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How does Bao Ma, who brings her baby at home, make money from media IP?


How does Bao Ma, who brings her baby at home, make money from media IP? With your own identity and advantages, create a mother-infant IP.

Positioning: A blogger who shares the knowledge of maternal and child care everyday.

The project and direction are determined, and then there are only four words left to make money: flow realization. Here, we focus on two points: first, where the flow comes from, and second, how to realize it.
Solve the traffic problem first:

First, the internal flow of WeChat, first of all, add a large number of Baoma WeChat groups, here we can combine online and offline.

On the line, all the peers we pay attention to, such as Zhihu, WeChat official account, Vibrato, Aauto Quicker and Video Number, will form Baoma Group.

Secondly, there are all kinds of baby mom apps, such as Mama. com and Baby Tree. Anyone who sees someone leave WeChat will add it.

All peers ask if they have a fan base and if they can pull themselves in.

After going in, mix a trumpet to go in, and the tuba actively answers questions in WeChat group every day, under the background of trumpet.

No one asks the question they want to answer, so let the trumpet ask the question and the tuba answer it.

For active treasure moms, we can take the initiative to add them as friends. For treasure moms who often ask questions, if the group says that this question is not easy to answer publicly, she will understand and add your friends.

All the added treasure moms ask them which treasure moms are on WeChat, send them a big red envelope and ask them to help them pull them down.

After the big and small numbers are mixed inside, let the trumpet forward the daily updated WeChat official account articles to the WeChat group.

Other interested treasure moms will open it after seeing it.

At the bottom of WeChat official account’s article, leave the bait to send relevant parenting information to improve the attention rate after opening the new powder.

From offline adding Baoma WeChat group, we mainly start from community group buying and nearby hospitals to accumulate local Baoma powder.

Use WeChat to buy groups in communities that can be added locally, and add them all again. As usual, first activate them, and place orders directly from them for the things you just need.

Before advertising, send a red envelope to the group owner, and ask the group owner to help recommend it.

Generally, Bao Ma is the most active group in community group buying.

Followed by the nearby hospitals, some hospitals have strict management on the in-and-out personnel, so there is no way. If some hospitals are not strict, they can send gifts, so that pregnant women waiting for delivery in hospitals can scan WeChat to join the group, and learn the related knowledge of maternity and childcare free of charge.

Mother-to-child IP can be done nationally or locally, which is easier to do than without geographical restrictions, because the audience is wider.

The localized mother-infant IP has more advantages in realizing it. After Bao Ma powder came in, all of them were imported into personal WeChat, and then set up Bao Ma communication group by themselves.

And make a WeChat official account and video number for maternal and child care, so that they can all pay attention to it.

Every day, the content is changed according to Bao Ma’s concern. After each post, it is forwarded to Bao Ma’s WeChat group and friends circle in time.

After having a certain amount of basic powder, combining fission game to make money by bubbling net, the simplest thing is to engage in WeChat official account lottery from time to time.

The way to draw the lottery is to forward articles to friends circle, and then draw the lottery randomly.

And pay attention to a large number of peers, WeChat official account. After joining their circle, they often participate in the next push, which makes fans grow exponentially.

Second, WeChat external traffic:

First of all, the Zhihu platform answers all questions about maternal and child care according to its own knowledge and experience, especially the high-quality questions with high attention.

Sincerely share in the early stage, leaving no contact information, and having certain basic fans, go to the homepage and leave your own WeChat official account and WeChat contact information.

Then there is Douban platform, where we join Baoma Group and continue to share dry goods.

Then there are vibrato, Aauto Quicker and video numbers, which are shared by vlog video. The contact information is kept in the main business, and WeChat is kept in a semi-concealed way to attract accurate fans.

There are headlines and watermelons, which also accumulate fans by sharing daily dry goods experience.

Among them, when sharing video numbers, a soft article prepared in advance is hung every time.

And on all the above big maternal and child APP platforms, get active and actively answer the questions raised by users.

Finally, all fans are imported into WeChat official account and personal WeChat.

The next step is how to realize it:

First, as a user group with super spending power, Bao Ma Powder is especially loved by major advertising owners.

In three months, a 10,000-powder maternal and child WeChat official account will be made. According to the average reading of 1,000, an advertising fee will be at least one or two thousand.

After receiving four or five advertisements every month, you can easily earn 5000+ monthly income.

Second, bring goods to meet the needs of Bao Ma, such as milk powder, diapers, parenting related books, baby strollers, etc., and find relevant manufacturers to cooperate to bring goods.

Or you can earn commissions as a Taobao customer directly, set up a Taobao mom group, and forward high-quality product preferential information in the group every day.

The profits of maternal and infant products are high, and the commissions are also high, so it is enough to earn commissions for daily maintenance of Taoke Group.

Third, the opportunity to make money by selling Baoma group can’t work normally because of children.

It’s useless to meet a husband, and the family can’t support it. They also hope to have the opportunity to make money at home.

If your products are good, you can appropriately let some treasure moms with strong executive power join your camp and become your partners.

Take them to learn how to make money at home, and teach them your experience in powder absorption and transaction methods, including how to do short video live broadcast and how to shoot vlog video.

They are only responsible for front-end sales, other users’ use, supply chain delivery and after-sales, all of which are arranged on your side, so as to achieve a win-win situation.

If you want to do a good job of IP for mother and baby, the first thing is that you are a treasure mother, which is your identity advantage.

Second, take the expert IP, and make yourself an expert in maternal and child care.

If you shoot a video, in order to make yourself more like an expert, you can also make money on a treasure, find a nurse’s uniform, come out in person and do a good job in image management.

What kind of people are suitable for mother-infant IP?

The first is Bao Ma, who share their own experiences.

Second, parenting experts, regardless of gender, can continue to share the knowledge of this piece of dry goods.

Third, the mother and baby shopkeepers, who have their own physical stores or online stores, have rich knowledge of mother and baby products, and can specialize in the evaluation of mother and baby products from the media IP.

Being a mother and baby can’t make money from the media, but it is super profitable. It has over 10,000 precision powders. As long as it is operated properly, the monthly income is 20,000.

At present, the mother and baby market has reached 3 trillion yuan in China, which is a huge market. Instead of opening a mother and baby shop, it is better to be a mother and baby IP, with low risks and high returns.

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