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Share a way to make money by draining the cover of WeChat red envelope!


Recently, according to the official announcement of WeChat, the content of video number is newly displayed on the cover of red envelope, and more jumping ability is supported. The relevant materials and display ability of the cover story will be completely viewed by the user when the red envelope details page is pulled down.
Nowadays, Internet traffic is gradually exhausted, and in the market environment where traffic users win the world, the advantage of opening up video numbers on the cover of red envelopes gives enterprises and content creators more opportunities, which is simply a natural weapon to drain video numbers.

Then, today’s bubble net earning will come to share with you a routine of making money by using WeChat red envelope cover to drain and realize it!


Disassembly of project operation

WeChat red envelope cover refers to the background picture of the background page after our friends successfully received the red envelope. Later, in order to meet the brand’s demands for marketing and publicity, the red envelope cover customization function was launched, which is actually an advertisement with brand information embedded in the red envelope. Although it is free, it is only open to the enterprise WeChat.

Personalized red envelope cover gets rid of the mediocrity of previous red envelopes, which doubles the visual effect of red envelopes. When red envelopes are issued, choose to add a cover and enter the corresponding serial number to use it directly.

The core point of this project is to use the novelty, scarcity and strong social communication attributes of various red envelope covers to guide users to achieve fission drainage.

After understanding the core operation points of the project, let’s talk about the specific operation flow:

  1. There is an account that uses normal vibrato/Aauto Quicker/video number/WeChat official account or Xiaohongshu, Douban and other platforms. It is better to have a certain fan base, such as the number of fans is about 5000+;

2, account naming does not need to have marketing nature, just like normal users;

3, the content is very simple, simple scene copy+red envelope cover display, specific copy can refer to peers more, and then adjust with your own ideas and language style;

  1. The content form of the short video platform can generally be completed by PPT-style photo rotation, or the video with personalized red envelope cover.
  2. Publish a video showing the use effect of the red envelope cover on the video number, and hang the link of WeChat official account article below the video, and drain it to WeChat official account and WeChat group or personal number;
  3. The small partners who do the vibrato platform can go to the video comment area under the topic of # WeChat chat # to drain messages, causing some intentional users to pay attention and accumulate initial traffic and attention;
  4. The gameplay mainly relies on short video platform and social platform drainage to flow back to WeChat;
    The reason why this project can be made is mainly to grasp several points:

The information is poor, and many people don’t know that the cover of WeChat red envelope can not only be customized, but also be collected free of charge;
It gives people a feeling of novelty, has a strong social communication attribute, and can complete autonomous fission well;
As a service that requires users to provide paid support, the core of red envelope cover drainage lies in personalization, and users must be willing to pay for personalization;
The project process is simple to operate and the user demand is large;

Because of these four points, many people are making a fortune with this project.

But the biggest problem in this project is where the cover of the red envelope comes from.

Here are a few ways to get the cover of the red envelope:

  1. Official brand distribution

In fact, this is a bet on how big the information difference between users and themselves is. Search for “red envelope cover” in WeChat search, and there will be red envelope covers recently sent free by various brands. Most of the red envelope covers recently sent free of charge need to be grabbed before they can be collected, but the victory is free, which is suitable for drainage.

  1. Individual application

The threshold for applying for a red envelope cover for personal development is high, and two basic conditions need to be met:

The video number must be turned on and authentication must be completed
Certified WeChat official account

In addition, the red envelope cover needs to be designed by yourself, and the auditing standard is very strict, so there is no strong advertising suspicion, and there is a charge for customizing the red envelope cover, 1 yuan/piece, that is to say, if you want to send 50 red envelope covers, you need to charge 50 yuan.

  1. Wholesale/customization

You can cooperate with other professionals who can design to customize the cover of a red envelope or change hands to a certain treasure to place an order. This method is mainly to earn the difference between middlemen, which is suitable for those who design and draw, but it requires a certain cost.

You can also wholesale some red envelope covers if you have channels. It is understood that the unit price is 4 yuan, 100 batches, and the quantity can be discussed. If you want to do it, you can also find some cheap channels.


How to drain and realize?

The realization mode of this project is relatively simple, mainly relying on selling red envelope covers to drain and make money.

  1. Sell the red envelope cover template

At present, the price range of a red envelope cover in the market varies from 3 yuan to 9.9 yuan. Because the official clearly stipulates that it is forbidden to sell the red envelope cover for compensation, otherwise the rights will be recovered, so it cannot be sold directly and can be distributed as a gift.

According to bubble net earning observation, rich, good luck, smooth profit, bullish and other types of covers are more popular.

A certain treasure has a merchant, and the sales volume of the red envelope cover in the current month is 35,000. The cheapest 9.9 yuan, the highest 30 yuan, the income at least exceeds 100,000 yuan.

  1. personal tailor service

You can cooperate with designers, guide users to WeChat, and make money by helping users design red envelope covers independently, so as to cater to their needs and do one-to-one personal tailor business. How much quotation depends on how difficult it is.

  1. Send drainage for free

Drain it by sharing the free red envelope cover you usually collect for free. After draining it to WeChat, you can do paid design, or sell goods and issue vouchers in the community.

  1. The closure of WeChat official account is realized

There are many forms of river closure in WeChat official account, such as nickname interception, homophonic interception, menu interception, introduction interception, content interception, long tail keyword interception and so on.

Basically, if you search on WeChat: the cover of red envelopes, you can see that most of them are WeChat official account that specialize in river closure.

There are two ways to realize interception, one is the value of account fans, and the other is to drain it to the cover of personal number selling red envelopes.

However, this method is still a bit obsolete, and it is easy to be banned by the authorities.



Although it mainly talks about the hot game of red envelope cover, in fact, this mode has been popular for a long time, such as “Chinese Valentine’s Day Toad”, “Christmas Hat”, @ WeChat official, please give me a national flag “and so on, which are all the same reasons.

Many experts and teams with strong business sensitivity have worked out a complete way to rub hot spots, waiting for such hot events to break out, and then immediately registering to seize keywords and harvest traffic.

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