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If you want to make money, you should start by building your own brand!


If you want to make money, you should start by building your own brand!

Let’s talk about personal brand today.

There is a picture, there is a sentence in the picture called:

Even the smallest individual has his own brand.

In fact, personal brands have always existed. When I first came into contact with the Internet, hacker forums were very popular at that time, so long as you know some techniques and make some animation tutorials.

Post it to hacker forums and hacker websites, and you will gain a large number of fans. At that time, there was no such thing as fans, but the meaning was the same.

At that time, most people on the Internet had a hacker dream, and they admired people with great skills. Therefore, people who can share the tutorials will be worshipped by many people.

This is the earliest personal brand, but it didn’t have this concept at that time until WeChat came out. Personal brand is widely spread, and various nouns are derived.

For example: self-star, self-brand, personal IP, personal brand, etc …… all of which mean the same thing.

In 14 years, I started to write a blog and linked many friends by sharing articles, which is actually building my personal brand.

It just didn’t care to maintain it, compared with the update of Buddhism, so it was just so-so. Until last year, I began to pay attention to and re-plan, and this year, I began to maintain my personal brand.

How to build personal brand. We need to start from these aspects.

1, looking for positioning

  1. Knowledge system
  2. Promote communication
  3. Operation and maintenance

First, look for positioning

Positioning is very important to make a good personal brand, because it involves future user value and realization.

For example, if you want to create a personal brand to do movie commentary, this position is to entertain the public, although it is popular, its value is relatively small.

There is a WeChat official account who specializes in the listing of the New Third Board, and all the people concerned are the business owners who want to go public.

Although there are only 60,000 fans, the number of users is small, but the value is huge, and it has also received 10 million investment.

These two user groups have different attributes and different values.

The former has no clear attribute, and paying attention to you may be for entertainment. The latter is generally the CEO of a company or enterprise that wants to go public, and paying attention to you may be preparing for the listing of the company.

Therefore, the value of the selected user group and how to realize it in the future is very important.

Of course, which user groups to choose also need to match your own resources.

Therefore, before positioning, you should take stock of what resources you have.

Product resources?

Human resources?

Skill resources?

Financial resources?

Channel resources?

Other resources?

In which aspect you have resources, you can choose the best advantage, and it is relatively easier to realize it later.

For example, I am familiar with network marketing, and I am positioned in this aspect of network marketing.

However, the field of network marketing is also very large, which is difficult to occupy. We should subdivide and think about what we are best at.

I’m good at private domain marketing, project planning, profit model design, accurate traffic acquisition, and the improvement of conversion rate.

If you choose a subdivision, that is, private domain marketing, then share the experience in this aspect as the main content, and share the others as auxiliary ones, because all these contents belong to network marketing.

Have chosen their own subdivision, then start to locate users.

Then who is interested in these contents, entrepreneurs, business owners, micro-e-commerce and so on …

In fact, anyone who wants to start a business on the Internet to make money needs to learn private domain marketing, and the business model in the next 10 years is to do a good job in private domain business.

Second, the knowledge system

No matter what project you do or what products you sell, you are actually selling solutions.

For example, weight loss products, you seem to be selling products, but in fact, you are selling a set of programs that can make customers lose weight.

If you can make your customers slim down, even if you don’t deliver the products, the customers will pay the bill.

For example, the private domain marketing course I recorded is also a solution. This solution is to let you learn to operate the project, know how to make a deal, how to drain it, etc …

This solution is the knowledge system.

For example, you want to study private domain marketing and operation projects. Bubble Net earned me a knowledge system through years of experience in doing projects.

This knowledge system is to teach you how to be a project department, how to lay out traffic channels and how to build a transaction system from scratch.

For example, weight loss programs also need a knowledge system, which is how to help customers lose weight step by step. You can include products to be sold in the knowledge system.

Therefore, the knowledge system is your solution. This solution is your product.

Third, promote communication

Next, we must start to promote communication:

First of all, we should choose as the starting position of content. In fact, WeChat official account is a good choice. There are two reasons, one is WeChat ecology, and the other is customer database.

Besides taking WeChat official account as the main position, we need to find more platform synchronization matrices, such as today’s headlines, independent blogs, Baijiahao and other self-media platforms.

There are many ways to promote the Internet, so you can choose the one you are good at.

For example, I am good at writing articles, and push articles that meet SEO through high-weight websites and self-media platforms.

If you are good at speaking, you can record audio, and if you are good at shooting video, you can also shoot video. Choose one of the best promotion methods to achieve the ultimate, then there will be no shortage of traffic.

When we do drainage promotion, we must re-disseminate it. For example, I am good at writing articles. Writing articles is very important, but sending articles is more important. It may take several hours to write an article, and it takes more than ten times or even dozens of times to send an article.

In this age when wine is afraid of deep alleys, only by maximizing the spread of information can more people be attracted.

  1. Operation and maintenance

Operation and maintenance is also a very important link. What you need to do is to constantly provide value to and influence potential customers.

Talk about two more important points:

The first point is to get into the habit of sending a message at a fixed time. When you constantly appear in front of potential customers, you will form a memory point, and let customers remember your people and your products.

The second point is to interact with customers frequently. The main function is the same. Expose yourself more and let potential customers remember you.

By constantly sharing value and doing altruistic actions, we can constantly influence potential customers, generate trust, and finally generate transactions.

Today’s time is limited, so let’s share these first, but there are still many details that have not been written out.

However, if you want to build your own brand, you can’t go wrong from these four aspects.

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