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How to operate the preferential movie ticket program?


Since the last article about robbing train tickets, private letters have exploded.

In response to my sentence, many people said after reading it, Oh, everything can have poor information
There are also many people who urge bubble net to make money and write more business in their circle of friends.

I didn’t expect you to be heavy-eyed and like this.

Therefore, at the request of everyone, this issue continues to deconstruct a long-standing market with a high repurchase rate

Preferential movie tickets

Movies are a huge consumer market in China. It is clear to look at the increasing rate of box office in recent years

And as a place for dating and recreation, watching movies is also a great demand

Usually, the price of an ordinary cinema movie ticket is 35-50, while the price in a circle of friends can be discounted to 25-35
And as long as you place an order once, the repurchase is extremely high, after all, the user really tasted the discount.

Therefore, after a rough calculation, plus the income of the ticket seller, the actual discount of a movie ticket will go to 30 or even 50 or more.

Isn’t it amazing?

Although this project is also a kind of poor information, it has to be said that it is really hidden

In addition to drainage articles, there are almost no tutorials with detailed steps in the market.

I also studied it for a long time before I came up with the routine of this project and its most profitable play.

How to operate the preferential movie ticket project

Again, information gap is everywhere. It is not only a resource, but also a marketing method.

If you put your business in your circle of friends, you are doing business for hundreds of people in your circle of friends.

If you regard the circle of friends as a flow pool, build a channel for external drainage

That is to say, keep injecting living water into your flow pool, which is a constant demand.

So the question is, how can we drain our circle of friends?

It’s very simple, go wherever there is traffic.
Coupons for movie tickets that cost a penny have sold more than 100,000 pieces in 30 days. This coupon for a penny is a routine.
Coupons for movie tickets that cost a penny have sold more than 100,000 pieces in 30 days. This coupon for a penny is a routine.
Exactly the same process as a circle of friends.

The difference is that the price of friends circle is often more favorable.

I looked at it in the product review area. It took a penny to place an order, but it was only a few dollars cheaper, but the user basically felt that he had a big bargain
However, it takes money to know how to cherish.

Then there is the old routine, the customer service will throw a WeChat QR code;

Tell you to place an order directly on WeChat next time, not only you don’t need to buy coupons, but also it is more favorable.

At this point, such a package, an ordinary movie ticket has become harmonious:

The seller not only gave himself ten times more traffic, but also earned 1000+ every month by the way of drainage links

Buyers also feel that coupons can be bought for a penny, which is extremely cost-effective.

Everybody is happy.

How to operate the discount movie ticket

The above said how to get the traffic, now how to operate the movie ticket itself.

To sum up the logic of preferential movie tickets in one sentence, it is to make the best efforts to make the difference in bonus hunter.

There are two types of operation here:

1) as an agent

2) Issue tickets by yourself

Literally, the first one is to find a superior agent directly. You only need to add a little after getting the price and sell it to the user

This method is characterized by brainless operation, no need to compare prices and learn how to issue tickets, and it is also the mode used by most friends

But again, the difference you can earn depends on the price quoted by your superior agent.

If you have a large quantity, you can take this mode, and find a reliable home after a simple price comparison.

Giving profits to others can save you a lot of trouble in your own operation.

The other is to master the method of issuing tickets by yourself, grasp the price by yourself, and also accept subordinate agents

This ticket issuing method is also the core of the whole preferential movie ticket project, which is suitable for students who have a small initial amount or want to play this game for a long time.

Logic of ticketing game

We first understand a concept, the vast majority of preferential movie tickets have two sources:

1) internal welfare outflow

2) Activity volume of major platforms

What ticket dealers need to do is to master these resources for the first time and then find the most combinations in bonus hunter.

This is somewhat similar to the playing method of credit cards. After reading the relevant tutorials on the market, Bubble Net can sell for 68-198.

Of course, this price is also poor information, so I will tell you the core steps in the tutorial for free.
This irregular app activity is one of the sources of low-priced tickets.

In addition, major banks, such as China Merchants Bank APP and CCB Credit Card, will also offer preferential movie tickets and free tickets.

How to help, students who have read articles about making money by bubbling net should know clearly. If they don’t know clearly, they can turn over an article.

Some students may say that there is a limit on the number of such activity tickets per account, which is unrealistic.

If you have this question, it means that you have thought seriously, and then look down.

  1. Preferential exchange voucher

Let’s talk about universal vouchers, which are generally divided into two types:

The first is the movie voucher, that is to say, you can directly exchange movie tickets with this universal exchange.

The second type is the price redemption voucher, which can directly redeem any movie ticket in a certain price range.

Generally, this kind of all-in-one voucher will flow out when it is released at the end of the year and at the beginning of the year. Also, pay attention to relevant information in the above listed apps.

Followed by coupons

This kind of coupon is relatively common, and many APP activities will also be released, usually the type of fare reduction

Here’s the point

For example, the Guevara coupon made before is to register a Guevara account, and then the system will give some coupons accordingly, which is regarded as a new reward mechanism.

At this time, how to have more mobile phone numbers to register Guevara account is the key to get coupons.

The direct way is to find a platform for receiving verification code short messages, which is commonly known as the code receiving platform. (PS: You can find a lot of free ones online, but you can consider the paid version for more mobile phone numbers)

In this way, different number registrations can be changed, and more coupons can be obtained.

  1. Cattle report group

Cattle are all colleagues who make movie tickets, and they mainly hoard goods by collecting coupons at low prices.
This is commonly known as the “broker”, which can also be regarded as the source agent.

If you can’t find so much preferential information at first, it is also a good choice to cooperate with peers.

Because many universal vouchers have an expiration date

As long as you make good use of the poor information, it is more convenient and faster to issue tickets than to find various channels for redemption.

Thinking Expansion of Coupon Project

There is nothing new under the sun, and so is the business with poor information.

Once many seemingly mysterious veils are taken off, they will be surprised that this is all.

But being ordinary doesn’t mean everyone can do it.

Just as 80% of the people who read this article won’t download the APP I said, it’s very difficult for a few students who do it to add dozens of tip-off groups and then compare prices by time.

Therefore, this is the threshold of the industry, and it is the threshold placed on the bright side.

Finally, we say a little lazy thinking, except that finding a superior agent directly can make you save trouble;

As I said at the beginning, I searched the whole network without fart except drainage articles;

In fact, a ticket issuing tutorial from $68 on the market tells you how to match the combination with the most bonus hunter.

But in fact, this combination is often uncertain, in other words, to a great extent, it actually pays an IQ tax.

Therefore, it is also a good choice to sell shovels to gold diggers and tutorials to people who want to do them.

Sometimes when the water is not clear, you might as well stir it a little more muddy.

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