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Small programs are realized directly, which completely realizes automatic lying and earning.


When I was operating the WeChat official account matrix, I cut off a lot of fans.

Apart from staying in WeChat official account, I am too lazy to guide WeChat, which always feels wasteful. After all, the natural opening rate in WeChat official account alone is too low, and guiding WeChat personal number can at least improve the opening rate.

However, it’s troublesome to guide hundreds of people to WeChat, to do such things as scouring customers, promoting wool, selling goods in friends circle, selecting products, turning chains and setting up robots. It’s not as easy to do this as a few more WeChat official account.

But I have always believed that there is no better solution, but I have not found it myself.

Having done so many projects, I have long been convinced that good methods have been tested and run smoothly. I just need to find them, either copy and optimize their playing methods or cooperate with them.

I asked several friends in the community, and I really found them.

It is found that the small program can be realized directly, which is really a good way to realize the automatic lying and earning.

What exactly is going on?
I don’t know if you’ve seen it at home or in the village. It’s similar to the video content mentioned yesterday, except this video is not from WeChat official account, but from a small program.

I used to see it in some villages, but I didn’t pay attention to how to make money, or I thought it was too expensive to do small programs.

Just ask a friend who sells small programs in a circle of friends. They only cost thousands of dollars to complete one. They also need to buy domain names, space servers, and dozens of days for filing, etc. I don’t know the technology, so it makes them big when I listen to them.

As a result, I saw someone send a video a few days ago and earned 50 yuan, mainly because the video was not made by myself. It was collected directly with one click, and he forwarded the video of the small program and got it.
I have seen this kind of video in some groups before. I always thought it was expensive to do this kind of small program, but I didn’t know if I asked. It took 500-600 and a half hours to get it.

Small program, this water is too deep. Who says we don’t know technology ~

Most importantly, no content needs to be produced. Yesterday, my buddy WeChat official account sent the video, but he had to choose the video by himself, download it, implant the slogan, and then upload it, which took time and effort.

And this video applet, Tencent video, micro-vision and other platform videos collected directly with one button.

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