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Since the media is very hot today, it takes a lot of traffic to do any project


Self-media is very popular nowadays, but many people don’t know how to use it to make money. Today, I will tell you about the art of making money by advertising from the media.

I have a child here. Why is this little comrade often scolded by me? There is no marketing ability, no ability to chase orders, and even no ability to make small orders. Instead of making money, I always borrow money from me, so I get angry. I have to think of a way for him. Otherwise, this boy eats and drinks mine every day, but he just doesn’t sleep with me.
We need a lot of traffic to do any project. Because we are doing self-media posting every day, for example, the project of love training, we need a lot of traffic.

So, I let him, a child, go to other people’s posts with millions of page views and imitate other people’s pictures and writing styles every day. He found more than 100 explosive stickers, and then began to study and imitate other people’s titles, pictures, contents, and how to keep brands and contact information. He imitated it for half a month, and then he could write one or two explosive stickers with millions of page views every day.

At this time, I called him, and added a lot of QQ groups and WeChat groups for promotion. Many people in these groups are collecting male powder, one yuan each. So, he began to sell male powder bubble net to earn money. Sometimes, with good luck, he sold 3,000 pieces with 3,000 flows a day, and sometimes he sold 500 pieces with 500 flows a day. He did this, and he earned at least 30,000 pieces in a month.

Secretly speaking here, this guy has started to engage in male powder of stranger, exploration and live broadcast games. Basically, there are at least tens of thousands of male powder every day. In fact, in this industry, getting tens of thousands of male powder every day is not great.

In the past, my idea was to play our own advertisements, not just other people’s advertisements. After seeing Xiao Cui’s later changes, my thoughts changed. In this society, a person can only specialize in one line. Xiao Cui specializes in male powder, and they also have their slang in this line, so I won’t introduce it. In short, you can do what you want and love what you want. Sell powder, just sell powder, sell powder well, and get millions a year.

Interested brothers can also try this project. As long as the method is right, the male powder is automatic, especially in winter, everyone is lonely, and the male powder is better circled. In fact, it is also circled in summer, and the summer is full of anger. Anyway, selling powder, especially selling male powder, is quite profitable.

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