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25 Frequently Asked Questions in Good Things Recommendation for Novices in Zhihu


First, [Zhihu good things] do not praise, do not vote+from 0 to 10,000+ commission method

Second, 25 common problems in the recommendation of good things for novices

Third, summary and reflection

No praise, no investment+from 0 to 10,000+ commission

(1) To play happily on a platform, first understand the rules of the platform

When many people learn about Zhihu’s good things recommendation, they will feel: “Wow, this income is too comfortable after sleeping.” But when you think of constantly updating your answers and building a matrix of your own account articles, you will think: “Hey, but my writing skills are so bad.” I just want to say, don’t make excuses for failure, just find ways for success. If you don’t have the motivation to force yourself to execute, prove that life is whipping you.

Today, I am here to share what I know about Zhihu’s skills and experiences. I’m a stupid person. It took about 5-7 days to study the whole process of recommending good things, starting from scratch.

(2) How does Xiaobai start to choose the right product

When we choose good products in Zhihu, we should pay attention to three aspects, the commission ratio, the sales volume of selected products and the degree of competition, instead of just looking at the commission amount of single products. As long as two of these three aspects are better, we can do them.

Let’s talk about my own thinking.

  1. The top three in sales volume (or praise) search should be higher than 1000, which is the lowest value. If it is lower, it is difficult for you to issue an order.
  2. For all products, the commission should be above 20 yuan, and for categories above 5,000 yuan, the commission should be at least around 100 yuan. Don’t do those tired products, only a few dollars and a few cents. Maybe a single one with high commission will support your efforts for several days.
  3. Zhihu searches for the key words of this product, the top 10 articles with goods, or answers (here, it is noted that articles with goods are not counted as popular science articles), and the percentage of praise over 100% should not be too high. This should be interpreted according to the selection of products. The general idea is that if you search this product for articles with goods, the number of praise is hundreds or thousands, then you should consider it carefully. (I don’t like to compete with others in the Red Sea category)
  4. Finally, the big category, home appliances are expensive, and the link commission that we choose to favor the JD.COM Alliance will be high; Daily necessities and categories with low commissions will be better linked to Taobao Alliance. (Spend 15 yuan to Taobao to brush a senior account commission will be high)

(3) How to create an account for the single product category “1+N article collection traffic”

First, a collection of articles made by a big brother in the mobile phone industry, this typesetting, this degree of distraction, will be refreshing no matter who sees it. And his article also occupied the top spot of mobile phone recommendation for a long time. The use of 1+N article collection, drainage and diversion
Some people don’t know or wonder how many articles I should write, so I’ll talk about my own thoughts.

  1. All the answers lead to a general article.
  2. The overall article must be large and complete, and answer most category questions.
  3. Write a few short articles on the basis of the total articles, which can be of different brands or different prices. According to your own selection, a single category forms a 1+N matrix.
  4. Put the “small articles” directory in front of the big articles, and others will come in and see it, so as to guide the transformation more accurately (the traffic will be lost because of jumping in the middle process, but this can improve the conversion rate. )

(4) How to seize the dividend period

Here, it should be noted that the layout must be made in advance, at least one week in advance to lay out the articles, and then the corresponding answers should also look for related topics to rub. As for whether the direct answers guide the purchase or lead to the articles, they should be interpreted according to the degree of purchase intention of the questions.

We don’t need to say much about big e-commerce shopping festivals like 11.11 and 6.18. Many traditional Chinese festivals such as Mid-Autumn Festival, Tanabata and Double Ninth Festival are all traffic, so we should seize them.

We can write an article in advance on Mid-Autumn Festival, “What gift do you buy for your elders/old people when you go home in Mid-Autumn Festival? The most heart-warming Mid-Autumn Festival recommendation. “

On Tanabata or Valentine’s Day on 2.14, we can write an article “Valentine’s Day is the most recommended for sending a man/girlfriend, saying goodbye to the troubles of choosing gifts.”

It’s winter, we can write “What’s better for my girlfriend in winter? Hand warmers/electric heaters are recommended for super warm heart. “

Of course, there is also a year-round “Recommendation Form for Gifts at Different Prices for Men/Girlfriends in 2020”

(5) The executive power is bursting to complete “6+2”

6: is six answers a day

  1. It is two articles a week

The test of Zhihu’s recommendation of good things is its execution. Throughout October, I insisted on 5-6 answers every day and wrote 12 answers at most one day (because I attended my friend’s wedding to make up my homework), and output two articles a week, and earnestly implemented them. Don’t give yourself excuses and reasons if you don’t fall for a day. Time is the water in the sponge. You can’t sleep until you finish it!

(6) Comments have to answer questions and do a good job of interaction

Don’t turn off the authority of Zhihu notification push, and reply immediately when there is news.

When someone comments on you or chats with you privately, it means that he is looking forward to getting your reply. If you reply after a while, he may have already gone to other articles to place an order, so we have to do it. When you see someone commenting on a question, help him solve his doubts as quickly as possible. Even if he doesn’t buy from us, we will help solve it in the end, even if he likes or likes it for us.

For example, “If you think the article can solve your questions, you can help the article with a compliment and support ~”

(7) How to write a good question and answer article

How to write the article

Do research and write around the pain points of products.

  1. Directory, article update history (what changes are made every time)

In this part, we mainly reflect the professionalism of our article, and use the catalogue to let readers know the overall structure of the article. In addition, we can write a recommended reading time according to the number of words.

  1. Write pain points or product brand profiles first (resonate)

Why choose this product, or what is the advantage of this product, you can also replace this part with the introduction of the brand (refer to an artifact “Gai’s ranking APP”)

  1. Corresponding scheme (solving questions), where do you find the question points of this product? It’s very simple, and it’s also a Zhihu. We should pay attention to what problems have the highest page views, so we should summarize these problems into a framework and write them into the article.
  2. Transformation of product advantage (plus shopping card). We should tell why we recommend this paragraph, and compare the parameters if they are involved. Don’t go directly to the e-commerce page for screenshots. It won’t take long to make a chart by yourself! In this way, we can reflect our mindlessness!
  3. Summarize, summarize the article, and tell everyone that you can pay for consultation or ask questions in the comment area.

How to write the answer

To sum up one sentence: total score.

For example, “If you want to buy a rice cooker, how do you choose Supor and Haier?”

Total: let your conclusion stand out first. Say Supor or Haier is better.

Points: To find the supporting point of our own conclusion, we can list a table from the performances of different rice cookers at different price points as a comparison, and then wait for many aspects you can think of through brands and after-sales. It is best to bring an intuitive diagram here. Tell readers why they choose this one.

General: Finally, summarize and attach the link of your own article matrix.

(8) How to find problems?

Zhihu’s problems don’t need too many problems in each category. My method is stupid, but it is also the most steady and steady.

First, discover the Rubik’s Cube to search this category.

Second, answer according to the heat or the number of views, because the new Rubik’s Cube can only detect limited problems.
Third, according to the data of the newly known Rubik’s Cube, after answering the questions, we will continue to answer the related questions pushed by the right system and answer 5 questions. In this way, almost all problems with high page views will be covered.
Fourth, after answering the 100+ questions, we basically have the right to pay more attention. Every day, we keep answering and updating some questions that you didn’t notice before, and then we can start the next selection and answer.

Twenty-five common problems in recommending good things for novices

Q1: Can some data from other platforms be directly used for screenshots?

A: If it is a sample display, it can be used as a screenshot, but it is necessary to note the source, and it is not recommended to make a lot of money with bubble net. Secondly, it contains screenshots of data. We try our best to make a table with Excel, and write our own Zhihu ID in the Excel table, which reflects our professionalism and makes readers look serious.

Q2: How to match the pictures of the first picture of the article?

Simply make an article cover picture with your own characteristics, and instantly improve the grade of your article. A: If we make an article matrix, we can go to the creation platform of Band-Aids, where various pictures can be changed according to different brands or prices, and the first picture can also look more tidy. (The separation rate is 1400X525)

Q3: How can I quickly report and improve my face value?
A: It’s best to report this kind of user name, which is insulting or misleading (pretending to be a famous person). You can also look at some accompanying circles, or mobile game circles, many sparring, and some names. There are a lot of violations, but we should remind us that we are here to recommend good things. As for reporting and improving salt value, don’t put the cart before the horse and focus on reporting …

Q4: How long does it take to write, or how many answers to write?

A: There is no fixed standard, but it usually lasts about ten days. According to 5-6 answers every day, the first order will be issued. That is, write about 50-60 answers.

Q5: What if the right to apply for good things recommendation fails?

A: At present, there is no particularly good method. If you don’t get a definite reply after asking the housekeeper, don’t struggle. Change the number. Find someone who has been registered for more than 90 days and get up quickly. (It is possible that your video is too fierce, and you can brush it to level 4 in a day or two. It is recommended to send five or six videos a day. Don’t worry, you can report the salt value or look at the tutorial during this time.)

Q6: It is said that video upgrade is fast, but where can I find video resources?


  1. First, play a game for one hour by yourself, and cut it into three minutes and upload it with your mobile phone.
  2. The second is to go to the vibrato to download some three-minute videos, download the snapshot APP, click on the video in the upper right corner to extract the sound, and the pseudo original will be OK~ (this may be risky)
  3. Another thing is to turn over Q to make some foreign original videos, which will do.

Q7: How many times a day can I hang the good things recommendation card?

A: There are two opportunities every day. Including articles (articles can add up to 30 shopping cards) and answers. Except for the number of times that activity recommendation can give you permission, the good things recommendation card is reset for you after 12 am.

Q8: How many categories are better at once?

A: It is suggested to do only one product, focus on one product first, make it full-fledged and stable, and then consider doing the second product. Don’t be greedy and don’t overestimate your energy and ability.

Q9: Do you want to pile keywords at the beginning of the title?
A: The more keywords, the better, but the most important premise is that you are fluent. If you simply pile up keywords, it will only have the opposite effect. Your messy keywords don’t read smoothly. At the same time, the system will give you a low ranking.

Q10: What are the better third-party plug-ins?

A: Never study plug-ins! Don’t be superstitious about plug-ins, either. At present, I only use the new magic cube to look at the problem data.

Q11: How to insert a good thing recommendation card?
A: There are two boxes for clicking on the small purse. The first one is that you can type keywords to search for your trade name. I like the second method, which is to copy the product link directly in the second dialog box.

Q12: Don’t reveal your choice, especially your ID.

A: People’s hearts are unpredictable. Never trust people too much (unless you are sure enough), or you will be in danger … As for how others will endanger your account security, I won’t talk about it here. I’m afraid everyone will learn badly. Anyway, just keep your account secret.

Q13: Update time of salt value and creation score

A: The renewal time of salt value is around noon every Monday, which is not fixed. Creation points Update the previous day’s creation points around 4 pm every day.

Q14: Can the graphic data of my article be used repeatedly in the answer?

A: Try to change it. Don’t bring it directly. You can change the color of the data table. Anyway, you have your own source file.

Q15: Can you know+?

A: You can burn money directly. You should pay 5000 yuan before getting started. The rules are similar to those in clean out treasure to train. However, it is suggested that you don’t know+when you come up. Unless you have the experience of bringing articles or have good writing skills to help you, you will burn money purely.

Q16: What should I do if I am convicted of violating the rules?

A: First of all, you must not complain directly. First, you should find the reason why the housekeeper violated the rules. If it is a misjudgment, you should be given a recovery. Don’t worry about complaining in this process, because there is only one chance to complain!

Q17: Is it illegal to imitate articles from peers?

A: As long as you follow the 42-character double check, there will be no problem. Imitation of format and style is no problem, but copying is absolutely impossible.

Q18: What are the factors that affect the ranking of answers in Zhihu?

A: Most of the factors affecting ranking are uncontrollable, such as praise, collection, comments and likes, but there is one thing we can do, that is, answer more category questions and improve the weight of our account itself in this category. When others search for keywords, we will rank higher for similar items because we answer more such questions or have high activity.

Q19: How is the principle of locking customers calculated?

A: In the end, you can buy something on the shopping platform through your link. If he goes into a store and buys even a penny, you will lock him up for 15 days. Within 15 days, all the commissions he buys in this store are earned by your bubble net, and the customers are locked up for only 24 hours across the store.

Q20: Why does the commission ratio of my goods change?

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