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There are two main points to realize the short-term rapid realization of the project


This money-making experience I shared contains the core idea of realizing monthly income of over 10,000 yuan for my website. In just one month, the daily IP of the website went from 100 to 800, and the monthly income was over 5,000 yuan. In the second month, the daily IP was over 1,000 yuan, with an income of 17,000 yuan. In the third month, the daily IP was over 2,000 yuan. In the third day of New Year’s Day, the income was over 6,300 yuan. On the 10th day of that month, the income exceeded 10,000 yuan.

All the income comes from website members, and there is no other source of profit. 90% of the traffic is obtained through active drainage, and there are not many keywords participating in the ranking.

My website is a photo station built with WordPress website, which belongs to the category of men’s powder project, but all of them share photos of regular scale, and there is no violation of laws and regulations.

There is a huge flow of male powder on the Internet, which is also the natural advantage of the photo project. It is easy to realize and enduring. Men who have passed 10,000 years are still lustful.
Now, after combing the three-month operation, it feels simple and there is not much technical content, so I would like to share with you how I did it, hoping to help you.

There are two main points to realize the short-term quick realization of the project:

1 rapid drainage

2 Retain users

3 Appropriate promotion

The third point is to maximize our revenue and turn potential users into paying users. Promotion here means selling the members of our website at a reduced price, and users need to pay to become members to download the photo resources of our website.

Do you ask: It seems that all projects are to solve the above two points! ! It is, but it is really the core of realization, not nonsense. Let’s get down to the first point.

How to drain quickly? A very simple way, as I believe you all know, is to post and advertise. Where to fight? Post it? Self-media platform? WeChat official account? Zhihu? These definitely won’t work.

Although our photos are not illegal resources, the big platform is very strict, and a bikini photo will not be reviewed for you, and it will not let you advertise easily.

Where is the best, of course, is the peer website. Do peer websites let you advertise? I don’t let the general ones, but is there anything unusual? Of course there are, and many!

With my lsp’s sense of smell and accumulated over time, I found a number of websites that allow users to post freely. These websites are all large and medium-sized websites, and there are tens of thousands of ip on a daily basis. What we need to do is to share the latest outgoing photos free of charge, leaving the drainage data of our website, and then submitting them to these websites. If your submitted photos are the latest, then these websites are very willing to let you post, and everyone is also willing to download your resources.

I post on 2-3 platforms every day, with a total exposure of 2000-3000 people. Imagine that if you find 10 websites that can post, your exposure will be 10,000 times. These websites are not valuable information. If you want to find them, you can find a lot of them.

The following is a brief description of the drainage data:

1 a web document pointing to the home page of our website (that is, double-clicking it will automatically open the browser and jump to our website)

A poster of our website is almost the same, and posters can’t be made? Copy is finished!
This completes the first step of drainage. Everyone who downloads your resources will usually open your website to look at the advertisements you left behind. After all, it doesn’t cost money to look at them.

At this time, the second step is to keep users. How to keep them? Let them see that the photo resources published on our website are new and comprehensive, the pictures are attractive, and then the price is still low. At this time, they will consider whether to open a member according to their own economic situation. When my website started, a permanent member sold 50 yuan, and the payment rate was very high, which was 10%. There were 10 paying users on average every day with a daily ip of 1000. This price should be adjusted according to your own website. But we must build our own website and fill up the content before we can drain it. Otherwise, there is nothing drained from your website. What can you keep users? Let alone let them open membership.

So we have to finish one of the most tedious tasks, that is, to sort out resources. Where can we find these resources? Peer websites, spend tens of dollars to buy their one-month members, download their resources (usually Baidu cloud resources), remove the advertisements in their resource packages and replace them with their own, then package them (compress the password to set their own website domain name) and upload them to their own websites. This step is pure drudgery, which is time consuming. I have not tried whether I can make a script instead of doing it manually. Then ten thousand years later. . .

Organize the resources and upload them to Baidu Cloud, and upload the sharing links to our website. So how much to sort out is too much? Anyway, the more the better, at least dozens of articles? Don’t let people think that your website has too little content.

The website has not been set up yet, so we have to set up the website and use WordPress. How to set up it is another topic. I will only talk about a few key points in the website construction:

1 The homepage of the website is beautiful and opens quickly

For a website built with WordPress, the homepage should be simple and beautiful, and the opening time should be short, which is to reduce the jump-out rate of our website and increase the retention of users. Don’t worry about technical problems such as not being able to write code and optimizing the homepage. A beautiful WordPress theme (WordPress theme is equivalent to a gorgeous decoration for your website) can meet all the above requirements. Anyone who has used WordPress knows that if you are a little white, there is no big problem. If you want to see the example website Baidu, a random search for “XXX Photo” will show you a lot.

2 member price problem

Members’ functional websites usually bring their own, so we don’t have to worry about the functional problems of all websites, and the themes of WordPress can be satisfied. If we want to get benefits quickly, our membership price should be set lower, for example, 40 permanent members, which is very cheap. Then, using the method I mentioned above, it is no problem to earn one or two hundred and one on the same day. When the number of visits to our website increases, we will gradually increase the member price.

Use a mind map to sort out the process of the whole project!
The advantages of the website are as follows:

The freedom is high, and we can publish our own things at will without any restriction, provided that the resources are legal. Don’t worry about being blocked, as long as we share a normal portrait, we won’t be blocked. Like other platforms, the number we painstakingly managed was blocked by the platform when we were not careful, and we wanted to cry without tears.

The longer the website operates, the higher the revenue of our website and the higher the value of the website itself, provided that we manage our website every day. Imagine, if your website can earn over 10,000 yuan a month, how much is the website itself worth? If my website is sold now, I will never sell it without 100,000 yuan, and the profitability is there.

My article is very general, and some details can’t be covered, but I shared the core idea of the whole project.

If you want to ask me which websites I want to advertise freely, how to create websites, how to use WordPress themes, and so on, in fact, you can find methods in omnipotent Baidu.

The problem of SEO, quick realization can only be achieved by active drainage. SEO is the skill of long-term drainage of websites, which is a little digression, but you can’t help but understand SEO when you are a website. Here is just a reminder to your friends who want to be a website.

Being a website is a long-term thing, which requires everyone’s long-term efforts and persistence. Being a website for 2 years can only be regarded as just getting started. Too many people give up halfway, and some give up after 2-3 months without seeing any income.

What I want to say is that a website can accompany your life. If you choose a project and stick to it, it will be an invaluable asset to you.

Look at Lu Songsong’s blog. His blog station keeps outputting an original content every day. Ten years later, his website will be worth tens of millions. Maybe we can’t insist on exporting original articles every day for 10 years, but we can do it without giving up. Even if our website is worth millions after 10 years, it will be a secure business! Because there is no business in doing personal website, it costs more than 1,000 pieces a year, and anyone can do it.

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