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It takes only 10 minutes to write a micro headline to make money


Recently, many people asked me if I have any projects that can be operated to make money immediately. Here I recommend a project that I am familiar with and operate quickly. Today, I have been operating the headlines for four or five years, and the bubble net earned my first bucket of gold. It is earned through headlines, and I am familiar with the headline gameplay. The front is drained through headlines, and there has been no profit. Here, I share the case of others operating micro headlines to make money.
I believe many people see this picture, but I don’t know where it came from. In fact, this is a place where headlines are realized, that is, publishing micro-headlines and income, that is, we only need to simply publish a circle of friends to make money. However, many people do not pay attention to and look down on such projects, but those who persist do make money. It takes only 10 minutes to write a micro-headline.
Let’s briefly talk about how to operate this project. First of all, we have to have a headline number, and there is a profit from opening and publishing micro-headlines. At present, it is relatively simple to open this function. It was difficult to open it before, and 100 fans can have the right to publish micro-headlines.
These are relatively simple. The most difficult thing is how to write the explosive content. I shared how to write a micro headline in 10 minutes. In fact, all the partners we have mastered can write it quickly. When we used to operate drainage, we simply wrote it. Millions of readings are not easy to write now, but the methods we use can still be used now. This is also a method shared by our community.

First of all, when we write micro-headlines, we must be vertical. Secondly, we need to embed keywords in our micro-headlines, especially hot keywords. For example, when we wrote loan drainage, we were all Alipay, borrowing, flower buds, Ma Yun and Liu Qiangdong. These keywords are embedded in our content, because these contents have natural traffic, and as long as they are written, there can be traffic. In fact, every river basin has such words. As long as we find them, we can quickly write explosive texts, such as emotional junior three. ……

Implanting keywords is only the first step. We have used the explosion method for five years. In fact, the principle is simpler. The content we write is all over the network. What we need to do at this time is to find the explosion of the whole network about the content we wrote. There are comments below. We only need to use the comments that are highly praised below the explosion as the title, and then use other comments as the content, and we can quickly produce and write a few hundred words of explosion, because the content that is highly praised is written to everyone’s heart, so it is published in the headline, or

Especially under the headline recommendation mechanism, as long as we find good keywords, with the help of the headline personalized recommendation mechanism, the content will have a higher probability of fire, so that making money will be faster. This simple idea helps many of our partners earn a lot. Ocean, in fact, this idea can also quickly write micro headlines to make money. If you want to operate micro headlines now, you can use this idea.

There are many things that can be done with this idea. Whether writing WeChat official account, writing Zhihu, or making short videos, we can use this idea. The idea that we have been using for project drainage is also this idea. From entrepreneurship to use for many years now, this idea has been used. This idea can quickly produce content, let us get a steady stream of traffic, and you can contact me at any time if the headline gameplay is unclear.

In fact, we don’t need to know too much about the Internet. We only need to operate a point to the extreme to make money. It is a matter of time before we can play a method to the extreme. Another point is which field we want to operate, directly search for relevant keywords, and directly copy and modify other people’s content. It can also be fired. It can also copy the content of other platforms to the headlines, such as Weibo and Baidu’s hot discussion. We can even fire the same content directly and repeatedly. This is our drainage and use. For profit.

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