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My friends who pay close attention to me often know that I have a habit, that is, every year or after every project is dry, I will write an article on NBE Travel Earning Online, such as year-end or project summary, experience and experience. Why do I have to write it when it is dry? Because when you are busy making money, no one has time to write about your experience. I have been working in the game studio for 6 years, and I have always maintained this habit. Today’s post is a year-end summary.
I didn’t write until now. It was really too busy after the year before last, and I didn’t take time out. Now the price of nostalgic clothes fell from 3 points to 2 points and 2 points. As soon as Blizzard released the news that TBC was to be opened, the price of gold collapsed instantly, and the project was almost at the end of version 60. For the rest of the year, I could barely get a minimum living allowance, and the profit was better than nothing. Take a rest and share one year’s experience, which is the year-end summary of 2020.

I started to make World of Warcraft nostalgic clothes in March last year, protected in a large number in Malaton in May, and brushed Stansom in June, so I won’t repeat it here, just talk about the next year.

The last time the book was written, it started in July last year.

In July, there is nothing to say. I have been brushing Stansom, 3 methods of Stansom. At first, the author tried to brush with double methods, but the fault tolerance rate was too low. When there were fat people and Gargoyle, it was too easy to roll over, so I changed to 3 methods. The disadvantage is that I have one more mage, and the advantage is that the turnover rate is reduced and the output is increased. To be honest, Stansom’s profit is really low. Compared with Malaton, it is impossible to see it at all. A mage only produces more than 100 gold. Fortunately, what Stansom produced at that time was still quite valuable, such as bright red and blue, various mage eagle costumes, blue costumes, 16-grid backpacks, Krogh, +18+20 natural anti-rings, and later shadow anti-rings were also valuable. The average number was about 200-250 gold, and the bubble net earned me at that time. One computer was a double window, one computer had four numbers, and it was two afternoons in the morning. At that time, the price of gold was 6 cents, and the single machine was 50-60 yuan, so the profit was acceptable. At that time, because it was Maraton who survived the robbery, he did not dare to buy too many sets, nor did he buy a few sets. In July, he earned a total of 21,399 yuan.

In August, the technology began to make two new routines (the new routine just said that for us, it may have existed outside long ago, and we wrote it now. If there is a great god, look at it and laugh, don’t spray it). Mage’s bad luck fried flowers and soldiers’ bloody monasteries, fried flowers are bad luck fried flowers, mainly playing life essence and some herbs. Dream leaves, dead leaves, Grom ghost mushrooms have everything, and the single output is about 300 gold, so the soldiers’ profit of cutting blood color is poor. That is, I went to Bloody Monastery A Monster, possessed double crusaders, brought blood-sucking ornaments, and bloodthirsty. With rough skin and blood-sucking, I was hard-pressed. The shortcomings were obvious, with low efficiency and low profit, and the order number was only 220 gold. The advantage was that Netease didn’t test for soldiers at that time. Who used soldiers to copy A Monster to brush gold? We are. So I trained 24 soldiers.

There is also good news in August. Old players should all know that brushing Malaton is not sealed until 12: 00 pm to 9: 00 am, so our routine is adjusted as follows: one window with two numbers, working in Malaton from 0: 00 am to 9: 00 am, and soldiers’ blood or bad luck fried flowers from 12: 00 pm to 24: 00 pm. The profit is higher than that of simply brushing Stansom. In August, we earned a total of 28,671 yuan.

In September, Stansom, who had been stable for more than three months, began to seal, followed by bad luck.

After the seal in September, we had to find a way, so we kept the soldiers in the national uniform and started to move to the American uniform. The first mage I bought at that time was 600, which belongs to the Benediction Union. This is my first and most legendary number. It has been strong since I withdrew from the US clothing in December, and then 550 was sold to my friend. In the past six months, I have sealed several times with my friend, and this number is still tenacious and alive.

At that time, the numbering process was to manually run to the back mountain of Tielu Fort, and use the button elves to bring it to 12, followed by an auxiliary belt, 12-15 dead mines, 15-30 prisons, 30-50 Maraton, and 50-60 temples. Why didn’t you choose Stansom for the temple, because the temple can take 1 with 4, and Stansom can only take 3 with 2 when using auxiliary, although the temple experience is not as high as Stansom’s?

Mark the key points. You should use an independent agent to start the number. You can’t use an accelerator to start it. You will die when you start it. You don’t seal the front of the car and specialize in trumpet. Don’t ask me why. This experience is bloody. It’s okay to use the Swimsuit brush for the large size, but as long as you take the trumpet, the trumpet must be killed for you.

In September, the Master of National Service did not dare to go up again. Fortunately, he was still a soldier. In September, he barely earned less than 10,000 yuan.

From October to November, the Xunyou accelerator that I mainly used in the early stage couldn’t get started, and almost all the trumpets died. I probably bought more than 30 numbers in DD373 one after another. It was quite good at the beginning, and the price of gold dropped from about 1 hair to 1 hair and 9 points. Everyone who has done beautiful clothes knows that beautiful clothes don’t seal you up, seal the deal, you say disgusting, usually I do. If you seal it, you will make up the number, and the thief of Meifu will be expensive, 400-600. It is said that the price of Meifu is OK, but if you seal it, TM does not earn much money, and it is not carefully calculated. It is all the price, with an average of about 15,000 a month. Doing Meifu is tiring. Every time you pay the gold, you have to sleep well for three days (it is completely safe without chasing the wind for three days).

In December, the US clothing finally couldn’t stand it, and the heart of the transaction seal was tired, and I didn’t have the heart to play the game of sealing and mending with Blizzard. So I decided to withdraw from the US clothing. The national clothing is still so half dead, relying on those 24 soldiers to maintain the minimum living allowance of 7000-8000 in January. Just as I thought that I would eat the minimum living allowance until the New Year, 2020 would end like this. I didn’t expect NAXX to open, it was another brilliant start.

In mid-December, NAXX was launched, and our technology was updated on the 20th. I forgot the date, and took a set of tests, with 4 numbers in a group. 50-60 pieces of melting words were produced in one day, and 400-500 pieces of various fragments were melted. At that time, a piece of 50-70 gold was melted, that is to say, 4 numbers produced 3000+ gold melting words in one day.

In January, in addition to NAXX, there were two relatively stable projects at that time, namely Malaton hunter collecting medicine and playing wild brush element water. Since there were not many national service masters left, they began to collect a large number of numbers, and the masters collected hunters and soldiers. The hunter Malaton collected ghost mushrooms and blindly grass brambles, and the soldiers played Fielas element water and East plague element water+element essence. Because there were not many numbers in the early stage, the received numbers NAXX had to be painted with prestige.

In February, a good year passed, especially at the end of the year, when I won 2,000 yuan in lottery tickets, it was a perfect ending for 2020. However, with the closure of the wild game and the closure of the hunter Maraton, and the announcement of TBC opening time by Blizzard on February 20th, the price of gold plunged precipitously, and only 22,404 yuan was collected in February.

In March, the price of gold has plunged from more than 3 points to 2 points and 2 points. Under the condition that the auxiliary monthly card power grid and network fees are unchanged, the cost remains unchanged, the price of gold plummets, and all that falls is net profit. The project is stable, that is, the price of gold. At present, we can only hope to maintain the status quo. Don’t fall again.

All the income data, except the US service price meter, are not calculated in detail, and the national service is checked UU898 and DD373, so there is no falsification.

2021 has come, no matter good or bad, it has passed. Let’s wait for TBC, the last gluttonous feast of Warcraft Studio.

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