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Amoy money with a monthly income of 30 million+commission is shared


I. Preface

In fact, I wanted to write this article very early, but I have been dragging my feet. One of the biggest reasons is that it is not convenient to write.

Because this model is really profitable and not too heavy, several friends around me are doing business in this area. If it is made public before, it may have some impact on everyone’s business.

For example, in May 2020, I wanted to write about sharing. At that time, I spoke in a group, and two friends advised me not to write. They said that we should know this mode of making money by ourselves, so why should we share it openly? I promised them not to write it for the time being because of my kindness, so I didn’t write it for nearly a year.

Why did I write it today? It’s because it’s been almost a year, and now this game is relatively mature.

The threshold barrier for a new company to do this is relatively high, so it should be helpful to write it out to let everyone know the operation ideas of this product, broaden their horizons and thinking, and perhaps provide a reference for everyone to apply it to other scenarios in the future.

Personally, I should be one of the earliest explorers of this model in China. As early as 2019, we studied this model for more than half a year, but we didn’t fully explore it at that time. It is no exaggeration to say that after exploring 90%, we only need the last 10%, but the 10% is determined by Alipay’s open ability.

However, in 2020, Alipay will open up its capabilities in this area, which will make this model popular.

In 2020, around May of this year, I also participated in this type of project indirectly for a period of time, and lent my Taobao Alliance account authority to a friend to operate. At present, they should be one of the two largest models in China, with a monthly commission of up to 20 million yuan.

Based on my previous exploration and participation last year, I know a lot about the operation of this mode.

To put it simply, the core game of this mode is the secondary packaging based on the products of Amoy Gift.

Amoy gift money has been mentioned several times in previous articles, but many new friends are not sure, so I will explain it completely again.

Because if you don’t understand the underlying logic of this game, you may not be able to understand the application scenarios described in this article thoroughly, so before explaining it, I need to popularize some knowledge about the underlying product logic of Amoy Gift.

If a friend who already knows well can skip the second part, just start from the third part.

Second, the introduction of the product logic of Amoy Gift

Amoy Gift is a super marketing equity product launched by Taobao Alliance during double 11 in 2018. The biggest innovation of this product is that “taobao guest promoters also have the pricing power of goods”.

To put it simply, we in taobao guest, as commodity promoters, can recharge the Amoy Gift, and then use the Amoy Gift Red Packet to discount the products of Tmall and Taobao, so that users can enjoy exclusive promotional offers.

Before the appearance of Amoy Gifts, the right to discount and promote in the past was generally held by Taobao platform and merchants themselves. As promoters, we in taobao guest can only have the right to promote goods, but cannot price or promote the retail price of goods.

If Taobao/Tmall platform wants to sell a certain product at a discount, the common logic is to issue platform red envelopes, platform coupons, limited-time sales and so on.

If the merchants want to discount, they will directly adopt the way of opening or hiding coupons or even directly reducing prices and offering discounts within a limited time.

The above two forms are very simple to understand.

With the product of Amoy Gift, the marketing play of taobao guest people will be richer. As promoters, we can also distribute red envelopes of Amoy Gift to a certain commodity, and let users enjoy exclusive preferential treatment by issuing red envelopes. The price after preferential treatment is the purchase cost that consumers need to pay, which is what I call pricing power.

Of course, the discount brought by this red envelope of Amoy gift can’t be enjoyed by users who buy it directly on Taobao and Tmall, which is a channel-oriented discount. At the same time, users can’t enjoy it by purchasing it through other channels of Amoy customers, and they can only enjoy the discount through the taobao guest channel where we distribute the red envelope of Amoy gift. Here is an example to explain it to everyone.

For example, a commodity A is sold in 100 yuan on Taobao. At this time, if the merchant is allocating a hidden coupon in 50 yuan to the taobao guest channel, it is assumed that the promotion commission of Taobao set by the merchant is 50%. At this time, if the consumer spends 50 yuan to buy goods, Taobao can get 50% commission of 50 yuan’s sales, that is, the commission of 25 yuan.

However, for consumers, no matter which Taobao channel they buy, they can only get coupons from 50 yuan. Therefore, they get the same coupons from any channel, and there is no special welfare. However, if Taobao Xiaoming makes use of the ability to offer gifts, it will have a different perception of the preferential treatment at the user end.

Because Amoy Xiaoming can get the commission from 25 yuan after successfully promoting that product A, if he takes out a part of the commission as the red envelope of Amoy gift at this time, for example, he takes out 15 yuan from 25 yuan commission, it will be very attractive to the user.

Because the preferential combination that users can enjoy in this way is the coupon of 50 yuan+the red envelope of Amoy gift in 15 yuan, and they enjoy the combination discount of 65 yuan in total. They only need 35 yuan to buy this product A, and Amoy Xiaoming still gets the commission from 25 yuan after successful promotion. After deducting the red envelope of 15 yuan Amoy gift paid by himself, they can still earn the commission from 10 yuan. At the same time, users will feel that buying baby in Amoy Xiaoming’s group is cheaper than buying in other Amoy groups or apps, with more discounts and more benefits.

For our taobao guest, this kind of play can make him a kind of exclusive benefit for users, which can make users retain and stick well, and also greatly improve users’ trust in us.

Of course, there is another advantage, that is, the products you recommend will not be copied to other channels by users to transfer links to get rebates, because copying to other channels for search can only search out the coupons, but not the discounts of the Amoy gift, because this Amoy gift red envelope is the exclusive discount that Xiaoming recharged himself.

It is very important for the operators of social customers to avoid users from purchasing through other channels.

Think about the fact that you usually go to great pains to select products and recommend them to the users in the group. As a result, they copy the product links you recommend and go to other channels to buy them. You can’t enjoy a penny commission and promote them in vain. Is it sad?

However, this will not happen after using the Amoy Gift. As long as there is not a big difference between your Amoy Gift red envelope discount and the rebate amount given to users by other rebate channels, users will definitely use your Amoy Password to purchase, because this is an instant discount, while the rebate from other channels is a post-discount, so the user experience is completely different, and human nature is lazy. Under the premise of the same discount, I certainly like to make a reduction.

Nowadays, the application of Amoy Gift in taobao guest channel has become a very common game, which is mainly used in community Amoy. For example, various purchases in 1 yuan and 0 yuan as group welfare are realized by using the ability of Amoy Gift. In many cases, it is impossible for merchants to directly purchase this kind of gift in 1 yuan or 0 yuan, and a large part of the amount is realized by Amoy himself by using the preferential ability of Amoy Gift.

However, in the use of this kind of purchase in 1 yuan and 0 yuan, Amoy customers generally can’t earn much money, and most of them are posted by Amoy customers themselves to raise the group for use, giving users the perception of exclusive preferential benefits.

Of course, there are also a small number of merchants who buy goods in 1 yuan by using Amoy gift money, which can also achieve a profitable mode. At the end of last year, many Amoy customers have done this kind of business. Let’s not discuss this kind of case here. We have shared this game in the knowledge planet of Amoy Park. If you are interested, go to the planet to search and have a look.

In this paper, we mainly discuss the conventional play of Amoy Gifts.

Third, talk about the gameplay of Amoy Gifts that I explored before

The above simply popularized the underlying logic and basic gameplay of Amoy Gift, and everyone should understand it. If we only apply the ability of Amoy Gift to the WeChat group, I think the application space of this product is too small.

Applying it to WeChat group to make exclusive welfare offers is just the practice of ordinary communities, and the really awesome Taobao Daniel will use this ability to package some new concepts and apply them to new scenes.

What I always admire is that teams with technical and product development capabilities should use large-scale traffic capacity to realize efficient taobao guest. One is to be able to scale up, the other is to replicate in parallel, and the operation team is relatively light. The same team of dozens of people can easily cope with tens of millions of traffic every day for efficient conversion and closed loop.

Let me first talk about how we played with this gift money in 2019.

At that time, we developed an independent APP called “Radish Saving Money”, which has already been removed from the shelves and stopped operating, so don’t search.

The underlying logic of this APP is to use the instant preferential ability of Amoy Gift to give all users a rebate reduction.

In the past, including the rebate mode in the current market, the user first purchased the full amount, and then gave the rebate to the user after confirming the receipt of the goods. This preferential experience is still very weak to the user’s perception, because the user cannot enjoy the instant discount. Although the coupon part can be reduced, the rebate will always take a week or longer for the user to get it.

At that time, I was really excited for several days after seeing the ability to find gifts. At that time, my thought was that if I reduced the rebate that should have taken a week or more to the user in the form of a red envelope of money, then I would become an instant rebate, and the user experience would explode any rebate APP in the market.

At that time, we got a specific internal testing capability through Taobao Alliance, that is, we can create Taobao gift red envelopes in real time for any goods with commissions on Taobao/Tmall/Juhua.

With this ability, we can reduce the rebate offer for all users. Users only need to copy any Taobao product link or title they want to buy and search in our APP. As long as there is a Taobao commission, we can tell users how many coupons and how much welfare red packets there are for this product.

Therefore, we packaged a new gimmick. Every user who comes into the APP will be given a Taobao cash-filled red envelopes in 100 yuan. This red envelope can be deducted directly every time the user searches and purchases through our APP.

Specifically, how to deduct is based on the commission of this commodity. To put it bluntly, it is to deduct the rebate that should have been given to users in a few days, so that users can enjoy the immediate reduction discount. Does it sound interesting and exciting, hahaha.

100 yuan’s red envelope is equivalent to giving 100 yuan’s rebate to users in advance, and the amount of red envelope deducted directly when shopping is replaced by the corresponding red envelope of Amoy gift, which is a very good promotion gimmick.

Because users can really get a red envelope of Amoy Gift when they buy through Taobao, there is not only a hidden coupon, but a preferential combination page of coupon+red envelope of Amoy Gift. Any product with commission for Amoy can have this preferential combination, which basically has the same ability as rebate APP, and my rebate offer is a pre-offer in the form of red envelope of Amoy Gift.

At that time, after we released it, the experience was really great, and the retention and repurchase of users were very obvious, which improved a lot of efficiency compared with pure rebate APP. However, the biggest problem encountered at that time was that the promotion cost of APP was too high, and it was difficult for users to get up in a short time.

Although we have also carried out relevant delivery in Aauto Quicker channel at low cost, it is not easy to scale up users.

After the product was released, the user couldn’t get up, and the cost of downloading the APP was so high. At this time, we held internal meetings and discussed several times. Finally, we decided not to use the APP, but to develop Alipay applet.

Because Alipay is owned by Taobao users, and the Alipay account and Taobao account are opened, users do not need to jump to Taobao APP when they click on the small program to shop in Alipay, and can directly complete the whole transaction very smoothly.

If we develop such a small program in Alipay, it is also a gimmick to distribute Taobao cash-filled red envelopes to users. Coupled with the user’s trust relationship with Alipay itself, this will be very easy to transform, so we have done a small program of “radish saving money”.

After the applet was put on the shelves, we started to promote it and developed some users. However, Alipay applet is faced with a very big problem, that is, there is no fixed entry in Alipay, and users need to search in Alipay search box every time before they can use it. This experience is very bad. It will be very troublesome for users to keep and repurchase, and we can’t touch and wake up users for the second time.

Of course, there are some inconvenient reasons. We went offline one month after we went online, and the exploration of this model stopped here.

But to tell you the truth, I really don’t give up, because the experience is very good in all aspects, and the users like this mode very much, but at that time, they couldn’t do the follow-up work, and they always felt very, very sorry, because my intuition told me that this mode would definitely work, but we may not have found the trick yet.

Fourth, the monthly payment of 30 million+commission is shared

After we gave up the above-mentioned exploration of how to play the gift money, it was probably in April of 2020, and I accidentally saw that an Alipay applet was operating with our thinking at that time.

So I studied it carefully. After the study, I was shocked. We didn’t explore it before because my life was bad. It’s ok to say that it was a bad time.

Because Alipay has opened up a new capability at this time, this capability can help us solve the problem that Alipay applet has no entrance at that time, and can’t reach users and wake up again.

As for what this capability is, I will talk about it below. Readers should not worry. I will give you a complete explanation of the product logic of this business model.
When the user buys any baby in this small program, he can deduct it with this subsidy, and he can complete the complete shopping closed loop in Alipay without jumping to Taobao APP.

Doing this kind of small program in Alipay can improve users’ trust, because many users think it is an official activity of Alipay or a shopping mall. After the user completes the purchase, he can see his order record in Taobao APP, and there is no difference between buying in Taobao and enjoying a cheaper price than Taobao.

When it comes to this step, everyone should know that this model can be developed by everyone, right? The “radish to save money” applet we did before is also the same logic. But the most difficult problem still comes, that is, how users find this kind of small program, how to promote it, and how to do the second touch and wake up later.

So here, I will give you a complete explanation of how they operate.

Let me talk about it first

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