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Profitable products, if you do not make money, others will make money. What is the reason?


When we do a project, we will make a basic process outline of project implementation in advance to estimate the enforceability of a project.

When the project is actually implemented, it is necessary to make a detailed project implementation process, so as to facilitate the better implementation of the project and the feedback analysis of the data obtained during the implementation process.

Of course, in many cases, in the process of project implementation, there will often be a big deviation from our expectations, at which time we need to solve various problems.

Based on such a project implementation process in the study of entrepreneurial projects, our study will have a direction.

This is the basic logical thinking of thinking about entrepreneurial projects.

For a novice entrepreneur, if you can substitute this kind of logical thinking while studying, you will find that many projects are actually just nice to say, and the success rate is really low when they are implemented.

Therefore, by understanding the logical thinking of the project, we can well distinguish some projects that sound reliable and can’t be implemented in practice.

For example, I told you before about the project of making money by bidding for profiteering products. Let’s give you a brief analysis of its profit-making logic.

  1. The essence of the project is product sales, and bidding is the flow channel

First of all, we can be sure that the bidding for profiteering products is a very reliable Internet earning project.

Its profit-making logic is clear at a glance. Baidu bidding is put in to obtain accurate traffic generated by search engines, and these traffic is led to WeChat, and then users are led to realize the product transaction on WeChat.

Because of the particularity of search engine traffic, we can sell products that may cost 10 yuan in Taobao for 100 yuan or even higher profits.

This is a product sales project, and Baidu bidding is the flow channel source of product sales.

Many people will think that since bidding for profiteering products is a very reliable project, can’t we just do it directly?

If any project is as simple as it is said, then there is no one on the Internet who doesn’t make money.

As we often say, if you want to get accurate traffic in the industry, you should make a website bubble net and do a good job of seo optimization to get the traffic of search engines. Is there any channel traffic on the Internet that can be more accurate than search engines?

But in the process of seo optimization, the difficulty is not as high as usual.

It’s not just your seo level, but your competitors are your biggest obstacle.

  1. The key factors that determine the profit of the project

The profit-making logic of profiteering products bidding is very simple, and the key factors of this project are also easy to find, mainly reflected in two aspects:

  1. What profiteering products do you sell?
  2. How to optimize Baidu bidding account?

It is important but not difficult to guide customers to how to realize the transaction in WeChat. Find competitors and ask all the questions once, and you can find out the sales speech and sales process. If you can’t, find more customer service on the bidding page to talk.

The above two key factors are the core factors that determine the profit of this project, and they are difficult to replicate.

Let’s talk about the first one: What profiteering products do you sell?

No matter where you take any courses, teaching you how to find profitable products is not the same as what products you sell.

Whether a profiteering product can make a profit through Baidu bidding depends on testing.

It’s possible that you found 10 products, none of which can make a profit, or you found the first product and immediately made a profit.

It is also possible that small data is profitable when it runs, and immediately loses money after amplifying traffic, which is a very common situation in paid traffic.

No one will tell you the products they are selling directly, because they are burned with money, which may be thousands, tens of thousands or hundreds of thousands.

What a profiteering product is, you can’t buy it with money, you have to spend money to measure it yourself, but what you can buy is to tell you the ways and channels to find profiteering products.

Some profiteering products, you do not make money, but others do make money, what is the reason?

Two factors:

  1. The optimization level of your bidding account
  2. Your sales and transformation process

Bidding account optimization, like seo optimization, belongs to the technical category, and here, whether it is sem optimization or seo optimization, its experience is not the theoretical knowledge you learn, but must come from constant actual combat.

Seo optimization is free after all, and even if it fails, it only takes some time.

However, sem bidding account optimization needs real money and silver investment. The more money burned, the more experience.

When I was in Bo ‘ai Hospital before, I always heard that it was only the entry level to be a bidding specialist for Baidu.

Maybe you will think that in an ordinary company, it is impossible to put hundreds of thousands of Baidu bids in one year, but in Putian Department Hospital, burning 10 million yuan a year can only be regarded as an introduction.

Although any project starts from 0 for beginners, you need to know the logical thinking of making money for a project to measure whether you can do it or not.

If you plan to develop deeply in the industry of bidding for profiteering products, and you have certain funds (tens of thousands of bases) to start this project, congratulations, it will be a very excellent project.

Both the profit of the project itself and the future development potential are very good.

Even if you do badly, you can find a company to be an sem bidding specialist in the future, and the salary will never be low.

But if you just want to say that you can spend thousands of dollars to participate in a profiteering product bidding training and then make money, then I think you need to think again.

If you want to use zero cost to incite this industry, then your best way should be:

First learn Baidu bidding account optimization → then go to the company to find a job of bidding optimization for 1-2 years → then go to find profitable products to test Baidu bidding.

The success rate is higher, the assurance is greater, and the bidding investment can be supported by salary.

Actually speaking of this, seo optimization is the same. Take the boss’s money and increase your technical experience in the industry, which is perfect.

Rome wasn’t built in a day, and masters can never be trained by taking a training course or buying a project course.

  1. Living space

Bidding for profiteering products is not a new project.
Many years ago, many webmasters should have played it more or less.

Just like a few years ago, when foreign lead’s mobile just came out, many people who played pc emu went to run mobile overnight.

I also ran for a while and ended up losing some money. As far as I know, most people run mobile at a loss.

This is true abroad, not to mention at home.

Now we are still bidding for profiteering products, and basically all the teams have become studios.

However, as long as a good profitable product or industry keyword is tested, most of them are monopolized by studios.

Just like the products like “British Sweaters” that I told you before, there were really many bids before.

I simply understand that some studios can make millions of sales in a year, while the product cost is basically negligible, which means millions of sales gross profit is millions.

These team studios, with people, skills and money, basically squeeze many individual bidding pitchers without any living space.

Therefore, most of the time, we can’t make money by doing projects, or why we know that projects like profiteering products bidding are very reliable, but we won’t choose to do it.

Although Internet entrepreneurial competition is everywhere, in terms of project selection, generally speaking, we will not choose a project that is completely inferior in all aspects, and no matter what, we will choose a project that can make a single breakthrough.

Any project has such a money-making logic. I hope that this article can help you to generate some thoughts in the process of project search, exploration and implementation.

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