dropped again.

Up to now, I don’t deny that some people can earn thousands of dollars through WeChat applet traffic on Sunday, but more people may have no money for a meal, not to say how difficult it is, but the wrong way to open it.

Let’s talk in depth below.

First of all, WeChat applet traffic is the main money-making process: positioning (what applet to do? ) → Pre-preparation (the small program is built on the line, and then the traffic is mainly opened) → Promote drainage

First, what small programs do?

The key to make money from the flow of small programs lies not only in the flow, but also in how many people see advertisements and how many times they click every day, which can’t be brushed. The same user will have a limit on the number of clicks every day.

Therefore, it is necessary to consider carefully what small programs to do, which will affect the income and the way you promote them.

However, there are so many fields involved here that I will classify them into two categories, namely entertainment and function.

Entertainment includes small games, tests (horoscope, personality, psychology and other interesting things will do), etc.
There are more functional categories, including the common movie and television applets in training, from movie and television websites to movie and television WeChat official account, and now to movie and television applets. Indeed, this cake is very big, and infringement is easier, and it will be blocked someday, and before that, it can really make a fortune.

There are a lot of wallpaper, photo repair, watermark removal, wifi connection, exam materials, etc. I can’t think too much for a while.
But do you think it’s over?

Playing the internet, you can have no skills, but you can’t have no thoughts. People who make money with their brains will always earn more than with their physical strength!

Just like a very popular red envelope cover some time ago, all of them are drained to WeChat official account. How can they make money when they are drained to WeChat official account?

Traffic master? Selling number? Pan-powder cash?

Have you ever thought about adding a small program in WeChat official account? Or directly to the small program, and then download the cover to see the advertisement.
There is also a recent revision of WeChat, which has an extra status. Is it different? Does anyone use the status material for drainage?
OK, you lead your stream, but there are always some users who don’t pay the bill and don’t want to pay attention to your WeChat official account to download and pay. What should I do? Video watermarking applet you deserve!
Vibrato search WeChat status

When thinking changes, there is a market.

So have you decided what kind of small programs to do?

Second, the preliminary preparation

This step is complicated and simple.

Complicated is that wechat applet is not just to register an account, it involves technical problems.

From building to going online, a small program needs code, server, and domain name. You can buy the server and domain name, and the code can be typed by programmers themselves.

It’s obviously unrealistic for us to type code. Generally, we look for the source code, find the framework, and follow it. But I believe Xiaobai has a headache after finding it. I used to be a website, and I also have a headache. It’s not this kind of technology flow. If something goes wrong somewhere, it may take half a day to find a solution.

So I said it was complicated, but I also said it was simple.

If you have no technology, you can buy it. A few hundred dollars of one-stop service will help you get it.
Another way is to sign up for other people’s courses, which will help you get these things, but the fees are higher than Taobao’s.

Everything that can be solved with money is nothing, so I won’t talk nonsense at this step. If there is no money and no technology, don’t panic, because I said, there can be no technology on the Internet, but there can be no thinking.

Third, promote drainage

Here we share two methods, which are not only applicable to WeChat applet.

  1. Name drainage

Small programs have names with keywords, such as wallpaper. Small program names can bring wallpaper as a keyword, and can also be used as long tail keywords, such as exquisite animation wallpaper and high-definition dynamic wallpaper.

In addition, these keywords can also be brought in the introduction, and the introduction can bring more, which will also have an impact.

However, keywords are just the beginning. Remember, on most platforms, the function of keywords is to let users find you on the search page after searching through a certain keyword, which has a certain impact on ranking, but it only accounts for a small proportion.

Therefore, it is important to let the small programs with corresponding keywords rank ahead, which involves optimizing the rankings.

How to optimize the ranking?

For the search ranking of most platforms, the influencing factors mainly include keyword fit, time, weight and recent data.

Among them, the key words are mentioned, time has little influence, and weights need to be accumulated, so we have to start with data.

The data of WeChat applet mainly includes how many people have found and used your applet through search, and how many people have used your applet through other drainage methods. The more people use it, the easier it is to rank ahead.

So what happened?

Find someone to search for keywords, find your applet and use it, or use other drainage methods. When the number of visitors increases, the ranking will go up.

Don’t feel that what I said is nonsense, understand it well.

  1. Share drainage

Small programs can be shared in groups, which is really a good thing. The key is how to find a group. Some people have asked me before, so here are several ways:

Baidu, Weibo and WeChat search for keywords such as “WeChat group, QR code of WeChat group”, and then you will find all kinds of QR codes of WeChat group, some of which will give you good points in terms of industry and hobbies, but there are many pits, so pay attention to them.
Douban Group, there are many industry exchange groups here.
Looking for someone to pull you, it depends on how many users you accumulate. When you join the group, you can add some active people, who have generally entered many groups.

  1. Drainage through other channels, such as Weibo, Zhihu, Toutiao, etc. I have written many drainage methods through various channels, so I won’t talk nonsense.

OK, the small program is almost like this. After a month’s hard work, I think the daily meal is basically ok. As for how to earn more, see my analysis below.

Fourth, how to play and earn more?

  1. Start with the realization method

It is difficult to make a lot of money by relying only on a single traffic master.

The previous article talked about realizing the flow of Xiaohongshu. Similarly, you can use Xiaohongshu as a drainage channel to build a multi-platform matrix of Xiaohongshu, Weibo, WeChat official account, and applets.

Small programs don’t have to be consistent with WeChat official account’s content positioning. If you introduce female powder and make an emotional test small program, many people will use it.

In this way, besides the main flow of small programs, there are many kinds of benefits such as receiving advertisements and selling numbers in WeChat official account.

And this is just one of them. There are also paid games, guiding WeChat to sell goods, and so on.

  1. The front-end WeChat applet will be blocked for violation of regulations someday, earning less money. Many bosses don’t actually play, but more are back-end services.
  2. Batch, one number earns 50 a day, and ten numbers have 500? No one can eat this flow. If you want to make money with it, batch size is a must.

More ways to play. Dig for yourself.


There are no unprofitable projects, only those who do not make money.

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