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Virtual or physical products sold on Taobao can be auctioned on Baidu?


Virtual or physical products sold on Taobao can be auctioned on Baidu. Of course, it depends on whether there are peers doing it on Baidu. If there are no peers doing it, they can handle it completely.

Having said that, there may be some friends who can’t bear it, lie in the trough, and have this method? Haha, to be honest, this is all left over from the old dough sticks, and for the people in the novice village, this is a blue ocean in the future.

Yes, today, we will have a good talk about the realization of Taobao’s handling Baidu. I believe you can enlarge your thinking to 100 times after reading it. If you have the opportunity, you can also try it.

I said some of my practical thinking:

First of all, the conversion between Taobao and Baidu can only be done if there is a product with a direction, which is an inevitable condition.

I said a case I recently saw

This is a singing project, which is a tutorial to teach you how to sing. In fact, there are too many such courses on Taobao, which can’t be counted. Let’s look at the picture below:
You can search for “Singing Tutorials” on Taobao, and you will find a lot of courses with low prices and high prices, which can fully explain that it is almost impossible for you to realize cash on Taobao now.

However, some people don’t take the usual path, and choose to take the highly competitive products on Taobao to Baidu to do it. Moreover, bidding and free promotion are carried out together. I also added this person’s friend, whose unit price is several hundred dollars to make money by bubbling the net. Moreover, it is also a self-service order on the knowledge payment platform in WeChat official account.
How did I find him? In fact, when I was analyzing the blue ocean project, I found him on Baidu by accident. I thought to myself, someone actually did Baidu for such a Red Sea project.

Haha, in fact, no one does it on Baidu, which means that Baidu is a blue ocean. Moreover, after analyzing, there are a lot of people searching on Baidu, and too many people search for long tail words to learn to sing every day.

This person chose to do a singing tutorial on Baidu, which is really a very wise choice. This will definitely make him earn a lot of money, otherwise he would not push it vigorously.
“Singing skills teaching video teaching” is a long tail word. After searching, you can see that only one bid is made. The following are video promotion. It can be seen that the cost is not too high. Click 1-2 hairs at most once, and the cost of powder feeding varies from 5-10-20. It needs to be tested.

In fact, it can be seen that bidding is very good, but free bidding can make money by bubbling the net, because there is no peer to compete, and as can be seen from the above figure, video promotion is the most suitable, because teaching singing must be video-based, otherwise, who will go to those boring text versions?

See how people do it.
A teacher who teaches singing appeared to explain singing skills, and then a micro-signal appeared in 40 seconds. If you feel that what the teacher said is very reasonable, then you can add him to communicate. After adding it, you can talk and then push the course for you to buy.

After reading these, you will find that it is really a bonus period and a blue ocean project to move Taobao to Baidu. In fact, there are many ways to dig. Recently, I will also open a course of digging thinking.

Then when you do it, the first point is to select products first, and the second point is to go to Baidu to analyze whether there are peers doing it. The third point is operational testing.

Let me talk about some skills and methods of analysis on Baidu:

After reading the product from Taobao, you should search Baidu for the keywords of the product and see if there are any bids. If the bids are more than 5, it means that the product is not suitable for delivery and the cost is too high.

You can also search for keywords to see if there are any peers doing free promotion that day
Look at the search results, which are the latest 24 hours of the day. Of course, you have to analyze them one by one with the naked eye, otherwise it is difficult to find peers.

If you find your peers, go and see how your peers do it, and then learn from each other’s strengths. If you do it later, just imitate your peers.

Of course, if you find that no one is bidding, you will definitely think that there is no competition in this project, which is wrong. You have to ask the bidding account holder whether this product can open an account. If you can open an account, you can make a profit by bubble net. If you can’t open an account, it’s no use, but you can do free promotion methods, such as video promotion, Baidu Pa screen and so on.

The last point, is to test.

Needless to say, if you buy goods from your peers on Taobao, you can get a refund after you buy them directly. If you buy them in kind, you can buy them for a look, get a refund after reading them, and then try to imitate them by yourself.

After that, open an account on Baidu to test it. If you don’t make money, you can go back to the account. If you make money, you can continue to put it in. If you have time and energy, you can do video promotion.

This kind of thinking play is really good, and we are still doing it. For example, in one of our antique projects, the cost on Taobao is 10 yuan, and the customer price on Baidu is 300, which can be said to be very good and almost monopolized by us.

Write at the end:

If you are interested, you can do what I say. I only provide some thoughts. If you want to go deep into it, you have to study it yourself. You can go to Taobao to see which products you have never seen before, but you think they are blue ocean. Of course, you have to search Baidu to see if anyone has done them.

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