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How should we advertise Wechat business training and training?


Nowadays, many people on the Internet are engaged in training. What we are doing is training for earning money in Wechat business. Because the traditional industry is very depressed and the market in Wechat business is extremely huge, more people are doing Wechat business. However, many people don’t know how to do Wechat business, so I started training in Wechat business.

How did I train in Wechat business?

First of all, we need to create an exclusive QQ space, an exclusive WeChat, an exclusive WeChat official account and an exclusive Weibo. These exclusive accounts need to constantly update the service content and price of our training, for example, the basic course is 3999rmb, the intermediate course is 6999rmb, and the advanced course is 9,999 RM B.
How should these training contents be written and how should training advertisements be printed?

Collect 50 advertising cases every day, and spend a certain amount of time to grind these advertising cases thoroughly, then internalize them into their own copywriting, and finally publish them on their QQ space, friends circle, WeChat official account and Weibo, which is as simple as that.

So, which traffic channels should we choose?

There are generally two kinds of traffic channels, one is self-media, such as today’s headlines, a little information, Sohu self-media, and the other is Post Bar, QQ Tribe, etc. Of course, you can also organize special people to shoot videos and engage in audio marketing, which has now evolved into a huge traffic pool.

To start a business, do Wechat business and do online training business, the most important thing is to insist that there is basically no money to make in the first three months of a general project, or it is difficult to make money. However, as long as we persist and more people pay attention to us, some people will buy our bills and pay for knowledge.

Relying on this method, we persisted for several years, and almost received thousands and tens of thousands of members, and also made millions. My goal is to organize 20-50 people, and follow me to operate the network training project to make money first

Let’s talk about the income of the small target of 100 million a year.

If you also intend to become a master of online training, you must create 50,000 words of originality every day. Many brothers are too lazy to write two articles and thousands of words a day. Such a person has no future. However, since you have come into contact with me, I will tell you a useful trick: adapting other people’s soft texts, such as mine, can be directly adapted and used for your own use, which is labor-saving and efficient.

Two books, “Ghost Way to Start a Business” and “How to Start a Business as a Boss”, both of which were sold through our soft articles in those days, and they were all sold on the Internet. In fact, they were also sold for online training. Because selling books doesn’t make money, but doing online training makes money. I have also taught you these secrets bluntly. Whether you can do it depends on your nature.

In this society, the most profitable thing is to sell cultural products and social products by using the traffic brought by soft text marketing, video marketing and audio marketing. If you also intend to make money by engaging in soft writing and training, you can also join my internal community “Ghost Road New Thinking” and follow me to operate and study together. As a person, I can easily get 5 million+a year through the Internet with only one mouse and keyboard.

You also don’t think that I can earn more. On the Internet, there are many people who are much better than me. For example, Muye Zhang who wrote Ghost Blowing Lights, what is the present situation of Biography of Wukong, and Tang Qigong who wrote Peach Blossom Blossoms of Sansheng III, whose annual income is easily broken by millions of bosses.

I have a female student, Xiao Zhao, who is very beautiful, but this girl is amazing. Although she is still a graduate student and has never been exposed to any soft text marketing training before, now she can easily earn 2000rmb a day, and recently, she seems to be engaged in team building.

To sum up, several steps to make money on the Internet:

First of all, when we see what projects make money, we will directly copy this project to make money on the bubble net, and then find 50 advertisements of similar projects through Baidu bidding, and directly change their contents into our own.

Secondly, when we have the ability and team, we can get our own brand to be promoted on the Internet. When the promotion is done, our brand is big, the traffic will be big, and the turnover rate will naturally become very high.

Thirdly, if netizens care about anything, we will write about it. If netizens care about making money, we will write about making money. If netizens care about Wechat business, we will write about Wechat business. If they care about starting a business, we will write about starting a business. This is the core of making money by doing online training. If we only live according to our own preferences, any project is doomed to be unable to make a bubble net profit. Even if we do it, we can only make a little money. Remember, customers are our God, because customers pay for us.

Finally, whenever I am free, I will go to qidian, Tianya and the gathering places of great soft writers to see their posts. Remember, we only look at the posts of super writers whose annual income exceeds 10 million. For writers whose annual income exceeds 10 million, I am not interested in reading more. I always believe that if you pay attention to what level of soft writers and training masters, you will become a cow.

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