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How to realize it by writing from the media?


Being self-media has a certain fan base, so we must think about how to realize it and how to realize it to the greatest extent. It’s not charity to do a project. Money is money in your pocket


I. Submission to WeChat official account This should be a familiar one for everyone. Now there are tens of millions of accounts in WeChat official account, and more than half of the accounts have the demand for external contributions. Generally, depending on the article quality and channel, the price ranges from 50 to 1000.

Don’t be hard-headed, find a large-sized contribution. Those hundreds of thousands of tubas basically have their own writers and fixed contracted authors. Very few foreign manuscripts are accepted, what’s more, they receive a lot of foreign manuscripts every day. It is normal for your manuscripts to be thrown into the recycle bin just because of a little problem, even without looking at them.

Of course, it can’t be ruled out that your writing is excellent, and then they just need manuscripts, so they use yours. This probability is not very high. Moreover, it is very unfriendly to novices, and Xiaobai is easily defeated in his self-confidence. If he encounters setbacks everywhere and is interested in time, he will also be wiped out, so he needs to find the right direction. As for WeChat official account, Baidu has searched a lot, so I won’t elaborate.
Second, reward

This is the most direct way to realize cash, such as WeChat official account, Jane Books, Weibo and other platforms can open the reward function. As long as your article is well written and resonates with readers, you can win the favor of fans. Some users will reward you and earn some pocket money, but it is generally not used as a long-term cash method.
Third, reading makes money

The most common monetization method in self-media creation is also a more convenient monetization method compared with other methods. This method pays attention to whether the content and title of creation can resonate with readers. Many mainstream self-media platforms have advertisements divided into authors, and you can get the reading amount by publishing articles. According to the recommended amount and reading number of articles, the platform will give creators a certain amount of income divided into bubble net earning. The more people see the content published by the creator, the higher the income. There are often explosive articles from the media platform, and the income of one explosive article can reach hundreds or even thousands.
The booming self-media platform makes full use of the self-media tool and combines its own advantages to enlarge its own value and let more people know its own value. Generally, at this stage, as a platform, you can reap rewards and advertising fees, and you can also set up micro-courses, sell goods, become a community, etc., and realize more diversified ways.

To build IP, we need these three steps. First, we have to

Confirm your position:

Identify your professional expertise. Don’t want to do everything, it’s hard to build your own personal brand IP. Therefore, if you want to build a good personal brand, you need to focus on it, so that others can think of you immediately when they think of a keyword.

Confirm the audience:

After a clear positioning, it will be relatively easy to confirm the audience of personal IP. When confirming the audience, you can consider from the aspects of age, gender, hobbies, etc., as well as interests in various aspects, such as food from the media. You can’t go to the automobile forum to drain and post articles. You do automobile knowledge, and you can’t go to skin care products to find traffic.

Content creation output:

To build a personal brand, the core is content creation and output, so it’s the most critical step to often output creative content, output something valuable to fans, gain something for them, and it’s an important step for them to earn dry goods in need. No one will pay attention to a personal brand without strength, so constantly creating output content is the core, which is the most critical step. I will give a special course in the follow-up.


V. Community realization When fans reach a certain level, we can open a paid column, turn our knowledge system into a course, sell it, or open a training course, or, more simply, create a practical project, enter the group through fees, and then carry out the realization of guiding teaching, that is, community realization.

  1. E-commerce realization Many self-media platforms can open the commodity function. The simple understanding is the selling function, which can realize the fan traffic by bringing goods. There are two ways to sell goods, one is to sell their own goods, and the other is to help others sell goods and collect commissions. However, bringing goods mainly depends not on your ability, but on your personal influence on fans. Just like many selling anchors, they may not be very eloquent. I think many of them have hired assistants to help them explain the advantages of products, making money by bubbling the net, and they are all around, and even some of them don’t need to talk, and they can sell their products once in a while, which depends entirely on the influence of the anchors, and their eloquence is not as good as that of sales, but as soon as they show up, the barrage keeps going.

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