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The secret of making money by idle fish can be enlarged or you can go it alone


At present, idle fish is a very hot platform for making money. Some time ago, many people charged for selling idle fish, and only one project charged thousands of dollars. In fact, this project is not so complicated, including sharing a lot of idle fish tutorials before bubble net earning, as well as expensive tutorials in the market.

Let’s get back to business. Today’s lecture is a tutorial about idle fish. The secret of making money by idle fish can be enlarged, or you can go it alone. The income is good.
The secret of making money for idle fish

The advantage of the idle fish platform is that there is no need to start capital, no need to stock up, no need to send advertisements for drainage, and send out a circle of friends every day. As long as there is a smart phone that can access the Internet and be used slightly, there is nothing to make a bubble net for part-time and full-time work. It is relatively free. You can get such a project with long-term and stable income without investing a lot of equipment, manpower and capital. The number of users has exceeded 300 million, and the annual turnover has exceeded 100 billion. Taobao has a special entrance to enter idle fish.

dried goods

How to sell idle fish?

The biggest advantage of idle fish is freedom. Unlike Taobao, Pinduoduo and JD.COM, they have to pay huge deposits

What we need to prepare in the initial stage:

  1. idle fish account number
  2. A mobile phone
  3. Select resources

The operation of idle fish is very convenient, register the account, and then you can release the baby after sesame authorization and real person authentication

  1. Click “+”at the bottom of the homepage to sell it for idle use.
  2. When publishing is idle, select the baby pictures you want to publish.
  3. Enter the title, introduction, price and other information to publish.

The real money-making skills of idle fish depend on two words: price difference and information difference

If you want to do a good job of idle fish, we must first familiarize ourselves with the information difference. We can purchase goods at low prices from other platforms, and then put them on idle fish to increase the price and earn the middle price difference
Things in Pinduoduo can be sold in idle fish at a higher price. Some people ask, can there be sales in this way?

Because ordinary people may not know the Pinduoduo platform, and some things can’t be understood by every platform

However, what we are talking about today is the gameplay of virtual supply, because this kind of gameplay is popular at present, and it is even lower than the lower threshold, which is more suitable for novices to do. Some people like to do physical things, they study the information between research platforms. Poor, but when it comes to this, I will also tell you about the physical gameplay, such as a tablecloth, the same thing, Pinduoduo sells 8 pieces, you can sell 11 pieces according to the information difference, and you don’t need yourself.

But it will be much easier to be virtual

Tutorials collected online are sold directly on idle fish, but we should pay attention. First of all, we need to master keywords. We can look at what keywords have high sales volume and want more people. We will set what keyword titles. This is very important, and it has nothing to do with the quality of your things. Moreover, virtual things are idle fish. After the sale, if there is after-sales dispute, it is also a difficult thing. We can follow those who are doing it and how they deal with after-sales.

How big is the virtual market of idle fish?

The virtual supply of idle fish has many people to do and many people to buy. The current market of idle fish is still good, because the rules are less complicated than Taobao and other e-commerce platforms, ranging from ordinary software to expensive jewelry and idle fish. Some are sold.
Market size determines making money?

The size of the market has nothing to do with making money. It’s not that the bigger the market, the easier it is for you to make money after you enter the market, and you can’t make any difference at all.

What are the virtual resources of idle fish?

For example, if you sell a tutorial and sell a PPT, you first need to store things in your own network disk, or buy them from other places at a low price. If the customer places an order, he can directly send the Baidu network disk link to him. The after-sales problem is basically inclined to the seller. Because of the virtual things, there is rarely any return refund, unless this software really doesn’t work, or your own improper operation leads to the buyer’s need to sell after-sales. Virtual products are not protected in idle fish. Once someone reports you, basically the number is.

I don’t recommend you to do virtual projects full-time, which is quite a headache. I also recommended him to do this before a friend of mine. Although the monthly income can be stabilized at 10,000 to 20,000 yuan, it is a headache every day. There are really too many details to consider. If you don’t do it, you will never understand it, and you can’t say it clearly in a few words. You can only understand it if you really do it and take a little longer time. For beginners, you can try it early and do it as a starting project. Being a virtual resource is also true. After all, the threshold is low, and there is no need for cumbersome operations such as delivery and logistics. It is only necessary for the customer to place an order and send a link to the network disk. To put it bluntly, there are only two or three steps.

To be virtual, remember the following three principles:

1, find unpopular goods to do. For example, text and voice chat, wake-up service, supervised study and so on. 2. Find subdivision fields. For example, in the snack tutorial, we mainly make various barbecue recipes, and there is relatively little competition. 3. Try to avoid violations. Carefully study peer titles, copywriting, pictures and rules of idle fish platform.

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