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It would be a good idea to try the creation of micro headlines to c


Do you like to send friends?

If you like to send friends, I think it would be a good idea to try the creation of micro headlines by the way.

Usually, we play video shooting and long articles on today’s headlines, but the micro-headlines, which are habitually ignored by us, are actually an excellent content platform.

The appearance of micro-headlines is an understanding of social interaction by bytes, and it is a short content carrier for fragmentation time.

Short content, as a fragmented knowledge carrier, is destined to shine in the future.

Why are short videos so popular? Because people can’t spare a whole block of free time, especially the office workers in first-and second-tier cities, 996′ s work arrangement+commuting time, life is completely fragmented, and there is less and less free block time.

On the other hand, with the emergence of mobile network, [concentration] becomes scarcer and scarcer. You can think back to the people around you, not to mention reading a book quietly, even reading an article with more than 5000 words is a challenging thing.

The appearance of short content alleviates people’s anxiety about obtaining information and knowledge.

In order to reduce the difficulty of reading, I’ll give you some popular science on micro headlines.

What is the micro headline? Can be simply understood as a small composition, 300-800 words of several paragraphs, plus pictures, like WeChat friends circle. If you write this essay well, the headline will distribute the traffic and recommend the content to more people, and you will also get platform benefits while reading.

Of course, in order to prevent conceptual confusion, I will first clarify a misunderstanding for everyone: micro headlines are neither friends circle nor micro blogs.

As far as writing objects are concerned, readers in the circle of friends are acquaintances, and ta has a certain understanding of your life, but the writing objects of micro headlines are strangers without intersection.

The secret of doing a good job in content output is to specify the writing objects. For example, if you talk about the concept of 5g to rural uncles and talk about the philosophy of life with ignorant children, that is, casting pearls before swine.

The creation of micro-headlines is not randomly distributed, IP is not for you to write a running account, and no one will be interested in strangers who have never met before. In the creation of micro-headlines, the output of opinions is up, while the personal flow is down.

The positioning of micro-headlines is different from that of micro-blogs. It is the key point to operate micro-blogs, let readers eat melons, and let readers understand the essence of things. The most important thing for micro-headlines is whether your views can arouse readers’ resonance and reflection.


Why do we operate micro headlines?

From the traffic point of view, the micro-headlines have the traffic support of the headline platform, which is called bonus and opportunity. When you enter the market at the right time, you can earn more and earn less, at least you can earn some money. Following the rules of the platform is the only way to do the Internet.

From the content form, the creation of short content is more friendly for beginners, and it is difficult to get started. Even Xiaobai has the possibility of making micro-headlines.

From the creator’s point of view, writing is a matter that requires willpower. In the initial stage of content creation, no feedback = mentality explosion = despair.

As far as I’m concerned, it’s more important to keep writing than to write a good article. Micro-headlines now have a lot of traffic, so you can get more feedback when you start writing here. If you stick to it for three or five days, you can get at least 1,000 readings, which is really friendly compared with other platforms.


Topic selection angle of micro-headlines:

After disassembling hundreds of explosive micro-headlines, I analyzed five topics.

  1. The story of the little person

Have you found a knowledge point? The most touching thing is not the magnificent epic, but the story of [nobody].

Ten years before the family had children, it was all over the country, so what did this TV play say? Talking from beginning to end is a trivial matter.

Why do we have a soft spot for small people? Because it’s like.

Why are Stars’ movies so charming? Because all the stories played by Xing Ye are the stories of little people’s counterattacks, they have a sense of resonance and substitution. After the age of 18, I realized that I was just an ordinary person among all the people. My talents were neither stunning nor my family was ordinary. Sometimes people would cry when watching dramas, perhaps because I saw my own shadow in the dramas.

Having sympathetic and moving articles can arouse readers’ desire for expression, and this kind of content is the most concerned by readers. Starting from this topic, the reading volume is rising.

  1. Voice of vulnerable groups

One billion people have never flown, and half have never drunk Nongfu Spring. Life is far more than the poetry and distance seen on the Internet, but also the existence of life. Under the bright and beautiful surface, in fact, everyone is not easy to live.

Carrying forward the positive energy of society and speaking for the vulnerable groups is what readers like to hear and hear. From this point of view, it is a good angle to choose a topic, but we should keep our own bottom line, do not exaggerate the facts, and do not make up stories. Not eating steamed bread with human blood is something everyone should do from the media. It’s not a happy thing to make a sound in the weak place and hold the lamp in the corner.

  1. Cold knowledge science

The mechanism of headlines, the more scarce the content is, the higher the recommendation weight is. On the other hand, people have an instinctive fascination with cold knowledge. Curiosity is the initial motivation for exploring and disseminating information. Cold knowledge can also serve as a talk capital after having enough to eat and drink. Writing micro-headlines from the cold knowledge in life is also a topic selection angle for getting recommendations.

  1. Interesting and meaningful

Note that I am talking about a keyword, which is interesting and meaningful, not only interesting, but also meaningful. If it’s just fun, it’s just jokes and jokes. For example, there is a person running in a university, which is meaningful, but no one will be interested in it. If it is [there are 1000 people in this university every Friday], it will be a fluorescent fun run. Whether it is interesting and meaningful, and whether you will have a desire to read this content.

  1. Positive emotions

No matter how the market changes, chicken soup and successful learning will always occupy a place. Why do people like watching chicken soup? Life is poisonous, and chicken soup lasts. I like the monkey who learned the scriptures, because he always has high morale, creating micro headlines and creating content from positive emotions, which is a good topic selection angle.
Content creation of micro headlines:

Content creation of micro-headlines, grasping these points can make content with high reading volume.

  1. The originality should be high

For example, if you write an article after a hot spot, don’t put pen and ink on the ins and outs of the matter, simply explain the background of the matter with the spring and autumn brushwork, focus on your views on this matter, and output original opinions.

Write it down in this way, and the recommendation weight of micro headlines will be high. There is still a pit here, and there are many people chasing hot spots. Everyone is using the same pictures, and there will be invisible power reduction. The best way is to process the pictures twice (the md5 value of the pictures will change after screenshots).

  1. The content has dry goods

The content should have dry goods. What is dry goods? It is information increment, a story that others have never heard before, a little skill that they didn’t master before, a problem angle that they never thought about, and a new idea that inspires people. This is information increment.

Everyone has a strong curiosity, but it doesn’t mean that he likes to read what he already knows repeatedly.

  1. Beautiful typesetting

The layout is neat and the layout is reasonable. Personally, I think that no matter which platform you use to do content, typesetting must be controlled. Nowadays, most people browse content on mobile phones. Long words and paragraphs are a kind of torture for readers, which is easy to produce visual fatigue.

How to make a reasonable layout: insert a picture in 3-5 lines, set one line before the interval and one line after the interval, and set the row spacing 1.5 times.

  1. Oral expression

Expression can be divided into colloquial and written language. Writing in school, the teacher teaches written language, like making money by bubbling net, which is called colloquialism, as if I were chatting with you on the screen.

Nowadays, new media writing is basically expressed in colloquialism, and written language does not conform to the habit of receiving knowledge. Spoken expression, to put it bluntly, is to let you speak human words and personalize articles, which can reduce the difficulty of readers’ reading and is also the key to writing micro-headlines.


Five ways to realize micro headlines:

After talking about content creation, let’s talk about the realization of micro headlines.

1, advertising subsidies

One of the most common ways of realizing new media is that although the unit price of micro headlines is lower than that of videos and articles, it is easier for micro headlines to explode, and 1000 fans can open micro headlines.

  1. Qingyun Plan

It can be understood as a creative bonus. If the headline thinks that your content is of high quality, it will give you a Qingyun reward, which will be automatically determined by the system, and you can’t take the initiative to apply. There is a certain threshold, and 1000 yuan will be rewarded for the first Qingyun every month.

  1. Micro-headlines with commodity cards

Authors who open commodity cards can bring goods with micro-headlines, which is similar to Zhihu’s good things recommendation. When publishing articles, they can insert promoted goods or columns, bring their own goods, or distribute others’, and settle commissions according to the distribution ratio. There is huge room for realization. Generally, the conversion rate of dry goods micro-headlines and soft text micro-headlines is relatively high. This piece is the creator’s main income. There is no upper limit to bringing goods, but the threshold is 10,000 yuan.

  1. Private desire flow

Traffic is the engine of Internet projects, which can be drained from micro headlines to WeChat to make products or services. A common routine of micro headlines, “Lucky Draw to Send Books”, is to induce others to praise and forward, set keyword responses in private messages, and lure readers to WeChat.

To create content, the most important thing is iterative thinking. What should I do if I can’t write an explosion in user-oriented content creation? “No guns, no guns, peers to build”.

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