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WeChat group still has a very large traffic base


Today’s article is a reconstruction of the old one, but I have no other idea, that is, I think the group traffic is still of great value. I’m still optimistic about the group flow for three reasons: first, the cost is low enough; second, the flow diversion loss is low; third, the flow can be replicated.

In fact, there are many ways to play group flow. In the past two years, all kinds of fission drainage methods have exploded. I often hear shocking cases of which company successfully fission hundreds of thousands of powders in one activity, but I think it is really difficult to successfully do a fission activity. From planning and flow design to starting, it is difficult to grasp the middle details and seed flow resources at the beginning of fission start.

But in fact, there is still a very stupid and mature drainage method that is ignored by many people now, that is, a fool-like group change. In fact, WeChat group still has a very large traffic base today.

I wrote and sent it twice the year before last, and many people may think that I have a bag in my head if I send it again today, but it is such a project that many people think is rotten and outdated, and some people still make money in it. A circle friend in my community who specializes in real estate agency earned more than 7,000 pieces of income only after reading the articles I wrote in 19 years some time ago, which is completely cost-free.

Because everyone has different expectations of value and different cognition, some people will feel nothing in the same project, while others will feel awesome.

Not a trustee, nor an actor. This circle friend followed me in arbitrage of Hong Kong stocks.

Today, the focus of the group traffic I mentioned is different. The hooligans who wrote about bombing groups used to operate bombing groups developed for sideline businesses and online money-making circles. Today, the play of group traffic focuses on scale.

To speak human words, it is to fry a group to be precise and vertical, to advertise when entering the group, and not to be kicked, because those who are not kicked are garbage groups, and it is not too much to play any group with large-scale group flow, and to realize it by novels cps and cpc.

Let’s first look at the operation of the bombing group.

It’s good to rob people.

This “robbery” is not “interception”.

“Interception” is to stop the flow in the process and turn it into its own.

Rob flow “is to steal the ready-made traffic from peers and turn it into your own.

How to rob peers’ traffic unscrupulously.

I’m talking about a game that is only applicable to niche vertical fields such as online money making and sideline circles.

The method is very simple and rude.

That is, enter WeChat group to send advertisements and explode powder directly.

Is it simple, rude and direct?

Some people say that advertising will get kicked, so what to do.

I said, it’s not a pity to be kicked, for those who are kicked are rubbish groups, but those who have no value of adding powder.

The advertisement of another WeChat group cannot be withdrawn by the group owner, even if it is kicked, the advertisement is still there.

What are the values of this rogue game?

Your traffic can also be mine, and your traffic is exactly what I want.

The flow rate of peers is the most fragrant and accurate.

The key point is how to find the group and fission group, and what to pay attention to in the process of advertising.

I have two simple and effective ways to find groups.

Group robbery solution-find a group

First, search for groups through Baidu.

For example, I searched Baidu for keywords such as “invitation code of secret music, how to make secret music”, and there are bound to be a large number of relevant advertising messages sent by the head of leek, so we will use WeChat trumpet and their friends bubble net to make money one by one, pretending to be a little white who knows nothing.

Sign up as a member of their team and ask him to invite you to join the group.

Generally, there must be a group of related learning for this kind of project to distribute information.

However, we should pay attention here.

Before registering, we must make sure that he has a project exchange group. How many people in the group do it now?

The purpose of asking these two questions is to make sure that they really have a group and that there are enough people in the group to filter out those garbage heads with no flow of colored pencils and leeks.

Because the real-name mobile phone number and identity information that we can use to register the platform are limited.

On the same platform, if we can find two pieces of identity information for registering real names, then just like secret music, we can mix into the WeChat communication group of two leek heads at the same time.

With the same logic, there are many apps like secret music, such as BTD, True Color, Peanut Diary, etc., which are still on fire, can be mixed in the same way.

Second, find a group through sogou search.

There is a WeChat search function in sogou search, which can search for articles on WeChat WeChat official account by keywords.

The idea of this group-finding method is the way of “river closure”.

There are a lot of advertising courses in WeChat official account, all kinds of advertisements such as financial management and programming.

They all leave a two-dimensional code in the text.

Most of the two-dimensional codes in this paper are live codes, which can be added to WeChat group by direct scanning.

What is “live code”? Advertisers will use a tool called “live code”, which can automatically replace two-dimensional code after users scan it a certain number of times, in order to prevent it from being limited.

Most of the replaced two-dimensional codes are group two-dimensional codes, because WeChat group can scan the code directly into 200 people now, but if it is a personal number, it is very likely that the number of people scanning the code can not add 20 or 30, which will prompt frequently.

Therefore, most of the two-dimensional codes in advertising copy are group two-dimensional codes, and few are paid purchase links of courses and personal number two-dimensional codes.

Taking advantage of this, with the same advertisement copy, we can grasp the time and use the same micro-signal to scan the live code in the text into their multiple WeChat groups.

So, how to use sogou search to find a group.

In fact, the method and thinking here lies in the fact that an advertiser will put a lot of advertisements in WeChat official account. Generally, the title of an advertising copy will be used many times, that is, if we copy the title of the copy in sogou search, we can find the WeChat official account who is putting the copy at present.

Here, why it is feasible to use sogou to find clusters is mainly based on two points.

First, a headline advertiser will reuse and deliver different WeChat official account for many times.

Second, advertisers will normally ask WeChat official account to keep the copy for one week.

Third, group fission

When it comes to group fission, some people may think of fission methods using various fission tools.

But the group fission here is not so complicated and doesn’t need any tools.

Very simple, rude and effective.

It is “changing groups”.

What is robbery flow? Your flow is mine, and my flow can also be yours.

We can search for “changing groups” in QQ group, and we can find brothers who are also playing rogue robbery.

However, it should be noted that at present, the daily limit of a micro-signal can be increased by 10-15 groups, and the excess will be frequent.

If we want to copy and enlarge the scale of the group in batches.

Here, we must prepare more real-name personal numbers and mobile phones.

On the network side, try to avoid multiple devices and accounts sharing the same IP address of network wifi.

Traffic cards and IOT cards can be used to solve IP problems.

Of course, there is no need to consider this problem for small-scale robbery flows of about 10 numbers.

Although the quality of the group through “changing groups” will not be as good as that we find ourselves, we can quickly enlarge the number of groups in a short time. Although the quality is poor, it is good that the cost is low and the number is large, which is enough for us to advertise.

Mass robbery solution-bait

This kind of traffic play has a professional term called “Fried Group”.

There are some details about how to blow up more traffic.

Before bombing the group, pull another number into the group.

After entering the group, directly modify the group business card as “group administrator”, and do not speak in the group after modification, otherwise it will be exposed.

After we have completed a series of operations such as group finding, group fission and trumpet playing, we began to “explode groups” directly.

How to fry, with which number “Fried Group”.

Be sure to use the first number to enter the group!

Because if you use the second or third entry number to “blow up the group”, the group owner will probably clean up all your other numbers along the group inviter.

However, if you use the first number to “bomb the group”, then he will not find your other numbers.

Because the group inviter is himself, it is difficult for the group owner to remember who you invited to join the group under the massive group chat records.

Finally, the most important point is the copy of the bombing group.

First of all, the copy of the bombing group consists of three parts.

Copywriting, pictures, friends’ business cards.

Copywriting: Today, my brother’s xxx company opened for business on the first day. I hope my friends in the group will take care of it in the future. Today, my brother in the group will send us a project course with a price of xxx. I just want to make friends with everyone. Thank you!

Photo: Screenshot of WeChat chat on successful collection of leek.

Friends’ business cards: Forward your WeChat business cards to the group to improve the powder adding efficiency.

Let’s talk about the group traffic realized by cps and cpc advertisements.

In fact, the biggest difference between the two is that the latter will hide more trumpets in the group to prevent being kicked, and the seed group is also for relatives and friends, so try to enlarge the size of the group to the extreme.

At present, it is actually measured that one person can enter 80-100 groups at the same time by operating 5-8 mobile phones a day. According to the average salary of 3,000+in third-and fourth-tier cities, one person has 22 working days, between 1,800-2,000 groups, and the total cost of one group is around 1.6 yuan.

If there are 2000 groups with about 300 members per person, it is a basic user number of 60W. Because many groups are basically advertising groups or half-dead groups, the click-through rate of group advertising with tools may only be about 1/1000. According to such a click-through rate, 2000 groups can have a flow of 600-800 when they are bombarded by advertisements several times a day.

It is not easy for us to calculate the conversion of novel cps, but if the unit price of reading advertisements in WeChat official account of cpc is used, the traffic of these 2000 groups can generate about 350+ in one day.

Fiction cps platform Netease cloud reading, micro-Xiaobao, etc., cpc platform micro-Xiaobao, new list earning, etc., certified an enterprise WeChat official account can access these platforms directly with one click, more coquettish operation can micro-engine buy a task treasure, play red envelope fission directly, play news fission passively after entering the article and guiding attention to WeChat official account through the group, and pull enough users to directly discover gold red envelopes, the effect is simple and rude.

The flow rate is divided into several WeChat official account, so as to prevent too much powder from being blocked in one day. The flow rate can also be measured by taking out cps, and one powder can be realized multiple times.

Thoughts on the operation resumption of CPS project of take-away Taoke (black)

Although there is no brain in the play of the whole group traffic, there are many details to pay attention to, such as how to manage so many groups, how to write titles to improve the opening rate, shelling several times a day, how to do it by people, how to manage people and assess, etc.

The more advanced gameplay is the same as the fried group I talked about. When people arrive at WeChat, they can mature and make a deal, and package and build the corresponding people for the products you want to sell.

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