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Baidu’s accurate traffic and earning 10,000 a month+is really no exaggeration


I can’t write, I can’t write, I can’t write three times, and I can’t jump out a word in half a day. I started to do the same. When I wrote more, my efficiency gradually improved.

But this gave birth to a vertically subdivided market. pseudo original, everyone casually typed the keyword Baidu, and many related websites and tools appeared. It was these demands that earned 10,000+a month, all of which were accurate traffic from Baidu.
First of all, what is pseudo original? Let’s do Baidu by ourselves, otherwise, let’s say I use Chinese characters.

These pseudo original tools of pseudo original website are to change an article from AI intelligence to originality, so as to save trouble and worry, and directly achieve the purpose of writing. Basically, one article is written every few minutes, and the efficiency is greatly improved.

Of course, there are many free pseudo original websites and tools on the Internet. I used them and they are really not easy to use. I tried a charging one, but there is still a big difference. How to carry out pseudo original is beyond the scope of our discussion. What we want to say is how to make use of such demand to make money, which has already been partially mentioned above.

The following is the price of a charging pseudo original network, and the profit margin is still very large
Customers with strong demand directly recharge thousands at a time, and it is no exaggeration to earn 10,000+every month.

This demand customer in pseudo original is mainly from the media and webmaster practitioners. For example, webmasters like me are a potential customer, and a large number of them rely on headlines. Zhihu and other self-media platforms are also potential customers. There are still quite a few customer groups. His main traffic source is Baidu SEO, which can be done with a little SEO foundation. It’s said that I’m excited when I read the bubble net. Should I share a piece of this year and make a pseudo original website like this?

The only high threshold of this project is to know a little SEO foundation. Of course, this is nothing to the webmaster. If the relevant keywords are ranked in Baidu, then you can basically make a profit, which is passive traffic, and the server is also an expense. If you can’t do traffic, you won’t make a deal. If you don’t make a deal, you can’t afford to open the server. Then this project can basically declare failure.

This project is really worth doing, and pseudo original is also a long-term demand. When the webmaster has done a similar job, everyone who is interested can communicate.

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